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Specific articles in need of...

Please add articles to these lists.


  • Audio (group) - Article's only sources are an outdated MTV link and a Tripod fan page (of all things). I cleaned up the talk page because it looked like a forum, but much of the article page looks like it was written by a twelve-year-old, especially everything after this section.
  • Bill Berry - former drummer for R.E.M. needs more context, refs, discography. (The band page is an FA!)
  • The Cowsills need content, references, discography.
  • The Chieftains - more substance (especially on former members)
  • David Immerglück of Counting Crows content, discography, references.
  • Counting Crows- Needs cleanup, content, references, some discography cleanup of album pages and song pages.
  • Divinyls - Infobox was added, more is needed?
  • Sonny Emory - No sources; and to say that the article is non-neutral would be an understatement.
  • Heart - What should be done next?
  • Strawbs - needs additional refs and/or treatment for unintentional POV/weasel words. (see talk page for examples).
  • Vanessa Carlton - The "2013–present: Liberman" section needs to be reorganized using prose.

Expansion (Keep alphabetized, please!)[edit]


Needs photos[edit]

See Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of musicians for more.

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