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The following is a to-do list for WikiProject NASCAR. It includes tasks which need done, but do not fit on Wikipedia:WikiProject NASCAR/to do.

Feel free to add any task to this list. If you remove a task from the template, please replace it with one listed here.

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Article requests[edit]


Add drivers to Category:NASCAR drivers, crew chiefs to Category:NASCAR crew chiefs and owners to Category:NASCAR team owners after creating. Other people associated with NASCAR can be placed in the main Category:NASCAR people category.


Add to Category:NASCAR tracks, and to the "Defunct or inactive tracks" section of List of NASCAR race tracks, after creating.


Add to Category:NASCAR teams after creating. Articles needing to be written for current teams can be found on the List of NASCAR teams.

  • Henderson Motorsports - Former Henderson Bros. Racing or only Charlie Henderson (the owner of the team), they ran 24 races in Cup Series through 1982 and 1984, 296 Xfinity Series races from 23 years through 1985 until 2007, and they have 3 wins (1 with Brad Teague and 2 with Rick Wilson) and 7 Poles and since 2012 the team field the #75 Truck in Camping World Truck Series driven by Caleb Holman. Together they have 31 starts, 2 Top-10 and 1 Pole. The Team also have ran 1 Arca Racing Series race in 1985 with Brad Teague.
  • RBR Enterprises - Truck Series Team that field #92 Ford since 2010 and also have 3 ARCA Racing Series starts (2 with Drew Herring and 1 with Brandon McReynolds in 2009 and 2010, respectively)
  • Bolen Motorsports - Truck Series Team that help Mike Harmon Racing to field Jordan Anderson's truck in 2015, they have a WD with Mike Harmon in that year and since 2016 season, they field their own truck (#66) in Camping World Truck Series
  • Young's Motorsports - Truck team that field truck #02 since 2012. They also field a second truck (#42 and #60) start and park with Charles Lewandoski in 2014.

Former teams[edit]

Add to Category:Defunct NASCAR teams after creating. Articles needing to be written for current teams can be found on the List of NASCAR teams.


NOTE: Upon creation of NASCAR season articles, please replace links in articles to season links. (I.E 2005 becomes [[2005 in NASCAR|2005]])

Articles that need to be copy-edited[edit]


  • Dale Earnhardt - Needs to be more formal, especially the history section. Needs constant patrol against vandals and overexuberant fans. (To an admin: Protecting this article from anonymous IPs could be a solution)
  • Mark Martin - This article is a mess, reads poorly, and needs major expansion, especially about his pre-Roush years.
  • Penske Racing - needs owner box and needs to be cleaned up.
  • J. D. McDuffie really needs a cleaning. A picture would be nice.
  • Chase Elliott Should include the fact that he is Bill Elliott's son.

Articles that need to be expanded[edit]






Articles that need to be updated[edit]

Articles that need images[edit]

A good source is on's creative commons section (attribution and attribution-ShareAlike sections) :

Portal management[edit]

Portal:NASCAR is a place where we can exhibit our best articles and most interesting free images. Any article which is FA, GA, High or Top importance can be added for display as a Selected article or as a Selected biography, free images can be added to be displayed as Selected pictures. All of these are chosen randomly for display on each page view to avoid both bias and having to manually update the page monthly. If you've created or seen an article or image that you feel would be a good addition to the portal, follow the instructions on the pages linked above. Please nominate it on the talk pages.