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Welcome to WikiProject Motorcycling

We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Motorcycling. This is a child project of WikiProject Transport

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Scope of the WikiProject

The Motorcycling WikiProject concerns the creation, development, and organisation of all Wikipedia's articles about motorcycles and motorcycling (including biographies) of famous motorcyclists and motorcycling pioneers.

  1. Improve the accuracy and quality of all motorcycling articles
  2. Develop the collection of motorcycling images on Wikimedia Commons
  3. To develop and maintain the Outline of motorcycles and motorcycling
  4. To finally sort out the Motorcycle history, Motorcycle and Motorcycling articles
Special Interest Groups

Promoting the project[edit]

WikiProject Motorcycling (Rated NA-class)
WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject Motorcycling, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Motorcycling on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
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Hello WikiProject Motorcycling,

You are invited to join WikiProject Motorcycling. We work together to improve motorcycling related articles. We focus on things like the most popular motorcycling articles, recognizing and improving new articles, historically important motorcycles, and more. Please share your ideas, suggestions, and questions at WikiProject Motorcycling.

WikiProject Motorcycling


To show your membership, you may care to include one of the following templates on your user page
{{User WP Motorcycling}}
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WikiProject Motorcycling.
{{User WikiProject Motorcycling}}
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Adding {{Article alerts columns|Wikipedia:WikiProject Motorcycling/Article alerts}} to your user page will display current motorcycling discussions and proposals. Or add Wikipedia:WikiProject Motorcycling/Article alerts to your watchlist.


  • MOS — The overall guidelines are in the Wikipedia:Manual of Style. The best examples to imitate are the Wikipedia:Featured articles.
  • WikiProject AutomobilesWikiProject Automobiles/Conventions are generally followed.
  • Citations — Facts in articles are referenced using inline citations. Speed, acceleration, engine output and weight statistics are presumed to be controversial and should always have a reliable, independent source. Uncontroversial statistics may be sourced to the manufacturer alone. Uncited statistics may be deleted or tagged. Note: Weight is controversial because of different methods used to define dry weight and wet weight and that some manufacturers do not publish both wet and dry weight.
  • New articles — The policy section Notability requires verifiable evidence says "No subject is automatically or inherently notable merely because it exists," so don't assume every model or sub-model of motorcycle, nor every motorcycle manufacturer, should have its own article. Check the general notability guideline first, and consider that many models belong in the context of an article on the model series, or the manufacturer, or other umbrella article. Wikipedia:Summary style covers spinning off new articles from a main article.
  • Categories — Add categories as explained in Wikipedia:Categorization.
  • Images — All free images should be linked from the Commons. See also Wikipedia:Uploading images and Wikipedia:Moving files to the Commons. Do not claim fair use on publicity photos or copyrighted media photos; these will be deleted under {{db-f7}} since they are not irreplaceable.
  • Infoboxes and Statistics
  • Lists of media appearancesManual of Style (trivia sections) says article sections with miscellaneous collections of information, such as lists of movie appearances, should be reorganized. See also content policies for inclusion and exclusion of various types of information.
  • PricesWP:NOPRICES means that generally, MSRP or other prices are not mentioned. Note that if a source explicitly justifies inclusion of the price, such as because a particular price is notable for being very high, or very low, or of historical interest, then both the price along with the explanation of its significance may be included. Auction prices, or prevailing used motorcycle prices, are not mentioned without a source that asserts notability. Warranty coverage, marketing campaigns, and other purchase-related information is also avoided unless exceptional notability is cited.
  • Colors — Color schemes or trim options are generally not mentioned, as these vary by country. As with prices and trivia, the exception is if reliable sources are cited showing a color scheme was notable.
  • External links — Avoid excessive external links, as per WP:ELNO. Clubs, forums, and social media are rarely acceptable. Normally, only one official link belonging to the subject is used. If a motorcycle is sold in several markets, then please try to find an international/global link; do not link to the manufacturer's model page in every country in the English speaking world. See Wikipedia:Manual of Style (linking)
  • Specialist terminology and jargon — Avoid ambiguous terms like "transverse engine", "longitudinal engine", "parallel twin", "inline twin" without explicitly saying whether the crankshaft or the cylinder bank is transverse or longitudinal. See discussion at V-twin engine#Orientations and Straight-two engine#Motorcycle use. See also the guideline Wikipedia:Make technical articles understandable.
  • Puffery and marketing buzzwords — See WP:PEACOCK for avoidance of puffery in favor of just the facts. Almost all motorcycle marketing copy uses "features" instead of "has". Articles should say that a bike has a given component or technology, and cite only expert opinions as to whether it is a feature or liability. Similarly, replace "utilize(s)" with "use(s)".
  • Bold title and wikilinks — In most, but not all, cases, repeat the full article name in the first sentence in bold, per MOS:BOLDTITLE, but do not wikilink parts of the bolded title, per WP:BTW. Following the example of Featured Articles, generally the make is repeated in order to wikilink it, even though it appears redundant. See examples such as Northrop YF-23, Holden VE Commodore, or Rolls-Royce Merlin. Most motorcycle model article titles follow the format <Make> <Model>, so the first sentence would say something like "<Make> <Model> was a motorcycle made by <Make>".

Open tasks[edit]

User boxes[edit]

Add any of the following to your User page to show membership of the project, or your love of motorcycles:

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WikiProject Motorcycling.
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New articles[edit]

Newer articles at the bottom, please.
Please feel free to list your new Motorcycling-related articles here.
Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the Main Page within 7 days of creation.






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Good article Bicycle and motorcycle dynamics

Good article Honda Super Cub

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Please use one of the following categories when writing a motorcycle related article, but check if a deeper subcategory would be more appropriate.
There are more categories and subcategories here but those listed below are the main ones.


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