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About Critter of the Week[edit]

Critter of the Week is a regular Radio New Zealand broadcast in which Nicola Toki of the Department of Conservation and host Jesse Mulligan talk about New Zealand species both endangered and neglected. It has been running since 2015, and has covered over 200 different species. "Critter" here refers to plants, animals, or fungi.

This is a planning page for volunteers and the show's hosts. Almost from the start, volunteers have been helping by creating or improving the corresponding Wikipedia article for each species to coincide with the Friday broadcast of the show, and we would like to work more closely with DOC and RNZ to suggest species, arrange openly-licensed photos, and add a link to each broadcast.

The critter list[edit]

Volunteers are encouraged to update this list as soon as a show is broadcast.

  • Try to narrow down on a single species, even if Nic casually talks about 15 species at once as she is wont to do.
  • We've added a sortable "Class" (really just "convenient higher taxon") column. This helps the show's organisers see if a critter has already been covered, and highlights groups that have been neglected (for anyone wanting to suggest a critter).
  • To do: Create a common-name link or redirect to the article if required, but make sure it really is the common name for the NZ species only.
  • The "Broadcast" column links to the RNZ page for that episode. Feel free to add the date, even if the show hasn't been broadcast or gone online yet.
  • In each Critter article this is the current format for the link to the show (under "External links"):

* The Pitt Island longhorn discussed in [[Radio New Zealand|RNZ]] ''[[Critter of the Week]]'', [ 8 March 2019]. To do: The older entries on the list use a more basic listing so need to be updated.

  • We currently hand-enter the article quality using the template {{Icon|C}}. To do: Some of those quality assessments are missing or out of date, both in this table and in the articles. Can we find some code that will auto-populate the "Quality" column with an icon, so we don't have to do this manually?
  • Feel free to add specific tasks in the "Notes" field.
Common name Latin name Class Broadcast Quality Notes
Chatham Island pigeon Hemiphaga chathamensis Aves 1 May 2020 Start-Class article Commons pics (need more)
Mason wasp Pison spinolae Insecta 24 Apr 2020 C-Class article
Yellow octopus Enteroctopus zealandicus Mollusca 17 Apr 2020 Stub-Class article
NZ small willowherb Epilobium angustum Angiosperms 3 Apr 2020 To create
New Zealand antlion Weeleus acutus Insecta 20 Mar 2020 Stub-Class article
Suter's skink Oligosoma suteri Reptilia 13 Mar 2020 Start-Class article
New Zealand pea crab Nepinnotheres novaezelandiae Malacostraca 6 Mar 2020 C-Class article image
Grays River grass moth Orocrambus fugitivellus Insecta 28 Feb 2020 Start-Class article
Bar-tailed godwit Limosa lapponica Aves 21 Feb 2020 Start-Class article
Bryde's whale Balaenoptera brydei Mammalia 14 Feb 2020 C-Class article Check and update taxonomy section?
Black-billed gull Chroicocephalus bulleri Aves 7 Feb 2020 C-Class article
New Zealand bull kelp Durvillaea antarctica Algae 31 Jan 2020 C-Class article We could certainly flesh out the Māori use.
