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WikiProject Professional Wrestling
Professional wrestling as a whole is under general sanctions
Welcome to WikiProject Professional wrestling. This project was formed in March 2005 to better organize information in articles related to professional wrestling. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please see the to-do list.

Scope and goals[edit]

  1. To create and edit featured article quality professional wrestling articles on Wikipedia, with the intent of making Wikipedia an accurate and valued reference for pro wrestling information.
  2. To keep articles encyclopedic in nature.
  3. To establish a uniform style for wrestler biographies, wrestling events and wrestling promotions.

Project forums and subpages[edit]

  • Project talk page – General discussion about the WikiProject and its articles.
  • Members list – List of members participating in the WikiProject.
  • Style guide – Style guide to creating professional wrestling articles established by consensus among participants of this WikiProject.
  • General sanctions - The project's general sanctions page.
  • To-do list – A list of things that need to be completed.
  • Templates – Infoboxes, template messages and navigation boxes for use in WikiProject related articles.
  • Assessment – Assessment of articles by quality and importance.
  • Newsletter – The newsletter of WP:PW
  • Stub articles – The project's stub article expansion.
  • Library – Hard copy references held by members of the project.
  • Deletions – List of current wrestling-related deletion discussions.
  • Cleanup listing – The project's cleanup backlog.
  • Article alerts – Alerts on articles related to professional wrestling.


Anyone interested in joining and participating in this WikiProject is free to do so. Just add your user name to the members list. Optionally, you may also indicate your participation in this WikiProject by adding the following onto your user page:


The WikiProject Professional Wrestling Barnstar is awarded to users who make outstanding contributions in the field of professional wrestling and wrestling entertainment, or contribute significantly to WikiProject Professional wrestling.

Introduced by GIGGAS2 and designed by Vjmlhds.

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WikiProject Professional Wrestling {{subst:The Professional Wrestling Star|message ~~~~}}

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