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The goal of WikiProject Probability is to help in the improvement of articles related to probability theory and to probability more generally. There is a related project, Wikipedia:WikiProject Statistics that deals with statistics. While many will feel there is considerable overlap between these two fields of study, it is also clear that many potential participant will have no strong interest in the non-mathematical aspects of statistics, while many others will have no interest in the more technical parts of probability theory that are unnecessary for statistical data analysis.

This project's talk page should be a good place for non project members to discuss Wikipedia's general content about probability, and probability theory in particular. Comments on particular articles should ideally go on those articles' talk pages, by the project's talk page might be used to call attention to such discussion.

Articles now already exist for a wide range of probability topics, as evidenced by the list of probability topics (which is incomplete). Attention is needed to bring these in line with Wikipedia:Manual of Style (mathematics), with concerns ranging from the formatting of mathematics to the need to provide some initial content for articles that will be understandable by a general readership: see WP:LEAD.


This WikiProject aims primarily to organize articles in probability theory (mathematical probability), but it is also concerned with more general articles on probability, applications and related fields.

When contributing new articles which are related to probability please add a probability category: see subcategories ofCategory:Probability and Category:Probability theory. This enables us to identify, and hence review and add to each other's contributions. Articles which are biographies of mathematicians involved with probability are generally not included in "topic categories", but may be found at Category:Probability theorists and list of probabilists.

The main issues for the project are the following ones:

  • Bringing stubs up to a reasonable standard. There are always plenty of pages that are definition-only or that only indicate that a topic exists with no other information. Motivation, examples and particularly references and citations are often needed: see Category:Probability stubs for those that are marked as requiring expansion.
  • Developing important articles into good expositions. As anyone who teaches the subject knows, the gap between stating some true facts, and really putting over a topic, is quite large. Here we can consider also the need to add history and proper attributions.
  • Expanding coverage to bring the subject up-to-date. This is a huge task, so the main requirements are patience and determination. In particular a lot of work is still needed to bring the more advanced material up-to-date, so expert contributions are to be encouraged.
  • Keeping track of relevant articles, by listing, categorising and assessing them.
  • Identifying hoaxes and other incorrect or unattributable material.


The mathematical content of articles should follow the recommendations stated by the Wikipedia:Manual of Style (mathematics). The project is concerned with a large number of articles relating to probability distributions and it is sensible to adopt a common structure for the content of these, so far as is reasonable: an outline of the suggested structure is presently available via this link to a project subpage.

Review and assessment[edit]

WikiProject Mathematics has a well-established sub-project for assessing articles at WikiProject Mathematics/Wikipedia 1.0 that tabulates articles tagged with {{maths rating | field=probability and statistics}}. Full details are at WikiProject Mathematics/Wikipedia 1.0/Probability and statistics.

The above summarises both mathematical probability and mathematical statistics articles. Other potentially useful fields instead of "probability and statistics" are: "mathematical physics" for topics in statistical mechanics; "mathematicians" for biographies.


Please feel free to add (or delete) your name below, and to indicate any areas of particular interest. You may also wish to add {{User_WP_Probab}} to your User page, which will add your name to Category:WikiProject Probability participants, and cause the following to appear on your user page.

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Note that, given that the project has been inactive for a long period, all old entries in the list below have been deleted.


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See also WikiProject Mathematics/Editor resources

The following are particularly helpful regarding mathematics, but note that valuable articles need not be dominated by mathematics.

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