Basking shark Cetorhinus maximus Chondrichthyes 24 Jan 2020 B-Class article
New Zealand rock oyster Saccostrea glomerata Bivalvia 20 Dec 2019 Start-Class article Needs references
Ngaio weevil Anagotus stephenensis Insecta 13 Dec 2019 Start-Class article
Shining cuckoo Chrysococcyx lucidus Aves 6 Dec 2019 Start-Class article
Huhu beetle Prionoplus reticularis Insecta 29 Nov 2019 Start-Class article
Stokell's smelt Stokellia anisodon Osteichthyes 22 Nov 2019 Stub-Class article
New Zealand smelt Retropinna retropinna Osteichthyes 22 Nov 2019 Start-Class article a bit of a mess—student assignment?—needs a rewrite
Koaro Galaxias brevipinnis Osteichthyes 15 Nov 2019 Start-Class article
Te Ahumairangi Hill snail Potamopyrgus oppidanus Gastropoda 8 Nov 2019 Start-Class article
Auckland Island rail Lewinia muelleri Aves 1 Nov 2019 Stub-Class article
Giant emperor daisy Pleurophyllum speciosum Angiosperms 25 Oct 2019 Stub-Class article
Pacific golden plover Pluvialis fulva Aves 18 Oct 2019 Start-Class article
Kina Evechinus chloroticus Echinoida 11 Oct 2019 Start-Class article
Clutha flathead galaxias Galaxias 'species D' Osteichthyes 4 Oct 2019
Pygmy goosefoot Dysphania pusilla Angiosperms 27 Sep 2019 Start-Class article
Auckland green gecko Naultinus elegans Reptilia 20 Sep 2019 Stub-Class article
Gravel maggot Smeagol Gastropoda 13 Sep 2019 C-Class article
Sand scarab Pericoptus truncatus Insecta 6 Sep 2019 C-Class article
Boulder butterfly Lycaena boldenarum Insecta 30 Aug 2019 Start-Class article
Black tunnelweb Porrhothele antipodiana Arachnida 23 Aug 2019 B-Class article
Northland mudfish Neochanna heleios Osteichthyes 16 Aug 2019 Stub-Class article
Frosted phoenix Titanomis sisyrota Insecta 9 Aug 2019 B-Class article
Cook Strait giant wētā Deinacrida rugosa Insecta 2 Aug 2019 Start-Class article More photos
Gardner's tree daisy Olearia gardneri Angiosperms 26 Jul 2019 Stub-Class article
Herbivorous alpine beetle Protodendrophagus antipodes Insecta 19 Jul 2019 Stub-Class article
Dryland sow thistle Sonchus novae-zelandiae Angiosperms 12 Jul 2019 To create
Mountain stone wētā Hemideina maori Insecta 5 Jul 2019 C-Class article
Long-legged harvestman Pantopsalis Arachnida 28 Jun 2019 Stub-Class article
Mohua Mohua ochrocephala Aves 21 Jun 2019 Start-Class article
Maungatua stonefly Zelandoperla maungatuaensis Insecta 14 Jun 2019 Start-Class article ref
Chatham Island shag Leucocarbo onslowi Aves 7 Jun 2019 C-Class article
Helms' stag beetle Geodorcus helmsi Insecta 31 May 2019 C-Class article
Dwarf galaxias Galaxias divergens Osteichthyes 24 May 2019 Stub-Class article
Chatham Island tree hebe Veronica barkeri Angiosperms 17 May 2019 Create article
Limestone cress Pachycladon exile Angiosperms 10 May 2019 Create article
Banks Peninsula six-eyed spider Periegops suterii Arachnida 3 May 2019 Start-Class article Photos!
Homer grasshopper Sigaus homerensis Insecta 26 Apr 2019 Start-Class article
Nelson green gecko Naultinus stellatus Reptilia 12 Apr 2019 Stub-Class article
Blue damselfly Austrolestes colensonis Insecta 5 Apr 2019 C-Class article
Flax weevil Anagotus fairburni Insecta 29 Mar 2019 C-Class article
Striped skink Oligosoma striatum Reptilia 22 Mar 2019 Stub-Class article Photo
Pitt Island longhorn Xylotoles costatus Insecta 8 Mar 2019 Start-Class article image and more text added
Tuatara tick Amblyomma sphenodonti Arachnida 1 Mar 2019 C-Class article Image added
Horrid stick insect Argosarchus horridus Insecta 22 Feb 2019 C-Class article images added and expanded
New Zealand sandfly Austrosimulium ungulatum Insecta 15 Feb 2019 Stub-Class article
