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WikiProject Plants
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The following assessment template is placed at the top of each plant-related article's talk page. The parameters are used to assess specific needs for individual articles and are used in the form:

{{WikiProject Plants|class=|importance=}}



An article's quality assessment is generated from the class parameter in the {{WikiProject Plants}} project banner on its talk page:

{{WikiProject Plants|class=???}}

The following values may be used for the class parameter to describe the quality of the article (see Wikipedia:Quality scale for assessment criteria):

FA (for featured articles only; adds articles to Category:FA-Class plant articles) Featured article FA 
A (adds articles to Category:A-Class plant articles) A-Class article A 
GA (for good articles only; adds articles to Category:GA-Class plant articles)  GA 
B (adds articles to Category:B-Class plant articles) B-Class article B 
C (adds articles to Category:C-Class plant articles) C-Class article C 
Start (adds articles to Category:Start-Class plant articles) Start-Class article Start 
Stub (adds articles to Category:Stub-Class plant articles) Stub-Class article Stub 
FL (for featured lists only; adds articles to Category:FL-Class plant articles) Featured list FL 
List (adds articles to Category:List-Class plant articles)  List 

For pages that are not articles, the following values can also be used for the class parameter:

Book (for Wikipedia books; adds pages to Category:Book-Class plant articles) Wikipedia Book Book 
Category (for categories; adds pages to Category:Category-Class plant articles) Category page Category 
Disambig (for disambiguation pages; adds pages to Category:Disambig-Class plant articles) Disambiguation page Disambig 
Draft (for drafts; adds pages to Category:Draft-Class plant articles)  Draft 
FM (for files; adds pages to Category:FM-Class plant articles) Featured media FM 
File (for files and timed text; adds pages to Category:File-Class plant articles)  File 
Redirect (for redirect pages; adds pages to Category:Redirect-Class plant articles) Redirect page Redirect 
Portal (for portal pages; adds pages to Category:Portal-Class plant articles)  Portal 
Project (for project pages; adds pages to Category:Project-Class plant articles)  Project 
Template (for templates and modules; adds pages to Category:Template-Class plant articles)  Template 
NA (for any other pages where assessment is unnecessary; adds pages to Category:NA-Class plant articles)  NA 
??? (articles for which a valid class has not yet been provided are listed in Category:Unassessed plant articles)  ??? 


Plant articles:
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The bar below is a color-coded representation of all Project:Plant related articles, grouped by classes within the quality scale detailed lower on this page.

Quality scale[edit]

WikiProject article quality grading scheme

Additional class used in this WikiProject:

Taxon-specific quality guidelines[edit]

(DRAFT, please edit and discuss)

WikiProject Plants has some project-specific guidelines for quality levels related to taxon pages (species, genera, families, and others) to better streamline the categorization of these types of articles by their quality. The current guidelines are in draft as of January 2019 so please edit and discuss:


  • Only a sentence or two of information
  • Few or no references
  • Often lack images (but having a photo does automatically upgrade an article from stub to start)

To be a start the article should have:

  • Taxobox (preferably automatic taxobox or speciesbox)
  • List of descendant taxa
  • Basic description of its appearance (morphology)
  • Basic description of its distribution and habitat
  • Conservation status, if relevant
  • Reference at least one secondary scholarly source that goes beyond simply verifying that the species is valid

Also helpful but not required to be a start are:

  • Image or illustration
  • Basic taxonomy, etymology, including synonyms listed in the taxobox, common name(s)
  • Touch on any subjects that are particularly relevant to the taxon, e.g. horticulture, agriculture, culture, etc., more of which are listed at the WP:PLANTS Template in detail

For many plants, having all of the information above may be all that is known about the species, and could already qualify it for C-class. Generally, in addition to the above, a C-class article should contain:

  • Image or illustration if available
  • Detailed description of appearance
  • Detailed distribution and habitat
  • Taxonomy, phylogeny including fossil record, subdivision, etymology, vernacular/common names with source language(s)
  • Known synonyms
  • One or more of the following if relevant (see WP:PLANTS Template for more detail on each):
    • Phytochemistry
    • Taxonomy
    • Ecology
    • Conservation
    • Toxicity
    • Uses
    • Culture

See criteria in the table above. Mainly, that it is well-written, formatted, and "does not contain obvious omissions or inaccuracies". It particular, it should cite and address the key findings in all the important secondary sources for the taxon.

GA / A / FA
See criteria in the table above.

Importance scale[edit]

An article's importance assessment is generated from the importance parameter in the {{WikiProject Plants}} project banner on its talk page:

{{WikiProject Plants|importance=???}}

The following values may be used for the importance parameter to describe the relative importance of the article within the project:

Top (adds articles to Category:Top-importance plant articles)  Top 
High (adds articles to Category:High-importance plant articles)  High 
Mid (adds articles to Category:Mid-importance plant articles)  Mid 
Low (adds articles to Category:Low-importance plant articles)  Low 
NA (adds articles to Category:NA-importance plant articles)  NA 
??? (articles for which a valid importance rating has not yet been provided are listed in Category:Unknown-importance plant articles)  ??? 

The importance parameter should be assigned according to the importance scale below.

The criteria used for rating article importance are not meant to be an absolute or canonical view of how significant the topic is. Rather, they attempt to gauge the probability of the average reader of Wikipedia needing to look up the topic (and thus the immediate need to have a suitably well-written article on it). Thus, subjects with greater popular notability may be rated higher than topics which are arguably more "important" but which are of interest primarily to students of botany.

Note that general notability need not be from the perspective of editor demographics; generally notable topics should be rated similarly regardless of the country or region in which they hold said notability. Thus, topics which may seem obscure to a Western audience—but which are of high notability in other places—should still be highly rated.

Assessment logs[edit]

See the plant articles by quality log (currently broken; last updated October 2018).

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