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The aim of this project is to act as a central location for articles related to heavy metal band Motörhead and related projects, members, characters, mythos and all information that could be classified as related to the band, this includes but is not limited to albums, their stage shows, band history, etc. This will lead to easier creation and maintenance of articles relating to this musical group.


The following categories are classified as within the scope of the project

Total: 89 articles, 4 categories (not including articles that have yet to be created).


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  • To document the works of the band and expand upon already existing articles.
  • To increase the information on the band's early years.
  • To achieve FA status for at least one article on the categories previously mentioned.
    • The Motörhead article was promoted to Featured Article status on November 5th, 2007.
  • To achieve FA status for at least one article about a band member.
  • To achieve FA status for at least one article about a band release.

To do list[edit]


The parents of this WikiProject would be the Wikipedia:WikiProject Music and Wikipedia:WikiProject Metal projects.


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