Whitaker's skink Oligosoma whitakeri Reptilia 8 Feb 2019 Start-Class article (Really needs decent photos but they're all ©)
Wetapunga Deinacrida heteracantha Insecta 1 Feb 2019 Start-Class article (needs photos, rewriting to be less generic)
Vegetable cicada Isaria sinclairii Fungi 25 Jan 2019 C-Class article (needs more info on fungus if any; lots published on drug)
Ameletopsis mayfly Ameleptopsis perscitus Insecta 21 Dec 2018 (Needs creation and open-licensed photo sourced)
Alborn skink Oligosoma infrapunctatum “Alborn” Reptilia 14 Dec 2018 (Needs creation)
Notoreas moth Notoreas Insecta 7 Dec 2018 Start-Class article for all species (except the unnamed Taranaki one)
Chatham mudfish Neochanna rekohua Osteichthyes 30 Nov 2018 Stub-Class article needs photo
Maitai Cave snail Hadopyrgus ngataana Gastropoda 23 Nov 2018 Start-Class article needs photo (Te Papa's is NC)
Pill millipede Procyliosoma tuberculatum Diplopoda 16 Nov 2018 Stub-Class article
Strigula lichens Strigula Lichen 9 Nov 2018 (Needs creation)
Yellow eyed penguin Megadyptes antipodes Aves 2 Nov 2018 Start-Class article
Lemon tree borer parasite Xanthocryptus novozealandicus Insecta 26 Oct 2018 Stub-Class article
Pygmy blue whale Balaenoptera musculus brevicauda Mammalia 19 Oct 2018 C-Class article needs expansion
Mt Augustus snail Powelliphanta augusta Gastropoda 12 Oct 2018 C-Class article needs updating and rewriting
Banks Peninsula fork fern Tmesipteris horomaka Gymnosperm 5 Oct 2018 Stub-Class article genus page needs improvement
New Zealand microsnails Wainuia urnula Gastropoda 28 Sep 2018 Stub-Class article needs photos
Sphagnum porina moth Heloxycanus patricki Insecta 21 Sep 2018 Start-Class article
Mt Allen buttercup Ranunculus viridis Angiosperms 14 Sep 2018 Start-Class article (needs photo of flowers and expansion)
Black coral Antipathella fiordensis Anthozoa 7 Sep 2018 Start-Class article added photos
Chatham petrel Pterodroma axillaris Aves 31 Aug 2018 Start-Class article needs photos and more info
Hamilton's frog Leiopelma hamiltoni Amphibia 24 Aug 2018 Start-Class article needs expansion and more images
Waiuatua Euphorbia glauca Angiosperms 17 Aug 2018 Start-Class article needs status update, when template fixed)
Burgan skink Oligosoma burganae Reptilia 10 Aug 2018 Stub-Class article needs expansion and photo
Antipodes parakeet Cyanoramphus unicolor Aves 3 Aug 2018 Start-Class article needs expansion
New Zealand fish-guts plant Chenopodium detestans Angiosperms 27 Jul 2018 Stub-Class article
New Zealand glowworm Arachnocampa luminosa Insecta 20 Jul 2018 Start-Class article OK but needs a good edit
Southern right whale Eubalaena australis Mammalia 13 Jul 2018 B-Class article could do with editing
New Zealand hagfish Eptatretus cirrhatus Myxini 6 Jul 2018 C-Class article OK, needs cleanup
Eyelash seaweed Dione arcuata Algae 29 Jun 2018 (needs creation)
Red-billed gull Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae Aves 22 Jun 2018 C-Class article (needs work)
New Zealand freshwater crab Amarinus lacustris Malacostraca 15 Jun 2018 C-Class article OK, added info and pic
Speargrass weevil Lyperobius huttoni Insecta 8 Jun 2018 Start-Class article Created
New Zealand falcon Falco novaeseelandiae Aves 1 Jun 2018 Start-Class article (needs expansion)
Slender button daisy Leptinella filiformis Angiosperms 25 May 2018 Start-Class article Created
Rangatira spider Dolomedes schauinslandi Arachnida 18 May 2018 Start-Class article OK, updated
White-bellied skink Oligosoma hoparatea Reptilia 11 May 2018 (need creation)
Northland green gecko Naultinus grayii Reptilia 4 May 2018 Start-Class article (Needs expansion)
Kōtuku Ardea alba modesta Aves 27 Apr 2018 Start-Class article OK, needs note on taxonomy
