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Welcome to WikiProject Physiology!

This WikiProject aims to better organize information in articles related to Physiology, and improve their overall quality. Please feel free to help, add yourself to the participants; or leave a message on the talk page!


This particular project supports all articles on human physiology and physiologists.

Getting started[edit]

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Article assessment[edit]


The physiological topic that an article relates to can also be set using the field parameter: {{WikiProject Physiology|class=Start|importance=mid|field=x}}

  • This allows us to provide easy-to-access lists to contributors and professionals and easily facilitate inter-project and intra-wiki collaboration.
  • The following values for 'field' are valid:
  • Unassessed articles are placed in this category.

Article alerts[edit]

Good article nominees

Peer reviews


Project banner[edit]

{{WikiProject Physiology}}

User template[edit]

You can add this banner to your page by inserting {{User WP Physio}} on your user page:

ECG Principle fast.gifThis user is a member of
WikiProject Physiology.
  • To invite other editors to this WikiProject, copy and past this template (with the signature):
  • To welcome new editors on physiology articles, copy and past this template (with the signature):


Startup goal:

  • To categorize and rate various physiology oriented articles


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