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Below is a list and forum for all past, present, and future tasks. Major tasks will also be listed in the opentask template. Moreover, if you wish to add something to this list, please do.

Remember to strike off accomplished tasks!

This page will be archived when necessary; strikes off options will be moved, but items proposed or still in progress will not.


Creation tasks[edit]

Articles to be created[edit]

Lists to be created[edit]

List entries to be created[edit]

Pictures to be uploaded[edit]

Major editing tasks[edit]

Articles/lists to be expanded[edit]

(See Category:Stub-Class Punk music articles and Category:List-Class Punk music articles)

Articles that need sources[edit]

Articles that need to be wikified[edit]

...per WP:WIKIFY

Articles that need major cleanup[edit]

Copyvios, copyedits, point of view, and so on.

Articles that could be split[edit]

Current articles/lists Split into Comments

Articles that could be merged[edit]

Current articles Merge into Comments

Articles to be moved[edit]

Please see each article's talk page to support or object.

Articles being reviewed[edit]

Minor improvement tasks[edit]

For peer review, good article, or featured article status.

Other tasks[edit]

Articles for Deletion[edit]

Please vote on the following Articles for Deletion based on your Wikiphilosophy and beliefs. Consider merging the articles into a suitable list.

Problem editors[edit]


There are many articles that are within the project's scope that have not been assessed for quality or importance. Please go to Category:Unassessed Punk music articles and Category:Unknown-importance Punk music articles, look at the articles, and rate them according to the assessment scale. When adding new articles to the project using Template:Wikiproject Punk music, remember to fill in the "class" and "importance" parameters so that the article will be properly categorized according to its ratings. Our goal is to have these Unassessed and Unknown-importance categories always be empty.