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This project page provides guidelines regarding the categorization of pharmacology-related articles.

How to categorize a pharmacology-related article[edit]


The full categorization scheme for pharmacology-related content may be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Pharmacology/Categorization/Scheme.
An ATC code to category conversion table is at Wikipedia:WikiProject Pharmacology/Categorization/Tables.

Guidelines for pharmacology-related category pages[edit]

All pharmacology-related categories should have a description placed at the top of the page discussing the scope and contents of the category. For more information on category descriptions, please see Wikipedia:Categorization for additional details. Editors may also note the following guidelines:


  1. ^ If a drug has multiple ATC codes, categorization into several subcategories of Category:Drugs by target organ system may be appropriate.
  2. ^ An ATC code to category conversion table is available to aid in this step of categorization.
  3. ^ Examples of drugs without ATC codes would be those that are under development or obsolete.
  4. ^ For example, within Category:Antifungals for dermatologic use the ATC code D01 article is categorized with a blank sort key.