Giant kōkopu Galaxias argenteus Osteichthyes 20 Apr 2018 Start-Class article Improved
Shrubby tororaro Muehlenbeckia astonii Angiosperms 13 Apr 2018 C-Class article Expanded
Pseudoscorpions Pseudoscorpiones Arachnida 6 Apr 2018 C-Class article Pretty good
Teviot flathead galaxias Galaxias "Teviot" Osteichthyes 23 Mar 2018 (Needs creation)
Bonking grass moth Asaphodes frivola Insecta 16 Mar 2018 C-Class article Created
Toheroa Paphies ventricosa Bivalvia 9 Mar 2018 Stub-Class article (Desperately needs expansion)
Mottled petrel Pterodroma inexpectata Aves 2 Mar 2018 Stub-Class article (Needs expansion)
Te Kakahu skink Oligosoma tekakahu Reptilia 23 Feb 2018 Start-Class article Expanded, refs, pic
Paua slug Schizoglossa novoseelandica Gastropoda 16 Feb 2018 C-Class article (needs tidying up and more photos)
Prostrate tangle broom Carmichaelia juncea Angiosperms 9 Feb 2018 Stub-Class article Needs images
Swamp helmet orchid Corybas carsei Angiosperms 2 Feb 2018 C-Class article Created, sourced pics
Cabbage tree moth Epiphryne verriculata Insecta 26 Jan 2018 Start-Class article Added pic and more info
New Zealand native bees Leioproctus Insecta 15 Dec 2017 Stub-Class article (Only Leioproctus fulvescens exists)
New Zealand cicadas Amphipsalta, Rhodopsalta, Maoricicada,
Notopsalta, Kikihia
Insecta 8 Dec 2017 Stub-Class article All species now have at least stub articles.
Ōhau rock daisy Pachystegia Angiosperms 1 Dec 2017 Start-Class article (needs creation if we can get photos)
Flax snail Placostylus Gastropoda 24 Nov 2017 Start-Class article (needs cleanup and expansion, and photos)
Long-tailed bat Chalinolobus tuberculatus Mammalia 17 Nov 2017 C-Class article OK (still needs photos)
Giant springtail Holacanthella Entognatha 10 Nov 2017 Start-Class article created
Cook's scurvy grass Lepidium oleraceum Angiosperms 3 Nov 2017 Start-Class article (needs pics)
South Island lichen moth Declana egregia Insecta 27 Oct 2017 Stub-Class article Created
Giant centipede Cormocephalus rubriceps Chilopoda 20 Oct 2017 Stub-Class article (needs expansion)
Wrybill Anarhynchus frontalis Aves 13 Oct 2017 C-Class article OK (needs work)
Chevron skink Oligosoma homalonotum Reptilia 6 Oct 2017 Start-Class article Short but OK
Pāua Haliotis Gastropoda 29 Sep 2017 C-Class article Reasonable
Hochstetter's frog Leiopelma hochstetteri Amphibia 22 Sep 2017 C-Class article OK (needs updating)
Kakabeak Clianthus Angiosperms 15 Sep 2017 Start-Class article OK (both spp. need expansion and rewrite)
Leopard seal Hydrurga leptonyx Mammalia 8 Sep 2017 C-Class article OK
Bat-winged fly Exsul singularis Insecta 1 Sep 2017 (needs creation)
Back beach beetle Bembidion tillyardi Insecta 25 Aug 2017 Start-Class article created
Tuatara Sphenodon punctatus Reptilia 18 Aug 2017 Good article
Kawakawa looper moth Cleora scriptaria Insecta 11 Aug 2017 Stub-Class article created
Eldon's galaxias Galaxias eldoni Osteichthyes 4 Aug 2017 Start-Class article expanded, added images
Fur seal Arctocephalus forsteri Mammalia 28 Jul 2017 C-Class article added image
Vegetable caterpillar Ophiocordyceps robertsii Fungi 21 Jul 2017 Stub-Class article created
Tardigrade Tardigrada Tardigrada 14 Jul 2017 C-Class article
Northern giant petrel Macronectes halli Aves 7 Jul 2017 C-Class article
Jewelled gecko Naultinus gemmeus Reptilia 30 Jun 2017 Start-Class article Improved
Great white shark Carcharodon carcharias Chondrichthyes 23 Jun 2017 Good article Needs expansion
Dog vomit slime mold Fuligo septica Protista 16 Jun 2016 C-Class article OK (Need XKCD reference)
Bubblegum coral Paragorgia Anthozoa 9 Jun 2017 Stub-Class article (NZ species may not exist, just Atlantic?)
