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A project for Wikipedians implementing QRpedia.

Want to get started? See our user guide.


  1. To encourage and assist the implementation of QRpedia by outside organisations
  2. to record those organisations' use of QRpedia on the talk pages of articles about them
  3. to document QRpedia on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, etc.
  4. to assist in resolving bugs and issues, and the development of QRpedia


The following issues are being discussed:

Case studies[edit]

See our case studies. For more general coverage, see below.


See outreach:QRpedia#Coverage.

URL formats[edit]

QRpedia shortlinks have URLs like:,_Monmouth


  • en is the Country Code for the Wikipedia instance
  • Shire_Hall,_Monmouth is the article name in that language

QRpedia automatically detects the user's language and redirects them to a Wikipedia article in their language. A French user clicking on,_Monmouth would be taken to and a Russian user scanning the same code would go toШайр-Холл_(Монмут)

This means the above URL could also be written asशायर_हॉल for the Hindi Wikipedia.

QRpedia images have URLs like:,_Monmouth 


  • size=800 is the image size in pixels
  • e=L sets the eve of error correction (Low or High); use High for codes displayed outdoors
  • download=Shire_Hall is the file name of the image when downloaded


Statistics for a given page can be found at e.g.:

Note that qrwp is site #2 in the statistics database (the idSite parameter above). It's a separate site to qrpedia, which is #1.


User templates[edit]

Place this template on your user page:

It will appear like this:

QR code for QRpedia.png This user is a member of
WikiProject QRpedia.

Article talk page templates[edit]

Add one of these to the talk pages of articles, thus:

They will appear like this:

WikiProject QRpedia
WikiProject icon The organisation featured in this article uses QRpedia. For further information, please see WikiProject QRpedia.
WikiProject QRpedia
WikiProject icon This article is linked to by one or more organisations, using QRpedia. Statistics are available. For further information, please see WikiProject QRpedia.



Bugs and feature requests[edit]

If you have any requests for improvements, or have noticed any bugs, please report them using the QRpedia bug tracking system. That way we can all track everyone's requests, and see what others have asked for before duplicating them.


Adding Roger's script to your user pages will put a "create QR code" link in your toolbox.