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This MCB project subpage is no longer in use and is kept as a historical archive. Please go to the MCB project homepage or talk page for currently active sections.

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The Molecular and Cellular Biology Wikiproject welcomes collaborations with other scientific organisations and projects that share our aim of bringing high-quality science to a wide general audience.

Daughter Wikiprojects[edit]

Task forces[edit]

Related Wikiprojects[edit]

External Scientific Wikis[edit]

General science[edit]

  • MetaBase User-contributed database of biological databases and resources.
  • OpenWetWare General wiki for protocols, lab home pages, etc. in the biological community.


  • Flu Wiki Wiki that aims to help local communities prepare for a possible influenza pandemic.


Cell biology[edit]

  • MicrobeWiki a free wiki resource on microbes and microbiology, edited by students and monitored by microbiologists at Kenyon College.

Affiliated academic groups[edit]

External resources[edit]

  • The Biology Project An interactive free-access online resource for learning biology, developed at The University of Arizona.
  • SymAtlas A free and public web portal to view gene expression data and gene annotation.