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This WikiProject is an attempt to better organize articles about Ottawa and Canada's National Capital Region. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page.

About this WikiProject[edit]


WikiProject Ottawa


This WikiProject aims primarily to establish a Community-driven Wikipedia standard for articles related to Ottawa and the surrounding region. As members of the community, we understand how important Ottawa and National Capital Region articles are to new users.


  1. Improve the quality of Ottawa-related articles.
  2. Expand the number of articles related to Ottawa and the National Capital Region in Wikipedia


The parent of this WikiProject is the WikiProject Cities.

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The articles listed below are WikiProject Ottawa articles that have had the most edits in the past 7 days. These pages might be undergoing significant changes or may need to be monitored for vandalism or edit wars.

5 edits Billings Bridge Shopping Centre
4 edits Bayshore Shopping Centre
4 edits Place d'Orléans
2 edits Immaculata High School (Ottawa)
2 edits Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
2 edits Aylmer, Quebec
2 edits Place du Portage
2 edits Clive Doucet
2 edits Greenbank Middle School
2 edits Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport

These are the articles that have been edited the most within the last seven days. Last updated 25 September 2018 by HotArticlesBot.


To join WikiProject Ottawa, edit this section and add *--~~~~ and any comments to the bottom of the following list of members.
*-- Flag of Canada.svg Earl Andrew - talk

  • -- v1i2n3c4e5 Know of lots of the small, rural towns.
  • --GreenJoe 20:35, 1 January 2007 (UTC)
  • --Flag of Canada.svgUser:AirCombat I live on Echo Drive, and I attend Glebe Collegiate Institute, I will be taking some better pictures for Wikipedia when spring comes around.
  • --Patricknoddy (talk · contribs)
  • --Flag of Canada.svg user:mqmpk Will try to help whenever possible
  • --Josh Hooch
  • --Lemonflash Current resident (Barrhaven)
  • --Xnuala
  • -- Flag of Canada.svg Davis160 Will help as much as possible.
  • --HeadSnap 3rd generation born and raised in Ottawa.
  • --ZenzenChigau Born and raised in Ottawa.
  • --Josepy
  • --RFBailey
  • --Hockeyalltheway25
  • --Pwnage8 Torontonian, but a big fan of the city and its sports teams. Would like to live here someday. Look forward to making contributions!
  • --User:Ducio1234
  • --User:Demetri1968 Raised in Ottawa, current resident. Will take photos and contribute to locally-based articles.
  • --User:M.nelson
  • -- Flag of Canada.svg Dekker - Resident
  • --Michaelkourlas
  • --D. Gordon E. Robertson (Professor at uOttawa, 25+ year resident, mainly interested in taking photographs of Ottawa and vicinity)
  • -- Flag of Canada.svg Akhil - Resident
  • --Moxy (talk) - portal guy!
  • -- Flag of Canada.svg Joe - Resident, current high school math nerd and trivia player.
  • -- Rick Henderson GGGG-Grandson of Philemon Wright, founder of HULL/GATINEAU; GG-Grandson of Andrew Leamy. Hope I can be of help with some corporate memory.
  • -- :pepper
  • -- Amarite1
  • -- Kathleen5454 - Resident, writer and editor. Will write and improve articles where required, and add images
  • -- Dmitri Lytov (talk) - a newcomer to Ottawa. I prefer translating articles about Ottawa into other languages, including my native Russian.
  • -- djblackwood
  • -- Maple_Leaf
  • -- Quiz1000
  • -- Flag of Canada.svg Chris - Resident of Ottawa for over 10 years. Student at local High School, grade 11. Will try to help where needed.
  • -- Fingal (talk) 17:41, 13 November 2012 (UTC)
  • -- Cepiolot
  • --MB-one - Liaison to other wiki projects (Commons, Wikidata, Wikivoyage, de.wikipedia)
  • Gregdox (talk) 07:33, 2 May 2015 (UTC) - Born, raised, and still lives in Ottawa. I will try and do my best to help improve this WikiProject.
  • --User:Socerb102 - Live half of the year in Ottawa since 2013, want to help since I love the city.

