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Welcome to WikiProject Neopaganism, a project dedicated to expanding, improving, organizing, verifying, and NPOVing articles related to contemporary paganism. This is a hub for collaboration and discussion. We hope it will provide the community with the guidance and helping hands needed to make Wikipedia's coverage of modern paganism all it can be.

Our scope covers hundreds of articles, from Alp-luachra to Zsuzsanna Budapest. If you are interested in taking part, watch this page and feel free to add your name to the Members list! Whether you are interesting in contributing a lot or a little, you are more than welcome.

Goals of the Project

(last updated 01:22, 19 May 2012 (UTC) )

  1. Monitor pages within the project scope for vandalism, unreferenced material, and WP:NPOV. (Useful link: Wikiproject Watchlist - Neopaganism )
  2. Expand Wikipedia's coverage of notable Neopagan people, traditions, and practices.
  3. Improve articles within the scope of the project, adding material, references, etc.
  4. Bring Modern paganism and Wicca to Featured Article status.
  5. Populate Category:Wiccan traditions.
  6. Gather lists of topics covered in other reference sources on the broad topic of modern paganism. Such articles in other sources can prove a real benefit in determining the content and scope of our own articles. An early list can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Neopaganism/Encyclopedic articles.

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Latest News

Article Improvement Drive: Modern paganism

Modern paganism (formerly Neopaganism) is currently rated as B-class and needs a lot of help. I know that with a little help from everyone on the project, it will be easy to bring Modern paganism to Good Article status. Here are a list of a couple specific things you can do:

  • Compare one section or paragraph of the article to Paganism to make sure the two articles are consistent.
  • Evaluate the article against one of the six Good Article criteria.
  • ...or make any other improvements you can think of!

last updated 05:35, 19 May 2012 (UTC)

Assessment department

Badbilltucker has set up a new assessment department for the project at Assessment. This allows us to keep track of article quality and importance so that we can focus our efforts on the articles most in need of help. If you see a talk page template that says the article has not been assessed, please consider giving the article a quick assessment according to the assessment instructions.


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