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Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to the National Football League (NFL). This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.

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For more detail on this topic see Wikipedia:WikiProject National Football League/Assessment

Article assessment functionality was added on in 2007. Please tag any NFL-related article with the project banner and assess the article.

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Naming conventions[edit]

  • For dates pertaining to the regular season and playoffs held prior to the AFL–NFL Merger, the year should be in which the majority of the season was held.
  • For playoffs after the AFL–NFL Merger, the year should be in the form 20xx-yy. This is a compromise between die-hard and casual fans. Prior to the 1980s, most of the playoff games were in December. Currently, they are all in January and sometimes February. As a result, many die-hard fans still consider the playoffs leading to Super Bowl XXXIX as the 2004 playoffs while many casual fans call it the 2005 playoffs. The template {{NFL playoff year}} contains this logic and will generate the correct link for you.
  • When referencing Pro Bowl selections for individual players, the year should be the year of the NFL season. Links should display the year of the season, but be piped to the appropriate Pro Bowl game. (ex. [[2008 Pro Bowl|2007]])
  • When referencing All-Pro selections for individual players, the year should be the year of the NFL season. Links should display the year of the season, but be piped to the All-Pro team. (ex. [[2007 All-Pro Team|2007]])
  • For articles pertaining to specific events or games, whenever a team name is used, it should be the team name at the time of the event, but link to the current team page (unless there are pages for the team in earlier forms).
  • Following the NFL's naming conventions and official record book, the Baltimore Ravens are considered a 1996 expansion team while the Cleveland Browns are considered to have suspended operations from 1996-1998.


See the following sub pages for information on article structures. If you would like to comment on the recommended format for an article type, please do so on the talk page for that article type's subpage.

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This WikiProject aims primarily to organize and standardize the efforts of those working on NFL related articles.


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This is a list of Wikipedians who are committed to this WikiProject. Please, feel free to join by clicking "edit" on the right and inserting your username alphabetically into the list using the following format:


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It will look like this:

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National Football League WikiProject.
  1. 2008Olympian
  2. A guy saved by Jesus
  3. Alhutch
  4. Andrewdupont
  5. Anson2995
  6. Aquamelli
  7. Aspensti
  8. Batard0
  9. Bbabybear02
  10. B-Boy 369
  11. bender235
  12. Bigcats lair
  13. BilCat
  14. Bill shannon
  15. Bloodknight
  16. BlueAg09
  17. Botrain
  18. BU Rob13
  19. Buggie111
  20. burnunit
  21. Campuscodi
  22. Centaursports
  23. ChicosBailBonds
  24. Cholmes75
  25. Church
  26. Coasttocoast
  27. Comedian1018
  28. Conman33
  29. coppercod
  30. Crash Underride
  31. Cs-wolves
  32. Daonguyen95
  33. DavidSteinle
  34. Deckiller
  35. DeeJayK
  36. Jeffrey Beall
  37. Derrty2033
  38. Desert sapper
  39. Dirtlawyer1
  40. Dissident93
  41. Dlfreem
  42. Doctorindy
  43. DPH1110
  44. Eagles247
  45. Flame6264
  46. Frank Anchor
  47. Freefalling660
  48. Fresh Sullivan
  49. FrWeddy1
  50. FutureNJGov
  51. Garkeith
  52. Giants27
  53. Gilliganfanatic
  54. Gman124
  55. Go Phightins!
  56. Gonzo_fan2007
  57. Gypaetus
  58. Hatmatbbat10
  59. Hokeman
  60. Hot Stop
  61. Iammike
  62. Infonerd2216
  63. Irkentier
  64. JakeH07
  65. JakePlummerFan
  66. Jayron32
  67. Jj137
  68. JustAGal
  69. JustDerek
  70. Jwalte04
  71. KanFootball
  72. KD0710
  73. Kevin82485
  74. Kurt M. Weber
  75. KnowledgeIsGoodForYou
  76. Kybard
  77. KyuuA4
  78. Leggomygreggo8
  79. Levdr1lp
  80. Lizard
  81. Longhorndaniel
  82. Manningmbd
  83. Mattatencio93
  84. Mezlo
  85. Mhking
  86. Michael Jester
  87. Mike Selinker
  88. Mjhammerle123
  89. Mm40
  90. Moe Epsilon
  91. MrRadioGuy
  92. Muboshgu
  93. Nascarking
  94. Niceguyedc
  95. Nishkid64
  96. Nuvakitawa
  97. Pats4thawin
  98. Penale52
  99. Phbasketball6
  100. Pinky
  101. Quadzilla99
  102. reedkickball
  103. RevanFan
  104. Richmond96
  105. RF23
  106. Rlendog
  107. RobDe68
  108. Rockchalk717
  109. rohdeaa
  110. Rowsdower45
  111. Saffi2k7
  112. Sean
  113. Simishag
  114. Smike
  115. Soccersalvatore
  116. Somanytictoc
  117. soulbust
  118. SOXROX
  119. spienciak
  120. Steven Dudick
  121. Stylteralmaldo
  122. Toa Nidhiki05
  123. TortoiseWrath
  124. TheHoosierState89
  125. The Writer 2.0
  126. TomCat4680
  127. TonyO13
  128. Truco9311
  129. Trunks8719
  130. Twigboy
  131. VegaDark
  132. Vinnyxvincent
  133. WAVY 10
  134. WikiOriginal-9
  135. Wizardman
  136. Wrathchild
  137. Xaviersc
  138. Yankees10
  139. Youngamerican
  140. Zero
  141. Zdawg1029
  142. ZappaOMati
  143. Zzyzx11

This list consists of editors who are members of the project that have made no contributions to the English Wikipedia within the last two years (since August 24, 2014). Following each editor's username is the date of most recent edit. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are editors who have been either blocked indefinitely or banned from Wikipedia. If you were moved to this list in error, or if you become "active" again, feel free to move your name back into the list above.
List current as of August 17, 2016


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