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The following are Metro-North Railroad stations that currently do not have photos on Wikipedia, all of which are former stations.

  1. Crugers (Metro-North station)
  2. Hillsdale (NYCRR station)
  3. Martindale (NYCRR station)
  4. Mount Riga (NYCRR station)

Stations with images[edit]

  1. Dover Plains (Metro-North station) (Former New York Central Passenger and Freight Station, as well as the railroad hotel that should be added)
  2. Hastings-on-Hudson (Metro-North station) (This image of the station house on the Poughkeepsie-bound platform from the GCT-bound platform)
  3. Ludlow (Metro-North station) (General gallery expansion)
  4. Katonah (Metro-North station) (More images, preferably of the current Metro-North station)
  5. Mamaroneck (Metro-North station) (More images, especially those of trains at the station)
  6. Ossining (Metro-North station) (More images of the station house, and less of the flooding)
  7. Pawling (Metro-North station) (The actual station house and possibly other images need to be added)
  8. Valhalla (Metro-North station) (The passenger car, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad caboose, station restaurant interior, and other images need to be added)
  9. Williams Bridge (Metro-North station) (More contemporary images, though additional images of the site of the former station house and Bronx River Parkway parking lot are also welcome)