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Welcome to WikiProject Organismal Biomechanics! This WikiProject aims to expand organise Wikipedia's collection of entries about biomechanics, predominantly at the level of the organism, but also including musculoskeletal tissues and organs.


This WikiProject is an offshoot of WikiProject Tree of Life

WikiProject Science.
WikiProject Biology
WikiProject Tree of Life
WikiProject Animals

As well as Wikiproject Physics, WikiProject Chemical and Bio Engineering and Wikiproject Anatomy.


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Criteria for inclusion[edit]

Any significant aspect of biomechanics is up for inclusion, including species-specific and obscure concepts. The only thing that is discouraged is data-dumps - discuss frog jumping, but don't actually specify that the ankle joint of Rana moves 120 degrees during the course of the jump.


At the current time, no overarching structure is needed - filling in information is more pressing. Please include references whenever possible, link new articles so they do not become orphans, and link all relevant pages back to this one.


Try to include as much information as possible, but make it accessible. IME, one of the great strengths of this field is the ease of accessibility by the layman. At the very least, be sure the intro section of the article contains a succinct, readable summary which is not overly technical.

How you can help?[edit]

  • Request a missing article here! You may have failed to find information about a subject related to biomechanics but still absent in Wikipedia. This is the place to request this project a new article.
  • Recruit members. Assist in public relations and outreach by recruiting editors interested in biomechanics to contribute to Wikipedia. Invite good editors to join us. There are good nonmembers working in biomechanics' articles. Invite them too!


Please add your name to the list and watch this page.

ChrisAndersonCham (talk · contribs) - Feeding biomechanics, muscle physiology, motor control.

HCA (talk · contribs) - Limbless locomotion, frog jumping, and muscle physiology.

Dger (talk · contribs) - Human biomechanics, motion capture, instrumentation and photography.

Rudolf.hellmuth (talk · contribs) - Continuum biomechanics.

Marci68 (talk · contribs) - Feeding Biomechanics, Motor control, Evolution and Development, Neuroscience, Brain evolution, Visual Perception.

NinjaTurnip (talk · contribs) - Locomotor biomechanics, muscle physiology, bio-robotics, mathematical modeling.

mad_runnerist (talk · contribs) - Enthusiastic, perhaps under-qualified contributor

Participant Userboxes[edit]

Please feel free to add these userboxes to your user page, signifying your participation in the project.

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{{User WikiProject Organismal Biomechanics}}
Muybridge horse jumping animated.gif This user is a member of WikiProject Organismal Biomechanics.

Project templates and categories[edit]


Place {{OBTalk}} at the top of an article's talk page. This will allow for assessment and make editors aware of the project.


At the moment, there are no distinct categories. This will change once the general articles are in less of a sorry state.


One day...


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