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Let's build WikiProject Open!

This page is intended as a space for "thinking through" what will create a thriving, productive, and self-sustaining WikiProject. To support that process we had several few planning calls in late 2013; notes on those can be found below.

More recently, there has been discussion on the project talk page, including some ideas about restructuring the main page to make it clearer what the WikiProject is and how it will work. Please add your ideas!


Initially those left over from OER barn raising below, and not mentioned elsewhere.

For any in-scope article:

  • Make sure article is tagged as in scope for WikiProject Open, see assessment.
  • If the article concerns a very broad topic, is its relevance to "open" or OER specifically adequately addressed in the article?
  • Does the article need a {{Copy edit}}?
  • Does the article need an {{External links}} cleanup?
  • {{Cleanup-bare URLs}} needed? The RefLinks tool can help!
  • For many articles there is a corresponding entry in many of which call out key concepts by excerpting sources which would make good references -- consider looking there for inspiration and relevant citations. Also see our resources list.

Existing Articles[edit]

Open educational resources

  • {{summarize section}} (Initiatives)
  • rename section International programs (if it were an accurate name would call for {{globalize}} but it's not)
  • {{Too many see alsos}}
  • Placement and formatting of logos ugly, especially as only images; maybe {{Image requested}}
  • The Open Access article seems significantly higher quality; maybe a step besides discrete tasks above is to summarize why, and then make a plan to bring OER up to OA level.

Open education

  • There are not too many see alsos, but selection seems poor
  • Already marked with a very long section, fix that
  • {{Unreferenced section}}
  • Already marked with distinguish from OER -- addressing this is key

Outline of open educational resources

  • Find some excellent outlines and determine what is lacking in this one

Open learning

  • Already marked with refimprove
  • {{Too many see alsos}}
  • {{incomplete}}
  • Distinguish from or explain how synonymous with open education

Open educational practices

  • Already marked with empty section
  • Seems abstract or manufactured: does there exist a free diagram to position with more familiar concepts (eg those above)? Perhaps {{Diagram requested}}

Open content

  • {{External links}} This is Wiley-centric, so perhaps his site should be an external link. Dmoz never impresses me as one.
  • See open license below re redirect.

Open textbooks

  • Some images of open textbooks might be appropriate, perhaps {{Image requested}}


  • Already marked with Globalize
  • OCWC is barely mentioned, and there are lots of things not strictly OCW included. Perhaps this should be split into an article about OCWC, and an article about OCW which spells out how that concept relates to OCWC, OER, MOOC, etc.

Open Access

  • Perhaps Altmetrics deserves at least a see also if not in-article discussion, traditional impact factor being such an oft-discussed barrier

Open educational resources policy

  • {{External links}} (some inline should be references)

Open license

  • Current redirect to Open content is suboptimal. Open Definition seems more accepted, though article doesn't exist; could be created (see below). Alternatively, redirect to Free license. Alternatively, create stand-alone article covering various definitions of open license.

FLOSS Manuals

  • Refimprove already noted
  • {{external links}}
  • {{improve categories}}

Learning management system

  • The last comment on the talk page requests a rewrite :)
  • LMSes are technically important for OER interoperability, modularity, reusability, etc.; figure out where and how that should be represented in Wikipedia

Learning Resource Metadata Initiative

  • {{incomplete}}
  • {{unreferenced}}


  • {{update}} (doesn't mention OERu)
  • Possibly add section about OER Foundation, or link to new article about same

Mountain Heights Academy

  • Created at OER Barn Raising event, a stub. Formerly Open High School of Utah.

Potential new articles[edit]

Probably these should be listed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Open/Requested articles; if that sounds good create/copy over to new page.

Some might be more appropriate as sections (or other addition to) and/or redirects to existing articles -- search for these first. The first task to find 1-4 solid sources to base an article on -- to search see the "find sources" links on our resources page.

20 Million Minds Foundation

Book Sprint

  • exists as an article for creation; needs more work before resubmitted for review

Open Definition

  • Possible target for Open license redirect above, or linked from that and related pages.
  • Possibly start as section of Open Knowledge

Open Education Policy

OER Foundation

Independent learning

India Open Resources for Education


Online education (e-learning)


Paris OER Declaration

Resource-based learning


South African Institute for Distance Education TEMOA

Virginia Open Education foundation

Wally Morrow



OER Barn Raising[edit]

OER barn raising held July 19, 2014.

2013 planning meetings[edit]

Lots of excellent notes below.

Topics for discussion[edit]

Participants (Tuesday 15 Oct-Wednesday 16 Oct meeting)[edit]

Please add your name if you plan to join us for the second planning call! (Tuesday evening in Americas; Wednesday daytime in Asia, Australia)

Participants (Thursday 17 Oct meeting)[edit]

Please add your name if you plan to join us for the third planning call (daytime for Americas, Europe, Africa)

Project name[edit]

The name WikiProject Open (like everything on Wikipedia!) is of course open to revision.

First planning call[edit]

We held a meeting Thursday 3 October 2013 at 15:00 UTC (time designed to appeal to Americas, Europe, Africa; but we ended up with participants from SE Asia, too!)


We kept notes on two Etherpads (the first one crashed, so we adjusted!)

