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Bay Area WikiProject Open Barn Raising
Members of WikiProject Open got together online and in person to improve Wikipedia articles related to openness in education, on a Saturday in July 2014.

Wikipedians of all experience levels attended. We started with an hour of instruction and questions, and worked on Wikipedia articles throughout the afternoon.

Event details[edit]

Event is complete / registration closed

Part of the Barn Raising team, in front of the virtual "barn" we built!
  • Event: A Wikipedia "Barn Raising!" We worked to improve Wikipedia articles related to OER and openness in education.
  • When & Where: Saturday July 19, 2014, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Pacific Time); Impact Hub, Oakland, and online
  • Etherpad page (tool for real-time collaboration):
  • Hashtag for Twitter and social media: #oerbarn
  • Join the wikiproject: WikiProject Open team
Progress of our "wiki barn"!

To prepare for the event[edit]

We look forward to having you! Please do the following ahead of time, if possible:

  • If you do not already have a Wikipedia account, please create one.
  • Consider what topics or articles you might want to work on. Review the existing articles, and their talk pages, to determine what kind of work might be needed; and add the article(s) to our list below.
  • Reference materials, if you have them: books about education, bookmarks to important online resources, etc.
  • If you have any relevant digital photos (that you have taken, or that you know are freely available for use on Wikipedia) that you would like to use on Wikipedia, have them ready for uploading.

If attending in person[edit]

  • Bring a laptop if you can (we can provide a few if needed)
  • Or, if you don't have any of the above, just bring yourself :-)

If participating online[edit]

Schedule & Notes
What When Video
(full playlist)
Intro: Barn Raising & Writing Wikipedia Articles 11:00am
35 minutes
Lunch 12:15pm
Review who's in what group 12:45pm
8 minutes
First "State of the Barn" Check-in 1:30pm
5 minutes
  • Joyce created a user account
  • Eugene started a discussion
  • Terese made some minor edits/ grammar fixes to EdX
  • Cable added material to OER
  • Saehrimnir formated references
Second "State of the Barn" Check-in 2:30pm
7 minutes
  • Jade posted to Creative Commons talk page (weighing in on a bulk removal) and added Outline of open education to Categories:Outlines (thanks to Mike)
  • Randolph has added a substantial amount of text to Open Access and made edits on a variety of articles
  • Joyce added a section linking OER to other educational modes and movements to outline--adult ed, self-directed learning, distance ed, online ed, PLA (Prior Learning Assessment)
  • Joyce renamed Outline of open education to Outline of open educational resources
  • Bob created an OER category
  • Terese added to EdX article in intro paragraph and research paragraph, plus 4 references
  • Eugene fixed some references in EdX and copy-edited the text.
Wrap Up and Third "State of the Barn" Check-in 3:30pm
22 minutes
  • Rosa made some light edits and working on clarifying what constitutes as a MOOC and doesn't
  • Jade added CC license compatibility chart to WikiCommons
    This is a license compatibility chart when you want to combine or mix two CC licensed works. Created by Kennisland published under a CC0 license.
    Added CC license compatibility chart to Creative Commons license#Adaptation -- anyone know off-hand and can format it better?
  • Mike added a video about creating open ed. resources on OER
  • Saehrimnir made category updates on numerous articles OER Africa
  • Eugene implemented ideas on EdX Talk Page
  • Bob got positive feedback from another user not involved in event
  • See painted barn picture for more updates

Further event contribution notes[edit]

A few articles edited at the event not captured in the live updates above:

Some articles we may work on[edit]

This list will be honed by project participants in the run up to the event, with specific articles and sections identified beforehand. Please add your feedback and specific suggestions on the WikiProject talk page.

More specific tasks at

Tips for new editors[edit]