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This is a list of cases where other sources disagree or may disagree with the map. Everything is listed first by the name on the map, and alternate names are after. Cases where the rollsign simply appends the borough are not included.

Please include sources (online references) as needed. Rollsigns can be seen at [1], line information at [2], and timetables at [3]. Note: "platform" means a big hanging sign unless otherwise noted.



Third Avenue–138th Street (information, timetable, platform 1998, platform 2005)
  • 138th Street–Third Avenue (R62)
Third Avenue–149th Street (information, 5 timetable, platform 1998, platform 2007)
  • Third Avenue (2 timetable)
Fourth Avenue–Ninth Street
Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue/53rd Street (E information, timetable, platform 2007)
  • Fifth Avenue–53rd Street (V information)
Fifth Avenue/59th Street (information, timetable)
Seventh Avenue (information, platform 2007)
  • Seventh Avenue–Park Slope (timetable)
Eighth Street–NYU (timetable)
  • Eighth Street–New York University (information)
  • Eighth Street (entrance 2005)
Ninth Avenue (R38, R68, information, timetable, platform 2007)
  • Ninth Avenue/West End Line (R40/42)
14th Street–Union Square (4/5/6/N/Q/R/W information, 4/5/6/N/Q/R/W timetable, entrance 2006)
  • Union Square (L information, L timetable)
  • Union Square–14th Street (L platform 1998)
15th Street–Prospect Park (information, platform 2007)
  • 15th Street (timetable)
18th Avenue (information, timetable, platform 2007)
  • 18th Avenue–McDonald Avenue (R38)
  • 18th Avenue/McDonald Avenue (R40/42, R68)
21st Street (information, timetable)
23rd Street–Ely Avenue (information, V timetable, entrance 2005)
  • 23rd Street (Ely Avenue) (E timetable)
30th Avenue (information, timetable)
33rd Street–Rawson Street (timetable, platform 2005, entrance 2003)
34th Street–Herald Square (information, timetable, booth 2005)
34th Street–Penn Station (information, timetable, platform 2007, entrance 2006)
  • 34th Street/Eighth Avenue (R38, R40/42)
  • Penn Station–34th Street/Eighth Avenue (R68)
36th Avenue (information, timetable)
36th Street (R38, R40/42, information, timetable, platform 2007)
  • 36th Street/Fourth Avenue (R68)
39th Avenue (information, timetable)
40th Street–Lowery Street (timetable, platform 2003)
  • 40th Street (information)
46th Street–Bliss Street (timetable, platform 2003)
  • 46th Street (information)
47th–50th Streets–Rockefeller Center (D/F/V information, timetable, 2004 entrance)
  • 47th–50th Streets (R38, R40/42)
  • 47th–50th Street–Rockefeller Center (B information)
50th Street (information, C/E timetable, 2005 entrance)
  • 50th Street–Eighth Avenue (A timetable)
52nd Street (information, timetable)
57th Street (information, timetable, platform 2007)
  • 57th Street/Sixth Avenue (R38, R40/42)
  • Midtown–57th Street/Sixth Avenue (R68)
57th Street–Seventh Avenue
  • 57th Street/Seventh Avenue (R38, R40/42)
  • Midtown–57th Street/Seventh Avenue (R68)
  • 57th Street (N/R/W information, timetable, entrance 2007)
  • Midtown–57th Street (Q information)
59th Street (R38, R40/42, information, timetable, platform 2007)
  • 59th Street/Fourth Avenue (R68)
59th Street (information, timetable)
63rd Drive–Rego Park (information, G/R/V timetable)
  • 63rd Drive (E timetable)
66th Street–Lincoln Center (information, 1 timetable, entrance 2005)
  • 66th Street (2 timetable)
69th Street (information, timetable)
75th Street (information, timetable)
80th Street (information, timetable)
85th Street–Forest Parkway (information, timetable)
86th Street (platform 2006)
  • Gravesend–86th Street (information, timetable)
88th Street (information, timetable)
96th Street (information, timetable, entrance 2006, platform 2006)
  • 96th Street–Broadway (R62)
104th Street (information, timetable)
104th Street (information, platform 2004)
  • 104th–102nd Streets (timetable)
111th Street (information, timetable)
  • 111th Street–Corona (R62)
111th Street (information, timetable)
125th Street (information, timetable)
  • 125th Street–Lexington Avenue (R62)
135th Street (information, timetable, entrance 2006)
  • 135th Street–Lenox Avenue (R62)
137th Street–City College (information, timetable, platform 1999, platform)
  • 137th Street–Broadway (R62)
  • 137th Street (entrance)
138th Street–Grand Concourse (4 timetable)
145th Street (R38, R40/42, information, timetable, platform 2007, entrance 2006)
  • Harlem–145th Street (R68)
149th Street–Grand Concourse (information, 4/5 timetable, 2/5 platform 2006, 4 platform 2004)
  • 149th Street (2 timetable)
155th Street (information, timetable, entrance 2005)
161st Street–Yankee Stadium (information, timetable, B/D entrance 2006, 4 platform 2004)
163rd Street–Amsterdam Avenue (information, timetable)
167th Street (information, timetable, entrance 2004)
  • 167th Street–Grand Concourse (R38, R40/42)
168th Street (R38, R40/42, 1/A timetable, A/C entrance 2006, A/C platform 2006)
  • Washington Heights–168th Street (R68, A/C information, C timetable)
  • 168th Street–Washington Heights (1 information)
175th Street (information, timetable, entrance 2006?)
