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Welcome to WikiProject Porto!


  • To include & update Porto related content on the English Wikipedia
  • To facilitate & encourage translation of existing Portuguese articles from regional wikis
  • To attract Portuense editors to the English WP and work together on articles and copyediting


To do[edit]

  • Keep the Porto Metro articles up to date, as the lines are opening and expanding rapidly. Also create articles for notable stations, with at least a photo and something useful to say as minimum criteria for creation. (Example: Trindade (station))
  • Create / translate / expand articles on Porto parishes and places. (Example: Paranhos, Porto)
  • Create / translate / expand entries for surrounding towns. Again, with photos and / or something interesting to say. Portuguese pages to be translated can be found here and here for starters. (Example: Rebordosa)
  • Monitor existing Porto pages for accuracy and standard of English.
  • Add photographs to existing pages.
  • media link on english page is pointing to parades .. should be Paredes. 20141225

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Project news[edit]

*I've proposed that Grande Área Metropolitana do Porto be moved to Greater Porto, please check the article talk page and give your opinion. Page moved.

  • List of Porto metro stations has been redirected to the main Porto Metro article, as it contained no separate information and there is no point in maintaining two lists, especially given the pace of change in the metro at the moment.


Add this template - {{WikiprojectPorto}} - to the talk pages of articles in this project:

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This user is a member of the
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You can place this on your user page by inserting {{User WPPorto}}. It will also include you in Category:WikiProject Porto participants. Alternatively use {{User WPPortoname}} to show your username in place of "This user".


I've created the following template:

please change its layout if you want, I'll continue creating the parish articles, feedback about them is welcome. I also plan to create a similar template to all the municipalities in the country, if you can help, do it. Thanks! Afonso Silva 11:38, 3 May 2006 (UTC)

Hi! This is not parishes in the sense we use in Portugal, these are "freguesias". Porto has many more parishes. I don't know for sure, but I think they are 28.For ex. Ramalde has the parishe of Ramalde proper and N. Sra. da Boavista, Cedofeita has Cedofeita and Carvalhido, Campanhã has Campanhã and S. Pedro de Azevedo and so on.

ACamposPinho 22:53, 15 June 2006

The articles about the parishes of Santa Maria da Feira, one of the municipalities in the metropolitan area, are being created. Afonso Silva 14:05, 3 July 2006 (UTC)

The parishes of Vila Nova de Gaia can be accessed here:

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