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You may place {{User WikiProject Ottawa}} on your user page to display the following userbox:

WikiProject OttawaThis user is a member of
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  1. Ottawa is the national capital of Canada, a nation historically rated #1 by the UN Human Development Index.
  2. Ottawa-Gatineau is the fourth largest Census Metropolitan Area in Canada.
  3. The National Capital Region is home to a vibrant and colourful history and population that should be brought to life in this living encyclopedia.
  4. Ottawa is home to a wide range of notable institutions and structures, including the Rideau Canal, recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  5. Ottawa has been named as one of "The Smart21 Communities" by the "The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)" for both 2006 and 2007. ([1])

Naming conventions[edit]

  • Places: as [[Bank Street (Ottawa)]] with a redirect from [[Bank Street]], or a disambiguation page if there is more than one place or thing with this name.
  • All OC Transpo stations: as [[Fallowfield Station (OC Transpo)]].
  • Cities: as their former official full names but recognized as part of Ottawa (their current status), i.e. [[Osgoode Township, Ontario]], [[Gloucester, Ontario]].
    • Neighbourhoods: Urban neighbourhoods are not disambiguated (example: [[New Edinburgh]]) unless another place exists in the world with the same name (example: [[Riverview (Ottawa]]). In this case, the pre-2001 municipality is used as a disambiguation. For rural villages like [[Greely, Ontario]], use ", Ontario" afterwards.
  • Embassies: as [[Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ottawa]] or [[Embassy of Iraq in Ottawa]] with a redirect from [[Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Canada]] or [[Embassy of Iraq in Canada]]. For an example see Category:Embassies and High Commissions in Ottawa.
  • Schools: as [[Brookfield High School (Ottawa)]] with a redirect from [[Brookfield High School]], or a disambiguation page if there is more than one school with this name. This does not apply to Colleges or Universities.


WikiProject Ottawa consensus is that the following criteria are sufficient, but not necessary conditions for notable articles:

  • Politics: Ottawa and Gatineau's Mayor and Councillors; Mayors of surrounding municipalities; other local politicians as secondary sources (e.g. media coverage) warrants
  • Roads: Roadways formally classified by the City of Ottawa as city freeway, arterial or major collector (Ottawa 2020 Transportation Master Plan, see roads in Maps 6 through 9)
  • Embassies and High Commissions: All primary national diplomatic missions to Canada.
  • (other subjects to be determined)



*Steffi DiDomenicantonio - Canadian Idol participant from Ottawa and École secondaire publique De La Salle



  1. Bytown
  2. Great Fire of 1900
  3. Stony Monday Riot
  4. Corktown
  5. Shiners' War


  1. Juno Awards of 2003
  2. Ottawa municipal election, 2006 This will need watching

City Services[edit]

  1. Ottawa Police Service
  2. Ottawa Fire Service
  3. OC Transpo


need articles for red links within each list:

  1. list of Ottawa neighbourhoods (lots to be done here)
  2. list of Ottawa mayors (former municipalities)
  3. list of Ottawa parks
  4. list of Ottawa roads
  5. list of Ottawa festivals


need articles for red links within each list:

  1. Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
  2. Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board
  3. Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario
  4. Conseil des écoles catholiques de langue française du Centre-Est
  5. List of schools in Ottawa

Buildings and structures[edit]

