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Below are the most common Oregon-related red links. These are articles that don't exist yet, but have been linked from at least three other Oregon-related articles (not including navigation template links). (Note, inclusion in this list is no guarantee that topics meet Wikipedia's standards for notability, so give that some thought before starting an article.)

Article name (number of WPOR links to it)


Redlink Alternates Notes
Bruce Cudd (3) Oregon Sports Hall of Fame; OGA bio
Mary J. Deits (3) Oregon Court of Appeals judge
John Erickson (Oregon politician) (3) Oregon Superintendent of Public Instruction
Joe Etzel (4) Oregon Sports Hall of Fame bio
William S. Fort (3) Oregon Court of Appeals judge
Ralph Kilbourne (4) Ralph L. Kilbourne (1) pioneer ship-building guy, Peoria Party dude
Daniel Lee (Oregon missionary) (3) nephew of the more famous Jason Lee (missionary)
Frederick Prigg (3) Provisional Government of Oregon
William L. Richardson (4) Oregon Court of Appeals judge
Herbert M. Schwab (4) Oregon Court of Appeals judge
Timothy Sercombe (3) Oregon Court of Appeals judge
Robert Shortess (5) Provisional Legislature of Oregon, Champoeg Meetings
Bill Witt (4) Served two terms in the Oregon House, 1999–2003; was the Republican nominee for a Congressional seat in 1996
Robert D. Wollheim (3) Oregon Court of Appeals judge


Redlink Alternates Notes
U.S. Route 97 Business (Klamath Falls, Oregon) (3)
Naito Parkway (3) Formerly known as "Front Avenue", renamed for local Japanese-American real estate developer Bill Naito
Adelsheim Vineyard (3)


Redlink Alternates Notes
Oregon Ballot Measure 2 (2000) (3)


Redlink Alternates Notes
Classroom Law Project (3)
Creswell School District (4)
End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (3)
La Creole Academy (5)
Oregon Law Institute (3)
Umpqua Academy (5)


Redlink Alternates Notes
Northwest Marine Iron Works (6)
Corvallis and Eastern Railroad (12) Corvallis & Eastern, Corvallis and Eastern, Corvallis and Eastern Railway, Corvallis & Eastern Railroad, Corvallis & Eastern Railway


Redlink Alternates Notes
Bear Lake (Oregon) many redlinks at this list
Muddy Creek (Oregon) many redlinks at this list
Muddy Creek (Marys River) (3)
Central Eastside Industrial District (8) [1] [2] [3]