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This page is used as a placeholder for any tasks requiring verification of articles. The idea of this page is for the quick removal of any information which is unsourced, or to source such information by verifying it.

Deployment list[edit]

This list is of members who wish to have themselves on rapid availability for the verification of facts within neuroscience articles. Please note; write down your availability as one of the following types:

  • CONSTANT (Available for messaging all day/all night!)
  • FREQUENT (More than 6+ Hours per day online)
  • REGULAR (More than 4+ hours per day online)
  • INFREQUENT (Less than 4 hours a day)

(NOTE: Current development is underway for this system, whereby a bot will react when an edit is done and will correlate their availability time with the last edit they gave; the shortest time being requested first.)