  1. List of Ottawa Buildings (only red link is List of Ottawa Mosques, see below)
  2. JetForm Park
  3. Some sort of map-chart with links to Ottawa buildings.
  4. List of Ottawa Mosques
  5. List of bridges in Ottawa (need articles for red links in here)
  6. Bayshore Shopping Centre (needs some clean-up)'
  7. Grace Hospital (Ottawa), now Grace Manor
  8. St. Laurent Shopping Centre
  9. Carlingwood Mall
  10. Les Promenades de l'Outaouais (Gatineau)
  11. Kanata Centrum
  12. Riocan Marketplace (Barrhaven) (currently redirects to Greenbank Road article)
  13. Nepean Sportsplex (if there is enough of historic and factual info)
  14. Ray Friel Recreation Complex huge now, should be lots of info (currently redirect to Orleans, Ontario)
  15. Constitution Square (Ottawa), with the tenants, construction projects and architecture probably there is enough to put down an article. - stub created Dec 14, 2008
  16. Gatineau City Hall
  17. Centre Hospitalier des Vallées-de-l'Outaouais more known as the CHVO or the Gatineau hospital
  18. Confederation Square
  19. Teron Station in Kanata. Looks like OC has officially included this into a Transitway Station, based on the new fall timetables. I may start this new article in a few days.
  20. Rideau Carleton Raceway. Very popular attraction in Ottawa.
  21. Bronson Centre - former school, now community centre and concert venue.
  22. Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge
  23. Canadian International Hockey Academy
  24. Bayne House Also known as Bayne-Morrison House, 40 Fuller Street, built 1828 (oldest house in Ottawa)

Community Organizations and Clubs[edit]

  1. Britannia Yacht Club
  2. Camera Club of Ottawa
  3. Minto Skating Club including famous skaters such as Jackson
  4. Nepean Sailing Club
  5. Nortel Retirees and former employees Protection Canada (NRPC)
  6. Ottawa Amateur Radio Clubs (there are more)
  7. Ottawa Bicycle Club
  8. Ottawa Curling Club
  9. Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club (redirects to Canadian Field-Naturalist)
  10. Ottawa Flying Club
  11. Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club
  12. Ottawa Kennel Club
  13. Ottawa Rowing Club
  14. Ottawa Ski Club
  15. Ottawa Vintage Radio Club
  16. RA Centre stub created December 16, 2008
  17. RA Photo Club
  18. Rideau Canoe Club
  19. Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association[3]
  20. Nepean Masters Swim Club[4]

Embassies and High Commissions[edit]

So are only the dozen or so remaining diplomatic missions in Canada notable while *ALL* of the ones in Washington D.C. are? STRANGE. eh?

