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The adopt-an-article programme within the WikiProject Pakistan lets you adopt an article in such a way that you take responsibility for keeping an article up to the standard. In no way does it mean that you own an article but that you will periodically check the article content to see if there are any NPOV violations or vandalism or just that the article needs copyediting or wikifying.

Note: Currently this programme is up for discussion at the project's discussion page. Join in for your suggestions.

How To Participate?[edit]

To participate in the adopt-an-article programme, you'd need to include the following code in the article's talk page. Remember the parameter you enter needs to be your username. This is how everyone knows you adopt the article.

{{WP Pakistan AaA|JohnDoe}}

The resultant box would appear as follows.

Now that an article is adopted, it doesn't mean that no one else can adopt it. Up to a number of six users can adopt an article by adding their names so forth.

{{WP Pakistan AaA|JohnDoe|JohnSmith|Mogambo}}

This is what becomes of the message box now.

Viewings Adoptions[edit]

All articles adopting can be viewed at the WP Pakistan AaA category page.