Blind electric ray Typhlonarke aysoni Chondrichthyes 2 Jun 2017 Start-Class article Need photo!
Chatham Islands forget-me-not Myosotidium hortensia Angiosperms 26 May 2017 Stub-Class article (Needs expansion)
Mole cricket Triamescaptor aotea Insecta 19 May 2017 C-Class article
Kauri snail Paryphanta Gastropoda 12 May 2017 Stub-Class article (Needs expansion)
Castle Hill buttercup Ranunculus paucifolius Angiosperms 5 May 2017 Stub-Class article
New Zealand sea lion Phocarctos hookeri Mammalia 28 Apr 2017 Start-Class article fix units
New Zealand large carabids Mecodema Insecta 21 Apr 2017 Stub-Class article (needs expansion)
Spirits Bay liverwort Frullania wairua Marchantiophyta 7 Apr 2017 (needs creation)
New Zealand sundews Drosera stenopetala Angiosperms 1 Apr 2017 Stub-Class article
Fiordland penguin Eudyptes pachyrhynchus Aves 24 Mar 2017 Start-Class article improved
Harlequin gecko Tukutuku rakiurae Reptilia 17 Mar 2017 Stub-Class article (needs expansion)
Torrentfish Cheimarrichthys fosteri Osteichthyes 10 Mar 2017 Start-Class article needs more photos
Child's grasshopper Sigaus childi Insecta 3 Mar 2017 Start-Class article
Orange-fronted parakeet Cyanoramphus malherbi Aves 24 Feb 2017 C-Class article OK, could do with cleanup
Mokohinau stag beetle Geodorcus ithaginis Insecta 17 Feb 2017 C-Class article improved, added photo
Mardo Antechinus flavipes Mammalia 10 Feb 2017 OK
New Zealand fairy tern Sternula nereis davisae Aves 3 Feb 2017 (needs images, expansion)
Sooty beech scale insects Ultracoelostoma Insecta 27 Jan 2017 (Genus and species need creation)
Puriri moth Aenetus virescens Insecta 23 Dec 2016 (needs expansion)
Chesterfield skink Oligosoma sp. Reptilia 16 Dec 2016 (needs creation – only a tag name?)
Cooper's black potato orchid Gastrodia cooperae Angiosperms 9 Dec 2016 (needs creation)
Werewere-kokako Entoloma hochstetteri Fungi 2 Dec 2016 OK
Fischer's egg Claustula fischeri Fungi 2 Dec 2016 (needs expansion)
Nudibranchs Nudibranchia Gastropoda 25 Nov 2016 good
Bluff weta Deinacrida elegans Insecta 18 Nov 2016 (oh God, what a mess)
Fred the Thread Houdinia flexilissima Insecta 11 Nov 2016 (needs images, expansion)
Maud Island frog Leiopelma pakeka Amphibia 4 Nov 2016 improved
Mistletoes Korthalsella salicornioides Angiosperms 28 Oct 2016 improved
Coxella weevil Hadramphus spinipennis Insecta 21 Oct 2016 improved
Snipe Coenocorypha Aves 14 Oct 2016 OK (could use more photos)
Dune swale daphne Pimelea actea Angiosperms 7 Oct 2016 created
Nelson cave spider Spelungula Arachnida 30 Sep 2016 (needs image, expansion)
Forest ringlet Dodonidia helmsii Insecta 23 Sep 2016 fixed name, expanded
Giant bush dragonflies Uropetala Insecta 16 Sep 2016 images, created 1 page
Cook Strait click beetle Amychus granulatus Insecta 9 Sep 2016 OK
Duvaucel's gecko Hoplodactylus duvaucelii Reptilia 2 Sep 2016 (needs edits, photos)
Otago skink Oligosoma otagense Reptilia 26 Aug 2016 (needs more text)
Te Paki stick insect Tepakiphasma ngatikuri Insecta 19 Aug 2016 created
