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WikiProject Monotremes and Marsupials

Scope and Top page[edit]

This WikiProject aims to help organise our collection of entries about monotremes (egg-laying mammals) and marsupials (pouch-rearing mammals). These articles should all be contained in either the Category:Monotremes or Category:Marsupials.


This WikiProject is an offshoot of WikiProject Tree of Life

WikiProject Science.
WikiProject Biology
WikiProject Tree of Life
WikiProject Mammals
WikiProject Monotremes and Marsupials

Descendant Wikiprojects[edit]

No descendant WikiProjects have been defined.

Related Wikiprojects[edit]

It is worth keeping one eye on several Wikiprojects that overlap with this one or that have made significant progress towards completion, including Wikipedia:WikiProject Cetaceans, Wikipedia:WikiProject Birds, Wikipedia:WikiProject Ecoregions, and WikiProject Conservation worldwide.


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Criteria for inclusion[edit]

See Wikipedia:Notability.

Names and titles[edit]

See Wikipedia:Naming conventions (fauna).

Article contents[edit]

The following items are desirable for articles of all levels, although the detail will vary depending on several factors. These items do not need to be separated into distinct sections; text should flow in continuous prose so far as possible. The order this information is included is also relatively unimportant, although the order listed is generally preferred.

  • Description (physical, behavioral) - what makes this (group of) critter(s) different from its close relatives?
  • Habitat - where does it live? how broadly does it roam? maps are good
  • Cultural, Religious, Economic, etc. importance - what impact has it had on humans? Include here use for experimental purposes that do not relate to other headings.
  • Classification - how does it fit into the tree of life?

Task list and progress[edit]

  1. Create article for each Order and Family
  2. Ensure all Family articles are taxonomically consistent
    1. Ensure all articles between Order and Family rank are taxonomically consistent
  3. Create article for each Genus
    1. Ensure all articles between Family and Genus rank are taxonomically consistent
  4. Create articles for all Species
    1. Create links for all species articles on appropriate articles
    2. Create lists of uncreated articles to add to category pages:
      1. List of monotremes and marsupials

Taxonomy and references[edit]

Marsupial taxonomy is by no means fully known or agreed upon. The following references are currently being used for this Project. Join the discussion for other possibilities.

Use a taxobox[edit]

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Monotremata
Family: Ornithorhynchidae
Genus: Ornithorhynchus
Blumenbach, 1800
Species: O. anatinus
Binomial name
Ornithorhynchus anatinus
(Shaw, 1799)
Platypus Distribution.png
Platypus range (indicated by darker shading)[3]

In general, monotreme and marsupial entries should have taxobox. This is something we have inherited from the Tree of Life WikiProject.

Talk pages[edit]

Place {{MaMTalk}} at the top of an article's talk page. This will help direct editors to this page for guidance.

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Monotremes and Marsupials