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Donetsk park kovanih figur 03.jpg Musical Instrument WikiProject Newsletter

Volume One, Number V (May 2007)
(Issue № 1)
Project News
  • This is the premiere issue of the Musical Instrument WikiProject Newsletter! A very special thanks needs to go out to all those editors and authors who have helped with this continuing effort.
  • Input is still very much needed throughout the project. Please spend a few minutes perusing the pages and familiarizing yourself with the project. As you surf through, remember to check the talk pages, and please add your input on the discussions!
  • As a reminder, our project uses Assessment grading with a quality and importance scheme. This means that our project is participating in the WP:1.0 project. We could always use your help tagging new articles, and assessing and improving the ones we already have tagged!

As a reminder, input is needed in our discussion areas. Your efforts with the articles are very important, but the organization and stability of this project is dependent on the participation of its members - you!

Current Proposals And Discussions
Article Quality Statistics
  • FA: 3 total, no changes from last month
  • A: 1 total, +1 article from last month
  • GA: 1 total +1 article from last month
  • B: 27 total, +2 articles from last month
  • Start: 79 total, +17 articles from last month
  • Stub: 898 total, +535 articles from last month
  • Unassessed quality: 31 total, +30 articles from last month
Article Importance Statistics
  • Top: 23 total, +7 articles from last month
  • High: 26 total, -1 article from last month
  • Mid: 50 total, +1 article from last month
  • Low: 129 total, +3 article from last month
  • Unassessed importance: 812 total, +576 articles from last month
Articles Of Note
  • Featured article star.svgFeatured Content
List of Caribbean drums
  • Featured article star - cross.svgFormer Featured Content
  • Featured article candidate.svgFeatured Content Candidate
  • Symbol support vote.svg"GA" Good Content
String instrument

Italics used to show changes this month.

Awards And Honors

Although we do not have any project-specific awards yet, there are members who have already made outstanding efforts.

  • A special thanks needs to go to Akuyume for starting the project!
  • A special thanks also needs to go to Fang Aili for her contributions!
  • A very special thanks and show of apprecian needs to go to all the other members and honoured guests of the project for your participation. This is an "infant" project, and early participation is essential to the continuation and growth of this project. Thank you everyone!

Remember — this project wouldn't exist without you and your assistance!