  • 175th Street–G W Bridge (R38, R40/42)
  • 175th Street–GW Bridge Bus Terminal (platform 2006?)


Aqueduct–North Conduit Avenue (information, normal news usage)
Astor Place (information, entrance 2006, normal news usage)
  • Astor Place–Eighth Street (timetable)
Astoria–Ditmars Boulevard (R68, information, timetable)
Astoria Boulevard (R38, R40/42, information, timetable, entrance 2003)
Atlantic Avenue–Pacific Street (R68, D/M/R information, D/M/R timetable, platform 2006)
  • Pacific Street (R38, R40/42, N information, N timetable)
Bay Parkway (R40/42, information, timetable, platform 2007)
  • Bensonhurst–Bay Parkway (R68)
Bay Ridge–95th Street (R68, information, timetable)
Beach 25th Street (information, timetable)
Beach 36th Street (information, timetable)
Beach 44th Street (information, timetable)
Beach 60th Street (information, timetable)
Beach 67th Street (information, timetable)
Beach 90th Street (information, timetable)
Beach 98th Street (information, timetable)
Beach 105th Street (information, timetable)
Bedford Park Boulevard (R38, R68, information, timetable, platform 2006, entrance 2007)
  • Bedford Park (R40/42)
Bedford Park Boulevard–Lehman College (information, timetable)
Borough Hall (2/3/5 information, 2/3 timetable, 4/5 entrance 2006)
  • Borough Hall–Court Street (4 information, 4/5 timetable)
Briarwood–Van Wyck Boulevard (information, timetable)
Broadway Junction (Z information, timetable, entrance 2005, L platform 1998, J/Z platform 2006)
  • Eastern Parkway (R38, R40/42)
  • Broadway Junction (East New York) (A/C information)
  • Broadway Junction (Eastern Parkway) (J/L information)
  • Broadway–East New York (A/C platform 1998)
Broadway–Lafayette Street (R38, R68, information, timetable, platform 2006, entrance 2006)
Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall (information, 4/6 timetable, entrance 2006)
Brooklyn College–Flatbush Avenue (information, timetable)
  • Flatbush Avenue (R62)
Bushwick Avenue–Aberdeen Street (information, entrance 1998, entrance 2006)
  • Bushwick Avenue (timetable)
Canarsie–Rockaway Parkway (information, timetable)
Cathedral Parkway (110th Street) (information, A timetable)
  • Cathedral Parkway–110th Street (B timetable)
  • 110th Street–Cathedral Parkway (C timetable)
  • 110th Street (entrance 1999)
Cathedral Parkway (110th Street) (information)
Central Park North (110th Street) (information)
Chambers Street (A/C information, A/C timetable, A/C platform 2006?, entrance 2006)
World Trade Center (E information, E timetable, E platform 2004)
Christopher Street–Sheridan Square (information, 1 timetable)
Clark Street (information)
Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue (B/D/Q information, timetable)
  • Stillwell Avenue–Coney Island (R38)
  • Coney Island (R40/42, R68)
  • Coney Island–Stillwell (N information)
Cortlandt Street (information, timetable, entrance 2005)
Cortlandt Street (information)
  • Cortlandt Street–World Trade Center (timetable)
Court Street (M information, platform 1999)
  • Court Street–Borough Hall (N/R information, timetable)
Crown Heights–Utica Avenue (information, timetable)
Dyckman Street (information, entrance 2001, platform 1999)
  • Dyckman Street (200th Street) (timetable)
East 149th Street (information, timetable)
Eastchester–Dyre Avenue (information, timetable)
Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue (information, timetable)
  • Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue (platform 2007)
  • Mott Avenue–Far Rockaway (R38)
  • Far Rockaway (R40/42, platform 2006?)
