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To make use of this template, please proceed as follows:

  1. copy and paste the entire contents of the box below to your new article page
  2. work your way through the article replacing fields between pairs of ~~ (tildes) with new information appropriate to the novel being discussed (erasing the tildes in the process)
  3. If a section is not relevant to your subject or you do not have information to include on the topic either cut it out or comment it out for future editors to work on, and finally
  4. Save your new article (of course there may be many previews before this)
  5. Mark the article as part of the Novels WikiProject, by adding this to the talk page


A final note about the process may be helpful:

  • The final line of the main part of the template reads

[[Category:~genre~ novels]] or [[Category:Novels]]

  • This line means either insert a Category line for a particular genre of Novels or (failing to find a suitable category) into the general Novels Category but not both. In point of fact, it's not completely essential to limit yourself to one or the other (although the Novels category is already far too large), but whatever you do please note that the word "or" in that line should disappear since it is a message to the article maker (you) and not part of the final text. If it remains, then it will show up as a rather mysterious word in the final text portion of your article (since Category lines are directives which are moved from the main text).

Pattern template[edit]

<!--Novel article template : part of the Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels-->

<!--Replace text within ~ squiggles (tilde) like these ~ with the specific information 
about the novel. Please try to insert as much information as you can and then remove 
sections that are not relevant.-->

{{Infobox book
| name          = ~title of novel~
| title_orig    = ~original title if not in English~
| translator    = ~translator(s) if original not in English~
| image         = ~file reference to the image ideally named after 
the title of novel~ (n.b. first edition cover if available - and permitted)
| image_caption = ~caption about the edition of the cover~
| author        = ~author of novel; "authors" if more than one~
| illustrator   = ~illustrator consistent throughout novel~~
| cover_artist  = ~cover artist name for novel~ 
| country       = ~country of original publication~
| language      = ~language of original novel~
| series        = ~series if part of one~
| subject       = <!-- Subject is not relevant for fiction -->
| genre         = ~novel genre(s)~
| published     = ~year (publisher) (language if not originally written in English);
use {{plainlist|}} with more than one notable edition ~
| media_type    = Print ([[~binding~]])
| pages         = ~pagecount (~binding~ edition) (prefer 1st edition) ~
| isbn          = ~ISBN ~999999999~ (prefer 1st edition) ~ 
| oclc          = ~OCLC (prefer 1st edition) ~ 
| preceded_by   = ~prior book in series if relevant~
| followed_by   = ~subsequent book in series if relevant~
| wikisource    = ~name of work at Wikisource, if applicable~

<!-- please note that only "Name", Author" and "Published" are
mandatory, "Genre" although technically optional is really strongly
recommended. Each of the other fields can be input as blanks and
input can be marked with wiki links (e.g. [[Author name]]).
Also any edition specific information should prefer the first edition
information if available. This can make use of Hardback and Paperback
1st editions.

'''''~title of novel~''''' is a ~novel genre(s)~ by ~author of novel~.
<!-- Expand the lead paragraph above to summarize the article. Briefly 
describe distinctive characteristics of the novel, major themes, awards, 
and notable adaptations. Do not make any statement that is not expanded 
later in another section of the article. See [[Wikipedia:Lead section]]
(WP:LEAD) for guidelines.

~Brief summary of the plot~

==Major themes==
~thematic description, using the work of literary critics (i.e. scholars)~

==Development history==
~history of the novel's development, if available 
(e.g., ''[[Things Fall Apart]]'')~

===Publication history===
~*year, country, publisher ISBN 1234567890, Pub date DD Month Year, binding~
<!--major publication history to be included here, not everything if too extensive-->
<!--*1999, US, C.S. Black & sons ISBN 8768768760, Pub date 1 April 1999, Hardback -->

===Explanation of the novel's title===
~Explain the novel's title if it's not immediately obvious 
(e.g., ''[[Things Fall Apart]]'')~

==Literary significance and reception==
~description of the work's initial reception and legacy based on the work of literary critics and commentators over 
the years, give citations; if no literary significance should just be called reception~

==Awards and nominations==
~lists awards the work received, and significant nominations, if applicable; include in reception if brief~

~references to major film, TV, theatrical, radio, etc. adaptations, if applicable~

~references to sources etc~
~include quotes or links to [ Wikiquote] here~

==External links==
<!--Link to, but don't include, reviews of the novel and other sources-->
<!--Links to websites about novel-->

[[Category:~year~ novels]]
[[Category:~country~ novels]]
[[Category:~genre~ novels]] or [[Category:Novels]]
[[Category:~language~-language novels]]

~Stub notice, if necessary~