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Are you new to Wikipedia, but have knowledge of – or an interest in – open access publishing, open educational resources, or other things open?


Are you new to Wikipedia, or to WikiProject Open? We look forward to working with you! lists some tasks to get you started with Wikipedia and WikiProject Open. Thank you for your interest!

Joining the project[edit]

Welcome! We think you'll like it here. These simple steps will get you started! Please let us know (on the "Talk" tab, above) when you've completed them!

  • Create a Wikipedia account - it's quick and easy, and you'll see a link back to this page.
  • Create your user page. Click your username, in red, at the top of the Wikipedia screen, and add a sentence or two about yourself.
  • Add your name to the Join the team page
  • Come say hi, and tell us a bit about what content interests you on Wikipedia, on our project talk page, and/or the Open Access email list (subscription info listed at the top of the talk page).

If you want more substantial help:

Getting to work[edit]

  • Explore all the tabs above, to get a feel for how the project is structured. Please leave any comments, questions, or suggestions on the project talk page.
  • Brand new to Wikipedia? A good place to cut your teeth is on the Community portal, which has a list of Articles for Improvement.

Thank you for your interest and your contributions!