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This is a style guide for redirects in the English Wikipedia. The ultimate goal of the guide is to have every redirect categorised in a standard format, as well as to have every main-namespace (article) redirect categorised as either printworthy or unprintworthy. Printworthiness becomes important when a printed edition of Wikipedia is published, for example in CD-ROM format. For more information, see the documentation on the {{R printworthy}} and {{R unprintworthy}} template pages and Wikipedia:Printability.

Redirect statements, which should start at the beginning of the first line of the redirect source, should follow the format:

#REDIRECT [[Target article name#Anchor]]

Replace "target article name" with the name of the article that is the desired target (including an optional anchor, if required). The target should be the exact name of the target, including correct casing, otherwise it may create a double redirect, a broken link, or some other problem. Use the same casing for the first character of the target as the target page, although this will not affect the working of the redirect. Although wikisyntax allows spaces and underscores to be used interchangeably, to avoid confusion and for easier maintenance, use spaces and underscores exactly as they are used in the target page title and anchor.

The redirect statement should appear all on one line or it will not work properly. Other elements such as redirect templates may appear after the redirect statement however.

Other common elements[edit]

In addition to the redirect statement itself, the source for a redirect may contain other elements such as redirect templates, the optional {{DEFAULTSORT}} tag, redirect categories, and interwiki links (and {{rfd}} if the redirect is nominated for discussion or {{db}} if speedy deletion is required).

Adding redirect templates[edit]

Redirect categories should be added with redirect templates and not as regular categories. The templates should be placed in alphabetical order to avoid disputes over the order. Do not substitute redirect templates. Redirect templates can be added in two ways: individually or grouped.


Individual redirect templates can appear anywhere after the redirect statement itself. Generally however they are added before any categories. The old requirement that redirect templates should appear all on the same line as the redirect statement is no longer true.

#REDIRECT [[Target article name#Anchor]]

{{Some redirect template}}
{{Another redirect template}}

[[Category:Some category]]
[[Category:Another category]]

Redirect templates can also be added individually or up to five together with the This is a redirect template (see below).

Multiple additions[edit]

Alternatively, redirect templates can be added with {{This is a redirect}}. If the redirect does not fit into any redirect categories, add {{This is a redirect}} without any parameters and the page will automatically be categorised into Category:Miscellaneous redirects.

#REDIRECT [[Target article name]]

{{This is a redirect|Some redirect template|Another redirect template}}

[[Category:Some category]]
[[Category:Another category]]

A comparison of the two styles may be found at This is a redirect/Comparison.

Hidden categories[edit]

Most of the categories populated by redirect category templates (Rcats) are hidden categories. Hidden cats cannot be seen by viewers who are not logged in, nor by editors who have not set their preferences to view hidden cats. So if you have tagged a redirect with an Rcat and saved the redirect, but you cannot see the category, the first thing to check is if you have set your preferences to view hidden cats:

  1. Go to Preferences → Appearance
  2. Scroll down to Advanced options
  3. Check the box Show hidden categories
  4. Click Save

You may need to purge your browser cache to ensure that you can see hidden cats in the future.

File redirects[edit]

When Rcats are used to categorize image-file redirects, the category(ies) may not appear on the redirect page after saving even if preferences are set to view hidden cats. Yet the image-file redirect will still populate the category(ies). For example, in the Category:Redirects from moves at the bottom of the page under section heading Media in category "Redirects from moves", a file redirect has been correctly categorized, and yet the categories from {{Redr|move|short}} may not appear on the redirect to file page. Hidden categories on image-file redirects can also be detected by clicking on "Page information" in the Tools.

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