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Each week, Wikipedians from WikiProject Nintendo nominate an article to become the Collaboration of the Week. The aim is to produce featured-standard articles, through widespread cooperative editing. This project aims to fill holes in Wikipedia, so only non-existent articles, or stubs may be nominated. If the article does not fit these guidelines, it should be placed on the Article Improvement Drive for further expansion and improvement.

Selection process[edit]

The collaborations are selected by approval voting. This is done by clicking the edit button to the right of the "Articles up for Nomination" for the selected week (which will be updated weekly), and adding the text # ~~~~.

  • Only registered users may vote, and their first edit must have been before the article was nominated.
  • Only support votes and comments should be added, as the articles are chosen by approval voting.
  • Do not vote for all of the nominations. If you do, your votes will be discounted, as people can't expect you to work on all of them.
  • The article with the most votes at selection time will become the next COTW.
  • Articles that fail to receive 3 votes per week from the time of nomination will be removed from this page.

Nominating articles[edit]

  • To nominate an article, use the format found here, underneath the articles yp for nomination.
  • Please only nominate stubs (articles of two short paragraphs or less).
  • Please provide reasons supporting your nomination.
  • Articles should interest a wide number of people, so many can contribute to the article's improvement.
  • If you're thinking of renominating an article which has recently failed, consider waiting a month before renominating it.

Articles up for Nomination[edit]

Archived Nominees[edit]

{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Nintendo/Collaboration of the fortnight/Game Boy Printer}} Wikipedia:WikiProject Nintendo/Collaboration of the fortnight/Nintendo development divisions