  1. Embassy of Albania in Ottawa
  2. Embassy of Argentina in Ottawa
  3. Embassy of the Federal Republic of Austria in Ottawa
  4. Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ottawa
  5. High Commission of The Bahamas in Ottawa
  6. High Commission of Bangladesh in Ottawa
  7. High Commission of Barbados in Ottawa
  8. Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Ottawa
  9. Embassy of Belgium in Ottawa
  10. Embassy of Benin in Ottawa
  11. Embassy of Bolivia in Ottawa
  12. Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Ottawa
  13. Embassy of Brazil in Ottawa
  14. Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ottawa
  15. Embassy of Burkina Faso in Ottawa
  16. Embassy of Burundi in Ottawa
  17. High Commission of the Republic of Cameroon in Ottawa
  18. Embassy of Chile in Ottawa
  19. Embassy of Colombia in Ottawa
  20. Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Ottawa
  21. Embassy of Costa Rica in Ottawa
  22. Embassy of Côte d'Ivoire in Ottawa
  23. Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ottawa
  24. Embassy of Denmark in Ottawa
  25. Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Ottawa
  26. Embassy of Ecuador in Ottawa
  27. Embassy of Egypt in Ottawa
  28. Embassy of El Salvador in Ottawa
  29. Embassy of Eritrea in Ottawa
  30. Embassy of Estonia in Ottawa
  31. Embassy of Ethiopia in Ottawa
  32. Embassy of Finland in Ottawa
  33. Embassy of France in Ottawa
  34. Embassy of Gabon in Ottawa
  35. Embassy of Guinea in Ottawa
  36. Embassy of Guyana in Ottawa
  37. Embassy of Greece in Ottawa
  38. Embassy of Guatemala in Ottawa
  39. Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Ottawa
  40. Embassy of the Republic of Honduras in Ottawa
  41. Embassy of Iceland in Ottawa
  42. High Commission of the Republic of India in Ottawa
  43. Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa
  44. Embassy of Israel in Ottawa
  45. Embassy of Italy in Ottawa
  46. High Commission of Jamaica in Ottawa
  47. Embassy of Jordan in Ottawa
  48. High Commission of Kenya in Ottawa
  49. Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ottawa
  50. Embassy of Kuwait in Ottawa
  51. Embassy of Latvia in Ottawa
  52. Embassy of Lebanon in Ottawa
  53. High Commission of Lesotho in Ottawa
  54. Embassy of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in Ottawa
  55. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ottawa
  56. Embassy of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Ottawa
  57. Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar in Ottawa
  58. High Commission of the Republic of Malawi in Ottawa
  59. High Commission of Malaysia in Ottawa
  60. Embassy of the Republic of Mali in Ottawa
  61. Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in Ottawa
  62. Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa
  63. Embassy of Mongolia in Ottawa
  64. Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Ottawa
  65. Embassy of the Union of Myanmar in Ottawa
  66. Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ottawa
  67. Embassy of the Republic of Niger in Ottawa
  68. High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Ottawa
  69. Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Ottawa
  70. Embassy of the Republic of Panama in Ottawa
  71. Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay in Ottawa
  72. Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Ottawa
  73. Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ottawa
  74. Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Ottawa
  75. Embassy of Romania in Ottawa
  76. Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in Ottawa
  77. Embassy of the Republic of Senegal in Ottawa
  78. Embassy of Serbia in Ottawa
  79. Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa
  80. Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Ottawa
  81. Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Ottawa
  82. High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Ottawa
  83. Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Ottawa
  84. Embassy of Sweden in Ottawa
  85. Embassy of Switzerland in Ottawa
  86. Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Ottawa
  87. Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ottawa
  88. High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania in Ottawa
  89. The Royal Thai Embassy in Ottawa
  90. Embassy of the Republic of Togo in Ottawa
  91. High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in Ottawa
  92. Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in Ottawa
  93. Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Ottawa
  94. Embassy of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Ottawa
  95. Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Ottawa
  96. Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Ottawa
  97. Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Ottawa
  98. High Commission of the Republic of Zambia in Ottawa
  99. Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe in Ottawa

See also List of embassies and high commissions in Ottawa for other embassies and high commissions that need working on.


  1. Ottawa stubs

Photos needed[edit]

For Ottawa-related articles needing a photograph, use {{Image requested|in=Ottawa}} in the talk page, which adds the article to Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in Ottawa. You can help Wikipedia by uploading freely licensed photographs for these articles to Wikimedia Commons.

The Free Image Search Tool may be able to locate suitable images on other web sites.

The Image Existence Checker shows articles in this list that have images.

  • Looks like somebody uploaded an image from the Carling Avenue side. Is this good enough or do we want more photos?--MaerlynsRainbow (talk) 20:37, 2 November 2015 (UTC)
I will upload a new photo of Kent St. soon, this is just temporary. --Deenoe 21:53, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

Photos needing articles[edit]

Photos of Ottawa subjects that may be usable for articles.

Articles to improve[edit]

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  • {{Ottawa}}..To be placed at the "bottom" of Ottawa, Canada related articles.
  • {{Ottawa landmarks}}..To be placed at the "bottom" of Ottawa, Canada related articles.
  • {{portal|Ottawa}}...To be placed in the "see also" section of Ottawa, Canada related articles if appropriate
  • {{WikiProject Ottawa}}...First of two templates that may to be placed on talk pages of Ottawa, Canada related articles (only one template needed)
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Volunteer recognition[edit]

  • The Canadian Content Award
    This is for outstanding contributions to Canadian related pages on Wikipedia.
  • {{subst:The Maple Leaf Award| type=| --your text here--}} to award the Maple Leaf Award
A Barnstar!
The Silver Maple Leaf Award

Award for editors that contribute to Canada related projects and topics.


Check out the Ottawa-Gatineau WikiClub.

Articles for deletion[edit]

For previous Ottawa-related AfDs, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Ottawa/Articles for deletion archives. Please add completed AfDs to that page.


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  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
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  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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