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WikiProject Novels/Crime task force
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Welcome to the Crime task force of the Novels WikiProject!


This task force seeks to create, improve, maintain, and provide a standard of consistency for articles about Crime, Detective & Mystery novels, novellas, novelettes & short stories as well as create a forum in which interested editors can work together to improve articles.

Article alerts[edit]

No Article alerts at this time.


If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to the efforts of this task force, please feel free to sign your name below with four tildes (~~~~). Also, if you have not already done so, we would encourage you to join our parent project, WikiProject Novels.

  1. Kevinalewis (talk · contribs), joined 8 February 2006
  2. Silverthorn (talk · contribs), joined 17 February 2007
  3. Barbara Osgood (talk · contribs), joined 4 March 2007
  4. Accounting4Taste (talk · contribs), joined 23 May 2007
  5. Rdgambola (talk · contribs), joined 28 July 2007
  6. Henry Merrivale (talk · contribs), joined 9 September 2007
  7. Escape Artist Swyer (talk · contribs), joined 9 September 2007
  8. Opark_77 (talk · contribs), joined 20 September 2007
  9. jtomlin1uk (talk · contribs), joined 9 January 2008
  10. Frao61 (talk · contribs), joined 3 February 2008
  11. MeegsC (talk · contribs), joined 22 February 2008
  12. Juru (talk · contribs), joined 30 April 2008
  13. Burntfingers (talk · contribs), joined 15 May 2008
  14. The man in the mask (talk · contribs), joined 26 May 2008
  15. Heslopian (talk · contribs), joined 5 September 2008
  16. RandyPng (talk · contribs), joined 27 October 2008
  17. Robin 05:13, 6 August 2011 (UTC)


If you are sympathetic to the cause of this project, but for whatever reason choose not to commit yourself to becoming a regular member, please feel free to show your support by signing the list below!:

Tagging articles[edit]

Any article related to this task force should be marked with "crime-task-force=yes" to the {{WikiProject Novels}} project banner at the top of its talk page (see the project banner instructions for more details on the exact syntax). This will automatically place it into Category:Crime fiction task force articles.

The resulting code is usually:

{{WikiProject Novels

Recognized content[edit]

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Featured content[edit]

Georgette Heyer

Good articles[edit]

Erast Fandorin • "The Murders in the Rue Morgue"

DYKs (Did You Know)s[edit]

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Formerly recognized content[edit]

Former featured articles[edit]

Former good articles[edit]


  • Tag articles!
  • Recruit more members!
  • Collaborate and join the discussions. If you know things, teach! (If you don't know things, Ask.)
  • Add new articles! There are plenty of crime, detective and mystery novels and shorter prose items still unaccounted for! Needed Articles
  • Expand articles (or merge if appropriate). All of these stubs would welcome further care and attention.
  • Start looking for featured articles and lists while getting familiar with and helping with assessment of prose fiction articles. Then add an "Articles" section to this project page.
  • Add things here!

Literature Portal[edit]

The Literature Portal requires regular input and is always seeking volunteers. Help us keep this portal at Featured portal status!

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