Feather lice Harrisoniella hopkinsi Insecta 12 Aug 2016 created
Short-tailed bat Mystacina tuberculata Mammalia 5 Aug 2016 OK, improved
Whenua Hou diving petrel Pelecanoides whenuahouensis Aves 29 Jul 2016 improved
Lichen moth rediscovered in 2016 Izatha caustopa Insecta 22 Jul 2016 images
Alpine gecko Mokopirirakau kahutarae Reptilia 15 Jul 2016 improved (genus to create)
Mahoenui giant wētā Deinacrida mahoenui Insecta 8 Jul 2016 improved, images
Red admiral Vanessa gonerilla Insecta 1 Jul 2016 improved
Kākahi Echyridella menziesii Bivalvia 24 Jun 2016 improved
Cromwell chafer Prodontria lewisi Insecta 17 Jun 2016 improved, images
Cobble skink Oligosoma sp. Reptilia 10 Jun 2016 created
Pīngao Ficinia spiralis Angiosperms 3 Jun 2016 improved
New Zealand praying mantis Orthodera novaezealandiae Insecta 27 May 2016 fairly OK
Coastal peppercress Lepidium banksii Angiosperms 20 May 2016 created
Inanga Galaxias maculatus Osteichthyes 13 May 2016 improved
Mercury Islands tusked weta Motuweta isolata Insecta 6 May 2016 created
Shore plover Thinornis novaeseelandiae Aves 29 Apr 2016 improved
Black stilt Himantopus novaezelandiae Aves 21 Apr 2016 improved
Katipo Latrodectus katipo Arachnida 15 Apr 2016 good
South Island kōkako Callaeas cinereus Aves 8 Apr 2016 improved
Tadpole shrimp Lepidurus apus Branchiopoda 1 Apr 2016 improved
Giraffe weevil Lasiorynchus barbicornis Insecta 24 Mar 2016 improved, images
Longfin eel Anguilla dieffenbachii Osteichthyes 18 Mar 2016 improved
New Zealand giant landsnails Powelliphanta Gastropoda 11 Mar 2016 improved
Foveaux shag Leucocarbo stewarti Aves 4 Mar 2016 created (nope, it's been merged back into L. chalconotus
Otago shag Leucocarbo chalconotus Aves 4 Mar 2016 improved
Hutton's shearwater Puffinus huttoni Aves 26 Feb 2016 improved, images
Wood rose Dactylanthus taylorii Angiosperms 19 Feb 2016 improved, images
Lamprey Geotria australis Petromyzontida 12 Feb 2016 image
Open Bay Islands leech Hirudobdella antipodum Clitellata 5 Feb 2016 improved
New Zealand trapdoor spiders Cantuaria Arachnida 29 Jan 2016 (add pics, move general material from C. dendyi)
Rock wren Xenicus gilviventris Aves 22 Jan 2016 improved, images
Parapara Pisonia brunoniana Angiosperms 18 Dec 2015 (expand)
Stygofauna Phreatogammarus fragilis Malacostraca 11 Dec 2015 (pic, intro)
Australasian bittern Botaurus poiciloptilus Aves 4 Dec 2015 (expand, pics)
Robust grasshopper Brachaspis robustus Insecta 27 Nov 2015 C-Class article expand
Koura Paranephrops Malacostraca 20 Nov 2015 C-Class article needs expansion
Peripatus Onychophora Udeonychophora 13 Nov 2015 B-Class article photos, video?
Gordian worm Nematomorpha Gordioidea 6 Nov 2015 Start-Class article Could do with tidying, expansion
Archey's frog Leiopelma archeyi Amphibia 30 Oct 2015 Start-Class article (expand into sections, pics)
Canterbury knobbed weevil Hadramphus tuberculatus Insecta 23 Oct 2015 Start-Class article Could expand–are all refs and news stories in there?
