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The monthly Plant collaboration is a coordinated effort by WikiProject Plants to improve Wikipedia's plant-related content. Being a member of WikiProject Plants is not a prerequisite for participation in this collaboration (nor, conversely, is participation here a requirement for membership in the WikiProject). All Wikipedians, regardless of their level of expertise in the subject area, are welcome to contribute. There are many plant articles in particular that have very large articles because of their complexity. These may be better worked on in a collaborative manner, rather than by a single editor, in attempting to reach Featured article status.

Aside from the main benefit of creating better plant articles on Wikipedia, it is hoped that a successful initiative will: a) Attract new editors to work on the Project; b) Improve the writing skills of existing editors; and c) Demonstrate the value of collaboration on Wikipedia. The ultimate goal of the Plant Collaboration is to get at least one plant or botanical article featured every couple of months.


How to nominate:

  1. Any user may nominate an article for collaboration
  2. Place your nomination below in the Current proposals section, and state why the article's being nominated. Please sign all entries with four tildes ~~~~


  1. Nominations should be about any plant or a directly plant-related topic (including prehistoric ones)
  2. Articles should not be in any edit conflict or be under page protection
  3. Articles are chosen monthly per user votes

Current proposals[edit]

September 2012 proposals[edit]

September 2012 votes[edit]

Pen & Earth Previous collaborations[edit]

  • A list of past collaborations can be viewed here.

August 2012[edit]




July 2012[edit]




June 2012[edit]



May 2012[edit]



April 2012[edit]



  • Flowering plant – Attempting to revive this collaboration, adding this for April 2012, in lieu of no other proposals. Northamerica1000(talk) 10:16, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

Books Articles[edit]

List of large articles with potential to reach GA or FA status[edit]

  • Carnivorous plant
  • Nepenthes rajah (Currently a Good article, as of April 2012)
  • Pollination - Needs references and a bit of polish to be GA
  • Seed - Well structured; needs additional info and citations
  • Flowering plant - quite comprehensive, needs to be rejigged a bit organisation-wise to make more accessible for reader.

List of high-priority stubs[edit]

Please strike an item on the list when it is no longer a stub.

List of plant articles with a surplus of photos and relatively little text[edit]

These are good candidates for DYK expansions, especially if under 150 words or so. Please remove an item from the list when its text has been expanded.

Top-priority plant articles[edit]

Plant articles by quality statistics
Unassessed Low Mid High Top

Related collaborations[edit]

The WikiProject Horticulture and Gardening collaborations are:
Pieskowa Skała ogród zamkowy.jpg
To propose future collaborations, please contribute here!

Plant COTM history[edit]

As of April 2012, attempts are being made to revive this collaboration. The collaboration was previously active in April to June 2008, with only one article (Ginkgo biloba) selected and worked upon, and garnered insufficient interest/momentum to keep going at that time.