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A list of novel articles to-be-written. See also wikipedia:requested articles.

In alphabetizing these, We have removed the words "A", "An" and "The" -- try not to let this lead to mistakes that will have to be fixed later (though, of course Pretenders should redirect to the Pretenders). This list is just something to start from and anyone should feel free to write about whichever novel(s) seems most relevant for our goal (to make an encyclopedia). Please add any novels you believe needs an article and delete anything from the list when it has a thorough article.

Requested articles[edit]

Wikidata Generated Lists[edit]

These are lists of articles generated with Wikidata, which represent potential articles about works which have articles on other wikis.


General articles[edit]

Articles that are descriptive and introductory to the novels of the genre in question. Some similar articles exist with slightly variant names that are more widely defined (such as "genre" literature) but these should deal with novels from these genre. Also note that some of these exist only as redirect pages and as such for a bit incomplete as "novel" articles.