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To make use of this template, please cut and paste the entire contents of the box below to your new article page, work your way through the article replacing fields between pairs of ~~ (tildes) with new information appropriate to the character being discussed (erasing the tildes in the process), and finally move the template at foot of this page (the single NovelsWikiProject line) to the article's talk page (which you may need to create to do this). Thanks.

Pattern template[edit]

<!--Character article template : developed by Temlakos. 
Submitted to WikiProject Novels. 
Adapted from WikiProject Novels article template, 
and from Ingermanson, Randall S., "The Snowflake Method of Writing a Novel",>

<!--Replace text within ~ squiggles (tilde) like these ~ with the specific information 
about the character. Please try to insert as much information as you can and then remove 
sections that are not relevant.-->

'''''~name of character~''''' is a [[Fictional character|fictional character]] in 
the novel '''''[[~novel article name~|~title of novel~]] by ~author of novel~.
<!-- If this character appears in a fictional series, link to that series. If the character 
appears in more than one novel that is not necessarily part of a series, list all novels 
in which this character appears. -->

==Character introduction==
~Character introduction~
<!--This should give some idea of this character's role in the work(s) cited. 
Limit this to one sentence.-->

===Explanation of the character's name===
~Explain the character's name if it's not immediately obvious. Even a "realistic" name 
can have a reason behind it beyond "it just sounded good to the author." Such a reason 
usually includes symbolic significance. 
If it has no such significance, specify "None known."~

==Character sketch==
~A broad statement of why the character does what he does and sets the goals that he sets.~
~Goals are much more specific than motivations.~
~With whom or what is this character in conflict in the course of the novel or novels?~
===Minor irritation(s)===
~What irritates this character to an extent that does not quite rise to the level of a conflict?~
~What does this character finally realize toward the end of the novel, and how does that 
affect the character's actions?~

==Biographical summary==
===Prior story===
~What happened to this character prior to any appearance in any novel of which he is a part?~
===Actions in "~title of novel~"===
~For each novel, state this character's detailed actions. Tell the story from this 
character's point of view.~

==Relationship with other characters in ~title of novel~ ==
~Name, and if possible link to, all other characters to whom this character is 
related in any way. This includes conflict, friendship, family relationship, 
or business, professional, or other association.~

==Major themes==
~thematic description applicable to this character~

==Literary significance and criticism==
~description based on the work of literature critics and commentators over 
the years, give citations~

==Allusions/references from other works==
~description of works that mention this character, if applicable~

==Film, TV or theatrical portraits==
~references to portraits of this character in film or TV, if applicable. 
Give title of film, date of release, and name of actor who portrayed this character. 
If the actor won or was nominated for an acting award for his portrait of this 
character, give details.~

==Sources, references, external links, quotations==
~references to sources etc~
~include quotes or links to [ Wikiquote] here~
<!--Link to, but don't include, reviews of the novel and other sources-->
<!--Links to websites about novel-->

~Stub notice if necessary~

[[Category:Characters in written fiction|~surname~, ~forename~]]

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