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Some Wikipedians have formed a WikiProject to better organize information in articles related to the Okanagan Country region of British Columbia and Washington, in addition to their native people, and to help focus and coordinate collaborative work on them. We invite anyone to join.

Our project is designed to help collaborate a group effort in improving all articles related to the Okanagan and Okanogan regions, in addition its people. It is free for all and anybody can join, even if you are new to Wikipedia or just have not edited Okanagan or Okanogan-related articles before! You can help us out in small ways by just fixing a typographical error here and there or you could write extended information for related articles to the subject. You could even help cite things to help make all articles related to the Okanagan and Okanogan to prove that it is comprehensive and factual. Some of the core project goals are to maintain cited and comprehensive articles related to Okanagan and Okanogan to create a consistent and detailed look for each page.
Please refer to the talk page for discussions regarding major projects.
  • Article coordination, organization, and collaborations
  • Article creation, expansion, and maintenance
  • Article categorization
  • Article expansion to preferred standards
  • Article modeling on existing good and featured articles
To-do list[edit]
This list is transcluded from the project's to do page. To edit, click here

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
–When a task is completed, please remove it from the list.
No Article alerts at this time.

Recognized content[edit]
Featured articles (1)
Cscr-featured.svg Grand Coulee Dam  February 19, 2011
Good articles (7)
Symbol support vote.svg Washington State Route 213  August 18, 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Ryan Johansen  March 14, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg School District 53 Okanagan Similkameen  November 4, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Penticton Regional Airport  November 30, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Washington State Route 173  February 1, 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Washington State Route 17  February 11, 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Omak, Washington  March 21, 2013
Each WikiProject is in charge of assigning a rating and importance level to each article within their scope. Every member is encouraged to use the rubric designed by WikiProject Canada, so they may check each page occasionally, making sure the rating and importance still apply to the article in question. The rubric for importance typically is:
  • Low: Stub, start
  • Mid: C
  • High: B, B+
  • Top: GA, A, FA/FL

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Sister projects[edit]
A-Class review[edit]
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WikiProject Okanagan maintains an A-Class review, to recognize articles that meet the A-Class criteria. Full instructions are given at the review page, although the process is similar to featured article candidates. The goal of this process is to give nominators a taste of what the featured article nomination process is like—it is expected that if the article is approved for A-Class, it will be almost be ready for featured article status. We highly recommend going through the A-Class process with an article before featured article candidates, especially if you have never experienced the process before, as it will ease you into the process, and show you what to expect. Before nominating an article, please be sure to read all of the instructions provided at the review page.

Recent happenings[edit]
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WikiProject Okanagan
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A customized list of participants can be found at Category:WikiProject Okanagan participants. To become a member, add the following code to your user page: [[Category:WikiProject Okanagan participants]]. Or, if you wish to use our userbox, add {{User WP OKA}} to your user page instead as it includes the above wikicode. If you have just joined the project, please feel free to leave a message on the project's talk page. If you are just a fan of the region and enjoy it, then this userbox is for you!

TUIATO WikiProject Okanagan is addicted to Okanagan.

Active members are users that contribute to any Okanagan or Okanogan-related article, at least once a month. A member is given "semi-active" status, after not contributing for one month straight, and a member is given "inactive" status, after not contributing for three months. The following users are our project's member, with when they joined serving as the order's reasoning:

An asterisk (*) indicates semi-active status.

Original Barnstar Hires.png
Editors Barnstar Hires.png
These barnstars—a Wikipedia award given to show appreciation for others' work—may be awarded to those who make exceptional contributions to Okanagan or Okanogan articles, help out extensively with the Okanagan WikiProject, or have continually made an effort to revert vandalism on Wikipedia.

Tireless Contributor Barnstar Hires.gif Special Barnstar Hires.png Kindness Barnstar Hires.png

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