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Pakistani Cultural Heritage Edit Drive 2014 is now closed!

Pakistani Cultural Heritage - Edit Drive
Tomb of Tharo Khan in Sindh is a heritage site of Pakistan.

Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan, the national affiliate of Wikimedia, is organizing a small-scale online editing competition for Pakistani Wikipedians. The contest will be held throughout the month of July 2014 on English Wikipedia and will focus on cultural heritage sites of Pakistan including monuments, archaeological sites, places of worship, important buildings, forts, shrines, residences, stupas and mounds, etc.

  • Date: July 1st till July 31st 2014
  • Venue: Online (on English Wikipedia)
  • Participation eligibility: Any Pakistani Wikipedian
  • Registration: To participate in the event please add your name in Participants list below
  • Prizes: Wikipedia merchandise to top three contributors
  • Helpdesk: Ask your questions here


The edit drive covers a specific scope which includes:

  1. Creating new articles on cultural heritage sites in Pakistan. You can create articles on any of the sites mentioned in the lists here.
  2. Expanding the following region-wise lists of cultural heritage sites (i.e adding new entries and providing information about the existing ones);
Wikipedia merchandise for the top three contributors

This online activity aims to bring together experienced Wikipedians to work in collaboration on Pakistani cultural heritage articles. The aim of the drive is to expand the coverage of these articles on Wikipedia and to provide reliable and extensive information about them.


The top three contributors will be given a gift pack containing Wikipedia merchandise (T-shirts, pens, stickers, and badges).
Please note that the number of edits will not be counted, rather overall quality and quantity of information added will be considered for prizes.

Participants and Progress[edit]

Please add your Wikipedia username in the table below if you are participating in the competition, and update your contributions in your user-section in the edit drive entries.

Sr. No. Username Number of articles created Number of region-wise lists expanded (entries/sites added)
1 Farhan Khurram (contribs) 6 0
2 Captain Assassin! (contribs) 0 0
3 Ahsaniqbal_93 (contribs) 0 0
4 Faizan (contribs) 19 2
5 Tahirakram (contribs) 0 0
6 Rachitrali (contribs) 0 0
7 Fushan007 (contribs) 0 0
8 Mysoomro86 (contribs) 1 4
9 Abbasatif (contribs) 0 0
10 shakeelgilgity (contribs) 0 0
11 Arsalan Ghani (contribs) 0 0
12 WallahKhan (contribs) 0 0
13 Zeetec4 (contribs) 0 0
14 Jogi don (contribs) 0 0

Column 3: Please add the total number of articles you have created on the sites mentioned in the lists (start and stub class articles with adequate information are acceptable)
Column 4: Add the number of sites/entries for which you have provided addresses, coordinates, and other details in the region-wise lists mentioned in scope 2
It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure the edits are not copyright violations or closely paraphrased


- The participation in general was disappointing with only 12 editors signing up and 2 editors making contributions within the scope
- Total number of new articles created are 25
- No substantial changes/expansion were made in the existing lists

Wikipedia merchandise will be sent out to the two contributors