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The Private Equity WikiProject Task Force is an inter-project task force created to cleanup, categorize, reference and create private equity related articles. The task force is affiliated with WikiProject Finance, WikiProject Companies and WikiProject Biography.

The scope of this project includes private equity related concepts, investors and firms.

For purposes of this task force, private equity should include all of the major sub-categories: leveraged buyouts, venture capital, mezzanine capital, growth capital, secondaries, infrastructure and distressed securities.


Direct experience with private equity or finance is encouraged but not required to be a member of this task force. For a full list of the members, see Private Equity Task Force participants.

If you are interested in joining the Private Equity Task Force, you can place following userbox on your user page:

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Users are welcomed to start working on any of the projects on this page or suggest a new project. Also feel free to invite new members by placing the following invitation on their talk page:


Article Alerts[edit]

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See also: WikiProject Finance Article Alerts

To Do[edit]

  • Please add new things that need to be done!
  • Tag all articles under the scope of this task force
  • Continue Tag all articles under the scope of WikiProject Companies, WikiProject Finance and WikiProject Biography, as appropriate based on the type of article.
  • Create articles for notable firms
  • Create infoboxes for existing articles
  • Add one of the three appropriate private equity templates to pages based on subject type (concept, firms, people)
  • Many PE firm infoboxes use the "assets = " tag, rather than the more accurate "aum = " tag. Please correct any that you come across.

Private equity firm articles to be created[edit]

Leveraged Buyout[edit]

Please use this model in creating articles about leveraged buyout firms.

"Start Level" Article Already Completed

Mezzanine Capital & Distressed Securities[edit]

Please use this model in creating articles about mezzanine capital and distressed securities firms.

Venture Capital[edit]

Please use this model in creating articles about venture capital firms.

Fund of Funds, Secondary Funds and Royalty Funds[edit]

Please use this model in creating articles about private equity secondary market firms and fund of funds.

General PE & VC articles[edit]

Fixing Stubs[edit]

Stub articles in the private equity area are being tagged with one of the following:


A general stub for private equity and venture capital related articles. Should include stub articles on private equity concepts as well as private equity stubs that have not been categorized into one of the other two stub types.

A list of private equity stubs is located here.


A stub for private equity and venture capital firms. A list of private equity firm stubs is located here.

Stub articles may also be designated as {{US-private-equity-company-stub}} (for US firms) or {{UK-private-equity-company-stub}} (for UK firms). These stubs will appear in the same list of private equity firm stubs.


A stub for private equity and venture capital firms. A list of private equity investor stubs is located here.

Tagging Articles[edit]

Tagging articles will help the members of the task force focus their efforts on the articles that need special attention and will alert other editors that there are individuals with interest and expertise in this specific area.

Please place this tag,
{{WikiProject Private Equity}}
in the talk page of articles under the scope of this task force. The template will produce this...

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This article is within the scope of the WikiProject Private Equity Task Force, a collaborative effort to improve the depth of quality and coverage of the private equity and venture capital industry and related topics in Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the project and see a list of open tasks.

This task force seeks to collaborate with the following WikiProjects:


The following is a model for use in creating articles about private equity firms.

The following templates have been created for use in private equity related articles. Please add the appropriate template to each article type
For Private Equity Concepts use: {{Private equity and venture capital}}

For Private Equity Firms use: {{Private equity firms}}

For Private Equity Investors (people) use: {{Private equity investors}}






Establishing Notability[edit]

The coverage of the private equity industry has historically been lacking content and articles on Private Equity Firms have suffered from issues of notability. One of the purposes of this task force is to help editors to distinguish notable topics from the noise. In working with the larger Wikipedia community, the Private Equity WikiProject Task Force should help answer the following questions:

  • Has this firm or investor completed any notable investments? Criteria can include investment size, notability of the companies acquired/funded. Notable firms tend to receive coverage in major publications when they complete transactions.
  • Is this an "emerging manager"? Most notable firms should have been in existence for a reasonable period of time or should have a notable predecessor (e.g., CCMP Capital, Terra Firma Capital Partners).
  • How much capital does this firm / investor manage? This can be a good metric with which to evaluate notability, particularly for leveraged buyout firms (less so for venture capital firms). A good rule of thumb would be that unless there is some other mitigating factor, buyout firms which have raised less than $750 million in their last fund or have less than $1 billion under management are likely going to have difficulty establishing notability.
  • Does a firm / investor have an institutional investor base? If a firm's capital base is comprised exclusively of high net worth individuals, in addition to likely failing on one of the above factors.

It is also necessary to be aware of the current WP:NCORP guideline, which has recently become considerably more restrictive about which sources are considered usable to show notability. It is possible that some frequently used source in this area will no longer be considered acceptable for this purpose.


Please use this overview of private equity information sources and bibliography prepared by Harvard Business School professor Joshua Lerner. His advice is that most of the best information consists of primary sources (news articles) related to individual investments made by private equity firms.

Web Resources[edit]

Books on Private Equity Concepts[edit]

  • Grabenwarter, Ulrich; Tom Weidig (2005). Exposed to the J Curve: Understanding and Managing Private Equity Fund Investments. London: Euromoney Institutional Investor. ISBN 1-84374-149-0.
  • Schell, James M. Private Equity Funds: Business Structure and Operations. New York: Law Journal Press, 1999.

Books on Private Equity History[edit]

  • Ante, Spencer. Creative capital: Georges Doriot and the birth of venture capital. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2008
  • Bruck, Connie. Predator's Ball. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1988.
  • Gladstone, David J. Venture Capital Handbook. Rev. ed. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1988.

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