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WikiProject National Health Service is a WikiProject whose main goal is to organise and bring clarity to the vast number of articles on Wikipedia related to the United Kingdom's National Health Service. In order for this project to succeed, we need to maintain a consensus on the structure of National Health Service articles, and ensure that new and existing articles fall into that structure. Due to the scale of this project, we are always looking for new members who are willing to help.

Project Contents
Project Overview
The scope and aims of the project with links to related projects
How To Help
Suggestions on how you can help this WikiProject
Members of this WikiProject (join us!)
The place to list and discuss National Health Service categories and lists
The place to list and discuss National Health Service templates and infoboxes
A place to request creation of new articles or revision of old ones
Collaboration Of The Week
Adopted from WP:COTW, a place to suggest articles in need of major improvement
Discuss and suggest improvements to this WikiProject

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