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WikiProject Paintball


Welcome to the Paintball WikiProject! We are a group of editors who have come together to cooperatively improve Wikipedia's coverage of the sport of paintball. Please feel free to join.

Scope and goals

Goals The current project focus is to bring the Paintball article up to FA status. Please see the discussion on its talk page. Listed below are a number of tasks which members have felt to be beneficial toward that cause.

The goals of WikiProject Paintball are simple. In general, they are...

  • To improve the quality of the articles pertaining to paintball by creating, maintaining, expanding and polishing them;
  • To centralize the efforts of paintballing Wikipedians to improve the category;
  • To create an information base and reference base with which interested Wikipedians may maintain, create or improve paintball-related articles;
  • To create a central paintball image, video and audio base with which interested Wikipedians may utilize the full resources of paintball multimedia to improve paintball articles;
  • And finally, to exist as the focal point of paintball in Wikipedia as a whole.

Scope WikiProject Paintball's scope is also simple - Wikipedia's category of paintball, and any other articles which may mention it.

To do

Priority Tasks edit
1. Find sources for all articles to remove original research issues. Resist the urge to simply enter new information based on your own playing experience (this applies especially to strategy and role based articles).
2. Pages about paintball markers, unless very notable and well sourced, should be either merged back into the main company's page - or a page detailing the company's series of products. Having a single page for each marker model is too unwieldly and yields a lot of stubs.
3. Top priority articles should reach at least C class.


Please sign in here if you are interested in joining with a little note about yourself and what you plan to work on.

What I do: General article develpoment
What I do: Marker/General Article Development
What I do: General article development, editing, clean-up. Images, video, and more.
  • Raehl (talk · contribs) - 12-year sport veteran, woodsball, limited scenario, extensive tournament player and promotions experience. Doesn't know anything about modern paintball equipment.
  • Destructo_087 (talk · contribs)- Paintball player
  • The Editor 2 (talk · contribs) - I've been reading everything I can find for about two years. I play every oppertunity that arises, which hopefully will be at least once a month.
What I do: I'll be working mostly on the Woodsball and main paintball articles, but between that and the rest of my life, I hope I can actually get in some paintballing. :D
  • J-stan (talk · contribs) - Never even set foot on a field, but will do what i can in the woodsball sections.
What I do: Player positon articles development.
  • Wikidiego (talk · contribs) - Wannabe mechanical engineer. I know most about how markers work. Could help develop more in-depth marker pages?
  • PoohBear88 (talk · contribs) - Been around paintball for six years and websites for three. Love to and glad to help out.
  • supergeo (talk · contribs) - I have been in paintball for two and a half years and hope to help the expansion of paintball on wikipedia.
  • VegitaU (talk · contribs) - n00b PB player. Would like to get out and play more... anyways, I guess I'm part of this project now. I work mostly on the general article and the paintball equipment article. I've submitted many of the pictures as part of the equipment page.
What I do: General article development. Stock Class and Pump related article development
  • Astrogeek (talk · contribs) - Relatively new to paintball, but have been working with other veterans on my own course to improve tactics. Specializing in woodball and snipping.  :What I do: I am working to improve the paintball marker article
  • CameronB (talk · contribs) - Outlaw Woodsballer, grammar nazi, spelling nazi.
  • Firestorm540 (talk · contribs) - I've played paintball for about 6 years now and love all aspects of it. What I do: lurk about and help improve all paintball articles that I can.
  • Deflagro (talk · contribs) - Woodsball sniper, starting to play scenarios also. I'm gonna try and work on some of this now. I crossed my name out because I didn't do anything.
  • ryanyomomma (talk · contribs) - speedball. Played religiously for four years now (2003 - present)but been on hiatus due to military service. I play when I can. Current setup: Bob Long Timmy Alias, CP ASA, SP Freak Kit, Halo B w/Rip Drive, Pure Energy 4500psi CFT. I have experience with Angels, Autocockers (WGP, CCM 03' and 04'), Dye Matrix (LCD, DM4, DM6), and Phantom's. What i'm gonna do: make a page on the Bob Long Intimidator
  • Addison2008 (talk · contribs) - Avid paintball player. Mainly woodsball, hope to contribute any new info and make these paintball pages better.
  • Robinsucks (talk · contribs) - I've been playing since 1991 and in the professional leagues since 1998. I've worked at fields since 1995 and inside the industry since 1999 and even been a somewhat regular magazine contributor since 2005. I'd like to help wherever I can.
  • FayssalF (talk · contribs) - a fan and casual player. help (cleanup & general copy editing)
  • Thescenarioplayer (talk · contribs) - Owner of and contributing to the Paintball Tank page
  • Rfsjim (talk · contribs) - Australian Tournament speedball (we call it Sup'Air) player usually playing 7 man.
  • Vikedal (talk · contribs) - New Mexico Woodsball Player
What I Do: Article Cleanup, Tactics, And overall gameplay.
  • Metalover (talk · contribs) - Woodsball marksman and frequent player. Grammar and spelling enthusiast.
What I do: Woodsball marksman, Tactics, and overall cleanup.
  • N0tverycreative (talk · contribs) - I have played for six years. I am a ref at Skirmish USA and from that experience, I have knowledge about strategies and tactics about every type of paintball.
What I do: Cleaning up the Paintball Marker pages, and General Editing.
  • Jakesd41 (talk · contribs) - I ref at feilds and I repair guns. I also play every saturday and sunday. I have been playing 16 years now. I play forward and play sometimes with stoned assassins because they are my freinds. have played at huntington beach and millenium.
  • BostonReapers (talk · contribs) - I play tourney paintball, NEPL and capt a team
What I do: NPPL history & Speedball Positions Development

Coolkites (talk) 00:17, 2 June 2008 (UTC) - I edit all paintball articles wherever needed. I also edit for spelling. I Specialize in paintball strategys and tippmann markers. Please feel free to post me on my talk page. I recently captained and the 2008 T.E.T. scenario paintball game in beautifull Oregon.Reply[reply]

What I do: 'Create articles for premier players and for teams in the NPPL
What I do: 'Add small bits of information to existing articles, add tags or wiki links as needed. Currently tweaking Oklahoma D-Day page.
  • skydude33 (talk · contribs) - I plan to do many things for Wikipedia Paintball Articles incliding merging model pages to main pages, helping develop already made articles, and whatever anyone else i need to do.
  • Haole Boi 69 (talk · contribs) - I am an amature speedball player from Hawaii. I plan to do work on pretty much everything to do with paintball.
  • Neftaly (talk · contribs) - Airsmith. Player since ~00-01.
What I do: Article development

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