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Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

Members are listed alphabetically.

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User name Talk page Nursing qualification Special interests or contributions Active
Aldrinv Talk BSN tiny contributions to Nurse's cap, Nursing pin, created article Nightingale's Environmental Theory Yes.
AriTotle Talk BSN Student NCLEX, NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, Cicely Saunders, Timeline of nursing history, Men in Nursing, among others as I stumble upon them. Yes
Avalik Talk Obstetrics, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Anatomy, Psychiatry and plenty of other areas. Yes
Barbara (WVS) Talk Nursing student, Wikipedia Visiting Scholar with the University of Pittsburgh Graduate nurse, Prioritization, medical editor/content creator, expanded the scope of the Nursing template Yes
Basie Talk B. Nursing, RN Paediatric Intensive Care Yes
Bullock Talk BSN, CEN, CCRN (Alumni) Emergency, Critical Care, Administration, Leadership, Military nursing Yes
Canticle Talk Psychiatric and mental health nursing, Forensic nursing, Nursing management, Nursing ethics, Orthopedic nursing, Rehabilitation nursing, Pharmacology, Substance abuse
CapFan Talk Staff Nurse - ICU (BA(Hons) RN) Intensive care nursing, Aeromedical transportation, Wilderness and remote medicine, Nursing education, Biomaterials, A&P, Nursing theory Yes.
EricEnfermero Talk RNC-NIC Neonatal intensive care, Nurse education, Staff development, Neonatal outreach education Yes.
Felixboy Talk Student Nursing education, Nursing Theory, Wound care nursing, Nursing history Yes.
FloNight Talk Obstetric, Gynecology, Public health, Medical sociology
Franciaio Talk RN BSN MSN MHA Nursing informatics, Telemedicine, e-Health, History of Nursing, Nursing management, Nursing school, Nurse education, Critical Care Nursing, Operating theater, Organ transplantation, Oncology nursing, Nursing in Italy (I'll create it asap ;-) ) Yes (Italy)
H2cm Talk RMN, RN, CPN(Cert), PGCE, PG(Dip)COPE. Conceptual Frameworks, Global Health, Hodges Model, Nurse education, Men in Nursing, Nursing Informatics Yes.
Jsfouche Talk BSN, MSN, RN, WHNP-BC, C-EFM Obstetrical nursing, Clinical nurse specialist, Nurse education, Men in Nursing, Nursing Informatics, AWHONN Yes.
Ks64q2 Talk BSN Student Men in Nursing, Pediatric nursing, Family centered care, American Nurses Association Yes, current BSN Student, former Navy corpsman
LynnMcCleary Talk BScN MSc PhD RN Gerontological Nursing, Geriatrics Yes
MagnoliaSouth Talk Alzheimer's, Geriatrics
Medicellis Talk BS, NREMT-P AAS, ADN Student Men in Nursing, Critical care nursing, Emergency nursing, American Nurses Association Yes Current ADN student, Full-Time Paramedic
MrBill3 Talk BSN, RN, ICU staff nurse at LI trauma center Critical Care, Trauma, Evidence based medicine, Emergency, Neuro Yes
Nightngle Talk Neonatal care, Hospice, Compliance & Quality
NYC*NursingProfessor Talk PhD, RN, CNE Nursing Education, current issues, mental health nursing, nursing workplace issues, nursing workforce issues Yes
Panthro Talk Nursing in the United Kingdom, Shock, Nurse, Nursing and Registered nurse. Interested in Emergency nursing and Coronary care nursing.
Richardjames444 Talk MSLIS Nursing Education, medical librarian, nursing research and evidence-based nursing Yes
rkmlai Talk RN Nursing for noncompetitive sporting events like Breast Cancer 3-Day, nursing in an ecovillage such as Lost Valley Educational Center (Camp nursing), and traditional nursing services in the areas of: Hospice (Hospice nursing), Emergency Department (Emergency nursing), Short Stay Surgery. Interest in Forensic nursing, Information Sciences (Nursing informatics), History of Nursing. Yes (in California and Oregon)
Rjensen Talk PhD (history) History of Nursing, History of hospitals, History of medicine; religion and nursing; nursing in wartime No
Robert Fraser Talk MN RN (Nursing informatics), History of Nursing, Nursing management, Nurse education and Critical Care Nursing Yes
Shelbypark Talk BApSc, RN, RPN Psychiatric and mental health nursing, Forensic nursing, Nursing management, Yes
Spin89 Talk BNurs, GradCertEmergNurs Emergency nursing and Nurse education Yes
Theredhouse7 Talk Nurse education, Certified Nursing Assistant
Vince Talk Psychiatric and mental health nursing, Nursing ethics Yes intermittently
WKC3 Talk RN, A.S. Neuroscience Nursing, Men in Nursing, Critical Care Nursing Yes ICU
Xadnder Talk ADN student men in nursing, Travel nursing, Nursing theory Yes
Tradimus Talk R.N. Midwife Lecturer [Nursing wikibook class project 2012], Seldom