  • Far Rockaway via JFK Airport (R68)
Forest Hills–71st Avenue (R68, information, timetable)
  • Continental Avenue–Forest Hills (R38)
  • Continental Avenue (R40/42)
  • 71st–Continental Avenue–Forest Hills (platform 2007)
  • 71st–Continental Avenues (entrance 2005, booth 2006)
Franklin Avenue (information, timetable, entrance 2003)
  • Franklin Avenue/Fulton Street (R68)
Flushing–Main Street (information, timetable, entrance 2000)
Fulton Street–Broadway–Nassau (normal MTA usage, normal news usage)
  • Fulton Street (2/3/4/5/J/Z information, 2/3/4/5/J/M/Z timetable, entrance 2005, 2/3 platform 1999)
  • Broadway–Nassau Street (A information, A/C timetable, A/C platform 1999)
  • Broadway–Nassau (C information)
  • Fulton Street/Broadway–Nassau Street (M information)
Grand Army Plaza (information, platform 1998, normal news usage)
  • Grand Army Plaza–Prospect Park (timetable)
Grand Avenue–Newtown (information, G/R/V timetable, entrance 2001)
  • Grand Avenue (E timetable)
Grand Central–42nd Street (4/5/6/7 information, 4/5/6/7 timetable, entrance 2006, entrance 2006, entrance 2006)
Harlem–148th Street (information, timetable)
High Street (information)
Howard Beach–JFK Airport (R38, R68, information, timetable)
Hoyt Street (2 information)
  • Hoyt Street–Fulton Mall (3 information, 2/3 timetable)
  • Hoyt Street–Fulton Mall (platform 2006)
Hoyt–Schermerhorn (R40/42)
  • Hoyt/Schermerhorn Streets (R38, R68)
  • Hoyt Street–Schermerhorn Street (information)
  • Hoyt–Schermerhorn Streets (timetable)
  • Hoyt–Schermerhorn Street (platform 2006, pillar 2005)
Inwood–207th Street (R68; information, timetable)
Jackson Heights–Roosevelt Avenue (information, timetable)
Jamaica–179th Street (R68, information, timetable)
Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer (R38, R68, information, timetable, entrance 2005)
  • Jamaica Center/Parsons (R40/42)
Kew Gardens–Union Turnpike (information, timetable)
Kingston–Throop Avenues (information, timetable)


Lawrence Street (M/N timetable)
  • Lawrence Street–MetroTech (information, R timetable)
Lexington Avenue/53rd Street (information, timetable)
Lexington Avenue/59th Street (information, timetable)
Lexington Avenue/63rd Street (information, timetable)
Long Island City–Court Square (R68, information)
Lower East Side–Second Avenue (information, timetable)
  • Second Avenue (R38, R40/42, platform 2007)
  • Lower East Side–Second Avenue/Houston Street (R68)
Marble Hill–225th Street (information)
  • 225th Street–Marble Hill (timetable)
Metropolitan Avenue (information, timetable, entrance 2006)
Middle Village–Metropolitan Avenue (information, timetable)
Myrtle–Wyckoff Avenues (information, L timetable, 2007 M pillars)
Nereid Avenue (information, 2 timetable, platform 2005)
  • East 238th Street–White Plains Road (R62)
  • Nereid Avenue (238th Street) (5 timetable)
Norwood–205th Street (timetable)
Ozone Park–Lefferts Boulevard (R68, information, timetable)
  • Lefferts Boulevard (R38, R40/42)
Parkchester (information, platform 2006)
  • East 177th Street–Parkchester (R62)
  • Parkchester–East 177th Street (timetable)
Rockaway Park–Beach 116th Street (R68, information, timetable, platform 2007)
  • Rockaway Park (R38, R40/42)
Sutphin Boulevard–Archer Avenue–JFK Airport
  • Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue/JFK Airport (E/J information)
  • Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue–JFK Airport (Z information)
  • Sutphin Boulevard–JFK Airport (timetable)
  • Sutphin Boulevard–Archer Avenue–JFK (J/Z platform 2007)
Times Square–42nd Street (1/2/3/7/N/Q/R/W information, 1/2/3/7/N/Q/R/W timetable, N/Q/R/W platform 2006, 1/2/3 platform 2006, entrance 2005)
  • 42nd Street–Times Square (R38, R40/42, S information)
  • Times Square (R62, S timetable)
  • Times Square (R68)
Van Cortlandt Park–242nd Street (information, timetable)
Wakefield–241st Street (information, timetable)
West Farms Square–East Tremont Avenue (information, 2 timetable, platform 2005)
  • East Tremont Avenue–West Farms Square (5 timetable)
  • East Tremont Avenue (platform 2004)
West Fourth Street–Washington Square (B/D information, timetable, entrance 2006)
  • West Fourth Street (R38, R40/42, R68, A/C/E/F/V information)
  • West Fourth Street–Washington Square (platform 2003)
West Eighth Street–NY Aquarium (timetable)
  • West Eighth Street–Aquarium (R68)
  • West Eighth Street–New York Aquarium (information)
  • West Eighth Street–New York Aquarium (F platform 2004)
Whitehall Street–South Ferry (R38, N/R information, W timetable)
  • Whitehall Street (R40/42, W information, N/R timetable, entrance 2006)
  • Lower Manhattan–Whitehall Street (R68)
  • Whitehall Street–South Ferry (platform 2003)
Woodlawn (information, timetable, entrance 2006, entrance 2007, platform 2007)
  • Woodlawn–Jerome Avenue (R62)
Woodside–61st Street (information)