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This is a listing of all WPNJ articles that currently use Comments subpages, along with the content of those subpages. The page is for the project members to discuss how to respond to the deprecation of the use of Comment pages as part of this process.

This page lists every article in Category:New Jersey articles with comments as of 20:05, 11 November 2009 (UTC) and transcludes the actual contents of the subpages.


Talk:Robert A. Agresta[edit]

Talk:Robert A. Agresta/Comments

Talk:William Cowper Alexander[edit]

Talk:William Cowper Alexander/Comments

Talk:Susanne Antonetta[edit]

Talk:Susanne Antonetta/Comments

Talk:Battle of Monmouth[edit]

Talk:Battle of Monmouth/Comments

Talk:Battle of Short Hills[edit]

Talk:Battle of Short Hills/Comments

Talk:Bergen Catholic High School[edit]

Talk:Bergen Catholic High School/Comments

Talk:Bernards Township, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Bernards Township, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Blair Academy[edit]

Talk:Blair Academy/Comments

Talk:Joseph Bloomfield[edit]

Talk:Joseph Bloomfield/Comments

Talk:Elias Boudinot[edit]

Talk:Elias Boudinot/Comments

Talk:Branchville, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Branchville, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Bridgewater-Raritan High School[edit]

Talk:Bridgewater-Raritan High School/Comments

Talk:Burlington County College[edit]

Talk:Burlington County College/Comments

Talk:Caritas Academy[edit]

Talk:Caritas Academy/Comments

Talk:Carteret Yeshiva[edit]

Talk:Carteret Yeshiva/Comments

Talk:Cash Cash[edit]

Talk:Cash Cash/Comments

Talk:Clique Girlz[edit]

Talk:Clique Girlz/Comments

Talk:King Corcoran[edit]

Talk:King Corcoran/Comments

Talk:Stuart Dischell[edit]

Talk:Stuart Dischell/Comments

Talk:Drew University[edit]

Talk:Drew University/Comments

Talk:Thomas Edison[edit]

Talk:Thomas Edison/Comments

Talk:Elsinboro Township School District[edit]

Talk:Elsinboro Township School District/Comments

Talk:Zulima Farber[edit]

Talk:Zulima Farber/Comments

Talk:Steve Forbes[edit]

Talk:Steve Forbes/Comments

Talk:Steven Fulop[edit]

Talk:Steven Fulop/Comments

Talk:James Gandolfini[edit]

Talk:James Gandolfini/Comments

Talk:Kurt Gödel[edit]

Talk:Kurt Gödel/Comments

Talk:Hamill House[edit]

Talk:Hamill House/Comments

Talk:Highland Park, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Highland Park, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Hoboken, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Hoboken, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Independence Township, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Independence Township, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Hutchins F. Inge[edit]

Talk:Hutchins F. Inge/Comments

Talk:Institute for Advanced Study[edit]

Talk:Institute for Advanced Study/Comments



Talk:Carla Katz[edit]

Talk:Carla Katz/Comments

Talk:Khigh Dheigh[edit]

Talk:Khigh Dheigh/Comments



Talk:Linden, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Linden, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Mantoloking, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Mantoloking, New Jersey/Comments



Talk:Mendham Township, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Mendham Township, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Monmouth County, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Monmouth County, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Raj Mukherji[edit]

Talk:Raj Mukherji/Comments

Talk:Mystic Island, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Mystic Island, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:New Jersey Transit Police Department[edit]

Talk:New Jersey Transit Police Department/Comments

Talk:William A. Newell[edit]

Talk:William A. Newell/Comments

Talk:Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station[edit]

Talk:Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station/Comments

Talk:Ramapough Mountain Indians[edit]

Talk:Ramapough Mountain Indians/Comments

Talk:John Reading (New Jersey)[edit]

Talk:John Reading (New Jersey)/Comments

Talk:Steve Rothman[edit]

Talk:Steve Rothman/Comments

Talk:State highways in New Jersey[edit]

Talk:State highways in New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Sussex County, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Sussex County, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Stephen M. Sweeney[edit]

Talk:Stephen M. Sweeney/Comments

Talk:Teterboro, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Teterboro, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Thursday (band)[edit]

Talk:Thursday (band)/Comments

Talk:Tournament of Champions (NJSIAA)[edit]

Talk:Tournament of Champions (NJSIAA)/Comments

Talk:Trenton Central High School[edit]

Talk:Trenton Central High School/Comments



Talk:Turnersville, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Turnersville, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Union County Magnet High School[edit]

Talk:Union County Magnet High School/Comments

Talk:Union County, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Union County, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Union Township, Union County, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Union Township, Union County, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:United Copper[edit]

Talk:United Copper/Comments

Talk:University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey[edit]

Talk:University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Upper Montclair, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Upper Montclair, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Vernon Township High School[edit]

Talk:Vernon Township High School/Comments

Talk:Verona High School (New Jersey)[edit]

Talk:Verona High School (New Jersey)/Comments

Talk:Verona, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Verona, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Voorhees High School[edit]

Talk:Voorhees High School/Comments

Talk:Wall Township, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Wall Township, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Wallkill River[edit]

Talk:Wallkill River/Comments

Talk:Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge[edit]

Talk:Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge/Comments

Talk:Wallkill Valley Regional High School[edit]

Talk:Wallkill Valley Regional High School/Comments

Talk:Warren County, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Warren County, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Warren Township, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Warren Township, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Washington Crossing the Delaware[edit]

Talk:Washington Crossing the Delaware/Comments

Talk:Washington, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Washington, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Watchung Reservation[edit]

Talk:Watchung Reservation/Comments

Talk:Wayne Towne Center[edit]

Talk:Wayne Towne Center/Comments

Talk:Wayne Valley High School[edit]

Talk:Wayne Valley High School/Comments

Talk:Wayne, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Wayne, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Weehawken, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Weehawken, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:West Caldwell, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:West Caldwell, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:West Essex[edit]

Talk:West Essex/Comments

Talk:West Milford High School[edit]

Talk:West Milford High School/Comments

Talk:West Milford, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:West Milford, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:West Morris Mendham High School[edit]

Talk:West Morris Mendham High School/Comments

Talk:West Orange High School (New Jersey)[edit]

Talk:West Orange High School (New Jersey)/Comments

Talk:West Orange, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:West Orange, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South[edit]

Talk:West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South/Comments

Talk:Westfield, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Westfield, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Westville Cutoff[edit]

Talk:Westville Cutoff/Comments

Talk:White Horse, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:White Horse, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Whitehouse Station, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Whitehouse Station, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Wildwood Crest, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Wildwood Crest, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Williamstown High School (New Jersey)[edit]

Talk:Williamstown High School (New Jersey)/Comments

Talk:Willowbrook Mall (Wayne, New Jersey)[edit]

Talk:Willowbrook Mall (Wayne, New Jersey)/Comments

Talk:Winslow Township High School[edit]

Talk:Winslow Township High School/Comments

Talk:Woodbridge Center[edit]

Talk:Woodbridge Center/Comments

Talk:Woodbury Junior-Senior High School[edit]

Talk:Woodbury Junior-Senior High School/Comments

Talk:Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey[edit]

Talk:Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey/Comments

Talk:Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs[edit]

Talk:Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs/Comments



Talk:Yorkship Village[edit]

Talk:Yorkship Village/Comments