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Scolopendra cataracta
Schematic of the reconstruction of ancestral pollinators for plants.
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Schematic of a hypercycle, i.e. a set of molecules that replicate each other in a cyclic fashion.


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Openly licensed media indexed in PubMed Central in May 2013 by media type.
Schematic timeline of wiki-to-journal publication
A white fish with dark spots, Xanthichthys ringens.
  • January 19: An op-ed in the Wikipedia Signpost presents the Signalling OA-ness project to a wider audience and contains a demo of how it might fit with both the NISO recommendations and existing Wikimedia workflows for handling references, especially with signalling full text available via Wikisource, media via Wikimedia Commons and metadata via Wikidata.
A cake for Wikipedia's 13th birthday
  • January 15: On the 13th birthday of Wikipedia, two posts on the Wikimedia blog discuss access to the scholarly literature in the context of Wikimedia projects. The first one concentrates on The Wikipedia Library and its efforts to provide Wikipedia authors with read access to quality sources in order to improve and expand Wikipedia content. The second one focuses specifically on Open Access and how the Wikimedia and Open Access communities have interacted over the years. Both form part of the Wikimedia contributions to Copyright Week, a week of actions around copyright legislation, led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Logo of WikiProject Open Access
  • January 6: The NISO Workgroup on Open Access Metadata and Indicators have released a draft of recommendations for how to signal use and reuse rights of scholarly publications. These consist of a <free_to_read> tag intended to signal whether and when a publication is available publicly without a requirement for payment or registration, and a <license_ref> tag intended to point to a URI containing the licensing terms. The draft is open for public comments until February 4. Wikipedia:WikiProject Open Access is exploring how such signalling could work in a Wikipedia/ Wikimedia context.


Probability binning of flow cytometric data.
Cell populations in a high-dimensional mass-cytometry dataset.
Aptostichus angelinajolieae.
A spider water beetle.
A fetus inside another, after operation.
A spider on its web.
A glassy snail.
An Olinguito on a tree.
Female Hydrophylita emporos wasp hitchhiking on a female Psolodesmus mandarinus mandarinus damselfly.
Sigmoidal increase of oxyhemoglobin in dog blood as a function of the partial pressure of oxygen.
Wikimania Hong Kong logo
The beetle Cicindela marginata.
Idealized caricatures of virus phylogenies
Pairwise coevolution of a flowers and a butterfly
Piece of wood on sea floor, with organisms living on it.
A cicada laying eggs.
A red beetle.
Paedophryne swiftorum, a tiny little frog.
Portrait of Aaron Swartz
Approximate Bayesian computation conceptual overview
Pampa of Quebrada Yanachaga


Reconstruction of the heterodontosaur Pegomastax africana.

A male Lesula
A hook-like foot of a female Trogloraptor

A female Trogloraptor marchingtoni on the cave cailing
A female Semachrysa jade
The shell of an oblong rocksnail. Scale bar: 5 mm.
Alavaraphidia: Only known female.

Beluga, Weißwal (Delphinapterus leucas).jpg
  • June 12: Reuse of freely licensed images from Open-Access articles and Wikimedia projects is covered in the Signpost. Traffic stats.

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The editorial linked from the journal's homepage, with WikiProject Open Access banner on top
The first Topic Page at PLoS Computational Biology, with WikiProject Open Access banner on top
  • March 23: PLoS implement banner ads for WikiProject Open Access on all of their journals. Traffic stats.
A juvenile Brookesia micra on the head of a match.
Ice age fauna of northern Spain - by Mauricio Antón

A juvenile Brookesia micra on the head of a match.
'Paedophryne amauensis, the smallest known vertebrate.