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This is a list of novel articles with infobox - but needing completing - if you complete an infobox please remove from this list.

  • Please do note that some of the items on this list may be completed and removed on Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/NovelsInCompleteInfobox, an autolist inspired by this list. (has over 1000 items).
  • Also in addition in the near future a new auto list may be made to find infoboxes missing images, which also seem to be part of the problem with articles listed on this list. (As a result there will be significant overlap)
    • If an article is removed on this list and not the autolist... the auto list will see that the problems had been fixed, and will remove the article from itself on its next run. This is not true the other way around (article removed from autolist, but not this list). Any questions can be brought up on any autolist's talk page.

You should find an {Infobox Book} for this purpose. To find full documentation for this look at [[Template:Infobox Book]] and notes on our usage of the infobox is at Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/ArticleTemplate

If there is no infobox please add it to /InfoboxNeeded. If you find an article with apartially complete infobox stick it here.

Consider placing {{WikiProject Novels}} with |incomp-infobox=yes on an article's talk page only in addition to adding articles to this list. Once placed like this the article will appear in the Category:Novel has incomplete Book infobox. You can have a look at this category to identify further articles that you might be able to help complete an infobox.





  • Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist - 1st edition cover needed (currently 1st edition illustration)
  • Norah E. Dunn - The Adulteress - cover needed, specific genre needed






  • C. S. Lewis - The Screwtape Letters Could use the first edition cover image, needs the ISBN number, needs page count for first edition, publisher, and a few other things.
  • C. S. Lewis - The Pilgrim's Regress needs page count for first edition, publisher, and a few other things.