Leaf-veined slug Athoracophorus Gastropoda 16 Oct 2015 Start-Class article Very dry: need specific information
Canterbury mudfish Neochanna burrowsius Osteichthyes 9 Oct 2015 C-Class article Need a good photo of the fish
Batfly Mystacinobia zelandica Insecta 2 Oct 2015 C-Class article Need a photo
Gravel maggot Smeagol Gastropoda 17 Sep 2015 C-Class article Need no. species clarified, fleshing out

Suggest a critter[edit]

The Critter of the Week regularly use suggestions from this list. Anyone can nominate a critter by adding it below.

  1. The ideal critter is non-charismatic (not traditionally cute and cuddly) and neglected (not appearing regularly in the media spotlight)
  2. RNZ needs photos for its website, so please check Commons. We have had good results approach photographers in iNaturalist or Flickr and asking them to change licences. DOC releases its photos under a CC-BY licence, so it's good to put them in Commons when they appear.
  3. For Nic and Jesse to talk about a critter, there needs to be something to say! Make sure there's published information about your species, and ideally improve the Wikipedia article ahead of time with good links, so they can prepare a one-page "cheat sheet" of talking points sufficient for a 10-minute interview.

  • Shortjaw kōkopu, one of the whitebait species
  • Common garden katydid, native bush crickets, commonly heard chirping in gardens
  • Southland chafer beetles (Stethaspis pulchra), rediscovered in 2005 after not being seen for 50 years, by a six-year-old who picked one out of a puddle in the car park as the expedition were loading up their vehicles. "Is this it?"
  • Open Bay Islands gecko and skink, a package deal; callback to the Open Bay Islands land leech of 5 Feb 2016
  • Quillwort Isoetes aff. kirkii
  • Giant scale insects (Coelostomidia)
  • Bartlett's rata Metrosideros bartlettii, threatened by myrtle rust – somehow not covered yet?
  • Orocrambus fugitivellus - small "bland" looking moth with a conservation status of Nationally Critical.
  • Trilepidea adamsii, the Adams mistletoe, extinct in 1954 (if we wanted to talk about spotlighting plant extinctions)
  • Xanthorhoe bulbulata, a nationally critical, brightly coloured, day flying moth that hasn't been seen since 1991 but was once common in the South Island & seen during the months of September and March. Possibly do a programme in those months to see if anyone spots it? Possible tie in with a discussion on Ahi Pepe | MothNet project?
  • Holcaspis brevicula, a Canterbury ground beetle now surviving only in a single pine plantation.
  • Pacificana cockayni, the Bounty Island spider, a little known endemic genus
  • Arthurdendyus triangulatus, the flatworm that eats earthworms and is an invasive import to the UK
  • Haastia, the vegetable sheep
  • Aciphylla, the speargrasses - many species of mostly spiky alpine plants
  • Dusky galaxias, an Otago endemic in decline, found in only a few catchments
  • Culiseta novaezealandiae, the endemic and range-restricted mosquito
  • Phylloglossum drummondii an odd clubmoss once found in the South and northern North Island, now just in a few remnant bits of gumland scrub in Northland; Nationally Threatened. There are some links and an iNat photo suitable for adding.
  • Kermadec koromiko (Hebe breviracemosa, now Veronica breviracemosa), thought to be wiped out by goats, then for years only known from one specimen; dozens of plants later discovered by brave rock-climbing volunteers. NZGeo
  • Horelophus walkeri, a primitive 2 mm beetle that lives only on mossy rocks in the splash zone of small waterfalls in a few creeks in Marlborough.
  • Agrius convolvuli, the kūmara hawkmoth or hīhue, known as the convulvulus hawkmoth overseas, and a pest of kūmara plantings across the Pacific. Lots of Māori lore on its control. Has startlingly-huge horned caterpillars in a wide range of colours.
  • Culex rotoruae, the hot pools mosquito, recorded from 30℃ water at Rotorua and Tokaanu. Blog post by Te Papa's Julia Kaspar with great photos about her hunt for it.

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