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Instructions and Information[edit]

This list is generated from the "what links here" in Template:Infobox Book. In other words every article with a {{Infobox Book}} in it will be looked at. The criteria for inclusion on this list are:

  1. It is a novel (please realize I cannot control human error, particularly I can't control non-books in novel categories or sub-categories)
  2. The article does NOT have any one of the 8 following fields filled out in the {{Infobox Book}}.
  1. "name" (name of the novel)
  2. "author" (the guy (or gal!) who wrote the book)
  3. "publisher" (the company that publishes the book)
  4. "release_date" (The date that the book was first released)
  5. "genre" (just click the wiki-link Novels Genre list :)
  6. "country" (Not sure if this is author's home country; or if unclear, where the book was released)
  7. "language" (the language that the book was first published in)
  8. "isbn" (ISBN) ---- Is the ISBN field missing? Action if the first edition never had an ISBN enter "NA" as the input (ISBN is a mandatory field in the template)

Template:Infobox Book[edit]

It is absolutely essential that you report all false hits, it is almost a given that there will be more false hits than normal

  • Articles are sorted in alphabetical order
  • Please delete finished items... crossing them out makes it impossible to automatically sort this list!!! (unless you want to manually reorganize the list...)

Size History[edit]

1152, 1097, 1114, 1113, 1049, 1172

Things to Note[edit]

  1. The "isStub" and "isNotStub" are bold when the article has a stub tag, but is too large for it (more than 450 words, minus words in templates), or does not have a stub tag, and is too small (less than 450 words, minus words in templates).
  2. The words in purple indicate if the article needs to have a Category:YYYY novels added to it. Examples of this are: Category:1900 novels, Category:1955 novels, Category:1999 novels, Category:2004 novels, etc.
  3. Also on the words in purple: An completely new list will be created to list ALL articles missing a YYYY novels category. This list will include novels from all 3 current lists as well as novels that fit only this criteria, and none of the criteria of the other 3 lists. As a result this list will contain novels that are also listed in the other 3 lists, but it will also contain novels that are NOT included in any other lists.


  • List last modified by program on: 01:59, 6 October 2006 (UTC)
  • Total Number of articles: 1173

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First edition information for these books has been looked up on multiple search engines with no results or the information is not yet availabe.

  1. Chander Pahar;isNotStub(519), Publisher?, Release?,
  2. Children of Gebelawi;isNotStub(460), Publisher?,
  3. Eugene Onegin;isNotStub(2805), Publisher?,
  4. Jud Süß;isNotStub(631), Publisher?,
  5. Kama Pura: The City of Delights;isStub(150), Publisher?,
  6. L'Encyclopédie Du Savoir Relatif Et Absolu;isStub(273), Publisher?, Release?,
  7. La Terre;isNotStub(1239), Publisher?,
  8. Lautlos wie sein Schatten;isStub(165), Publisher?, Country?,
  9. Master of the World;isNotStub(570), Publisher?, published originally in ????
  10. Poor Folk;isNotStub(898), Publisher?, Russian 1846
  11. Prathapa Mudaliar Charithram;isNotStub(854), Publisher?,
  12. Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass;isStub(335), Publisher?,
  13. The Bridge on the Drina;isNotStub(1135), Publisher? yugoslavic 1945
  14. The Broken Commandment;isStub(108), Publisher?, Japanese 1906
  15. The Captain's Daughter;isNotStub(874), Publisher?, Russian 1836
  16. The Defense;isNotStub(812), Publisher?, Country?, ISBN? Russian 1930
  17. The Don Flows Home to the Sea;isStub(179), Publisher?, Russian 1940
  18. The Home and the World;isStub(282), Publisher?, Bengali 1916/1922
  19. The Idiot (novel);isNotStub(1381), Publisher?, Russian 1869
  20. The Saint in Pursuit;isStub(207), ISBN? none Found (Addall, ABE, Wcat, lc)
  21. The Saint on TV;isStub(306), ISBN? none found (Addall, ABE, WCAt, LC)
  22. The Solomon Key;isNotStub(778), ISBN? not yet published
  23. The Temple of the Golden Pavilion;isStub(295), Publisher?, Japanese 1956
  24. The White Guard;isNotStub(400) ISBN? (None found worldcat, LC, BL, Addall, ABe,)
  25. Un Sac de Billes;isStub(380), ISBN? none found (abe, worldcat, addall, etc.)
  26. Wings (novel);isStub(327), Publisher?, Russian 1913
  27. Young Bond Book 4;isStub(167), ISBN? not yet published
  28. Young Bond Book 5;isStub(230), ISBN? not yet published

False Hits[edit]