Pete's writeup/synthesis/loose proposal for immediate steps

In our first planning call, we looked at examples of a number of different WikiProjects, and discussed the relative merits of various approaches. We also explored our strengths and problems within the "open" space:

  • Strength: we have highly specific, useful WikiProject pages about Open Access and about OER.
  • Problem: Discussion pages associated with OA and with OER do not have sufficient interaction to feel active and welcoming.
  • Vision: With minimal disruption to the substantive, non-discussion pages already in use, let's build some lightweight links to tie them together sensibly; but also take steps to push discussion related to these areas onto the same discussion page. Also, for the time being, let's encourage the use of the Wikimedia Open Access email list for a broader array of discussion topics than "open access" might suggest.
  • Caveat/explanation: Although it would theoretically be problematic to have too many discussions about different topics all colliding in the same place (whether it be a Wikipedia talk page or an email list), this is not a problem we have ever had to date. If in a few months we have this problem, we should consider that a mark of success of this project! and take steps at that time and not before to separate out discussions in a way that makes sense to active participants. (New email list, renaming of email list, new Wikipedia discussion pages, etc.)

Specific steps to take now:

  • Make no substantial changes to the WikiProject Open Access main page (beyond a clear link to WikiProject Open of some kind  Done)
  • Create WikiProject Open as a supplementary page, with a link to WikiProject Open Access featured very prominently ( Done, at least partially! See tabs above)
    • Change the redirect [[WP:OPEN]] to point to WikiProject Open  Done
    • Prominently list the Wikimedia Open Access email list as the primary email address affiliated with WP:OPEN, with a very clear and concise explanation of why the name doesn't match the WikiProject name, stating that topics relating to "open" with regards to publishing, education, etc. are welcome on the list
  • Through the use of redirects, make the discussion page for WikiProject Open Access, the discussion page for Communicate OER, and the discussion page for the Writing Wikipedia Articles class all point to [[WT:Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Open]] (with the shortcut [[WT:OPEN]]) -- so that we are generally all talking in the same place
    • Create a nice message at the top of the combined talk page that clearly explains what it is
    • Link to the archives from all 3 (now defunct) talk pages prominently at the top of [[WT:OPEN]])
  • Clearly communicate what we are doing and why to all related communities (i.e., free & open software, open data, open government…) -- a broader reach than those we are directly tinkering with, such as WikiProjects related to free/open source software, Linux, etc. Invite them to get involved with this if they want to, but do not pressure them to do so!

Format of first call[edit]

This will of course depend somewhat on how many participants we have.

  • Fishbowl: select about 4 experienced WikiProject members/leaders to talk through what should happen; after about 15 minutes, we can start circulating others into the discussion. After 40 minutes, we could open it up to general comments, ideas, and questions from everyone on the call.
  • Wide open format based on a written agenda of topics, with a facilitator to pick who speaks next
  • Other ideas?

Agenda for first call: overview/main goals[edit]

Etherpad for live notes during call:

At minimum, I suggest we should seek to address:

  • Should WikiProject Open Access convert to WikiProject Open and support all open efforts? (see talk page for further discussion)
    • there's been lots of interest for WikiProject Open access; not much active engagement
    • project has had some big successes and exemplary projects
    • no need to fork communities; people interested in one aspect of "open" are likely to support others
    • WikiProject Open Access already has WikiProject templates on every kind of article on "open", not just open access articles
  • continue as part of School of Open?
  • A consensus around a preferred name for the group (still subject to review in followup calls) (no objections, and a fair amount of buy-in, as of Oct. 9)
  • A draft shared vision for the group: what will it aim to accomplish, and how will we keep track?
  • A (published!) basic WikiProject page to start collecting these ideas (getting there! you're looking at it!)
  • A basic outreach plan: a few people commit to blog/tweet/otherwise promote upcoming meetings, etc.

Agenda: possible specifics to discuss[edit]

  • How to engage with related groups (e.g. WikiProject Open Access) - in partnership or in combination?
  • Continued collaboration with, part of School of Open
  • Navigation templates, categories, etc. -- structure (see "Outline of open education" or existing navboxes profiled at bottom of WikiProject Open Access for instance)
  • Communications: a monthly newsletter? Leverage related concepts like the OA File of the Day? A monthly "Edit Friday" or webinar to share our work with one another? Open Access mailing list:
  • Future of the Communicate OER content/WIKISOO class, and how to welcome and train new Wikipedians
  • Badges
  • Semi-formal roles? Advisory board?
  • Open Access track at Wikimania 2014: how to engage? (see: wm2014:Outreach/Open Access Advocates ) - one plan - get open access article in English to GA before spring 2014
  • "signaling open access" project (see: WP:WikiProject Open Access/Signalling OA-ness)
  • Cochrane Collaboration project at WP:COCHRANE
  • article in BMJ (?) - we need Wikipedia health numbers (like readership statistics?)
  • partnership with Open Society Foundation - possible sponsor of Wikimania OA track
  • partnership with Open Knowledge Foundation - managing Wikimania OA track
  • Collaboration of the Week (or month)
  • What page design for a WikiProject makes it the most inviting and useful?
  • "Open Policy" -- what is it? Creative Commons defines it one way, the UK government another. How to get at this in Wikipedia coverage?