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Welcome to the resources department of the Novels WikiProject! This department focuses on aids to research and websites with information and material pertinent to article creation and improvement. By making this available together in one place we aim to help editors improve the quality of Wikipedia's novel, novella, novelette and short story articles.

n.b. throughout the entire page where the term "novel" is used this can be replaced with "novella", "novelette" or "short story".

Library catalogues[edit]


n.b. these cataloguing projects may not be as extensive as the heading might at first suggest.

National libraries[edit]

Regional libraries[edit]

Booksellers catalogues[edit]

n.b. these are sellers and the information provided is focused on that activity. They are known for the reliability of their information and should not be used as references and external links in articles. Al information found from these source should ideally be verified elsewhere.

New books (predominantly)[edit]

Second-hand books (predominantly)[edit]

Book artwork and illustrations[edit]

Trade Press websites[edit]

n.b. some of these have subscription elements.


Webpages with well written fiction reviews[edit]