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Category:Religious texts[edit]

(17 articles) - Religious text; Guru Sikhya Sahib; Ayvu Rapyta; Buddhavamsa; Copyright on religious works; Dulmat Rites; Funerary text; Jade Record; Merseburg Incantations; Modern pseudepigrapha; The Parson's Handbook; Pericope; Popol Vuh; Pseudepigrapha; Tablet (religious); Tract (literature); What Does the Bible Really Teach?;

Category:Abrahamic texts[edit]

(5) - Creation according to Genesis; Fear and Trembling; Fundamental Beliefs of the Iglesia ni Cristo; Names for books of Judeo-Christian scripture; Revelation of Arès;

Category:Bahá'í texts[edit]

(33) - Advent of Divine Justice; Bahá'í Administration (book); Bahá'í literature; Epistle to the Son of the Wolf; Fire Tablet; Foundations of World Unity; Four Valleys (Bahá'í); Gems of Divine Mysteries; Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh; God Passes By; Hidden Words; Kitáb-i-Aqdas; Kitáb-i-Íqán; Lawh-i-Tibb; List of writings of Bahá'u'lláh; Long Healing Prayer; Paris Talks; Secret of Divine Civilization; Seven Valleys; Some Answered Questions; Summons of the Lord of Hosts; Tabernacle of Unity; Tablet of Ahmad (Arabic); Tablet of Visitation; Tablet of the Branch; Tablet of the Holy Mariner; Tablet to Dr. Forel; Tablet to The Hague; Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh; Tablets of the Divine Plan; The Dawn-breakers (book); Will and Testament of `Abdu'l-Bahá; World Order of Bahá'u'lláh;


Category:Bábí texts[edit]

(5) - Arabic Bayán; Bayán (exposition); Persian Bayán; Selections from the Writings of the Báb; The Dawn-breakers (book);

Category:Christian texts[edit]

(204) - 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith; 3 Enoch; Acta Triadis Thaumaturgae; Acts of Barnabas; Acts of Paul; Acts of the Apostles (genre); Additions to Daniel; Agrapha; Apocalypse of Paul; Apocalypse of Peter; Apocalypse of Stephen; Apocalypse of Thomas; Apocrypha; Apocryphon of James; Apocryphon of John; Apostolic Church-Ordinance; Apostolic Constitutions; The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ; Arabic Infancy Gospel; Missal of Arbuthnott; The Archko Volume; Articles of Religion (Methodist); Athanasian Creed; Banned from the Bible; Banned from the Bible II; Benedictional of St. Æthelwold; Biblical canon; Blickling homilies; Book of Armagh; Book of Common Prayer; Book of Concord; Book of Confessions; Book of Deer; Book of Dimma; Book of Enoch; Book of Homilies; Book of Nunnaminster; Book of Order; Book of Prophecies; Book of the Penitence of Adam; Books of the Bible; Thieleman J. van Braght; Bruce Codex; Canons of Dort; Canons of Hippolytus; Canons of the Apostles; Christian Classics Ethereal Library; Christian literature; The City of God; Codex Calixtinus; Codex Marianus; Commentary on Job; Confession of Faith (United Methodist); Confessions (St. Augustine); Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan; Consilium de Emendanda Ecclesia; Contra Errores Graecorum; Coptic Apocalypse of Paul; Corpus Reformatorum; Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium; Cotton Genesis; Daemonolatreiae libri tres; Daily Light on the Daily Path; Deutsche Messe; Development of the Christian Biblical canon; Development of the New Testament canon; Development of the Old Testament canon; Dialogue of the Saviour; Didache; Doctrina Jacobi; Dominus Iesus; Domostroy; Drogo Sacramentary; Durham Cassiodorus; Elpis Israel; English Apocalypse Manuscripts; English Missal; Epistle of Barnabas; Epistle of the Corinthians to Paul; Epistle to the Laodiceans; Epistles; Epistles of Clement; 2 Esdras; Exegesis; Exhortation and Litany (1544); Expositio in Matthaeum Evangelistam; Expositiuncula in Ioannem Evangelistam; Exposito en Brevis in Lucam; Fayyum Fragment; Filioque clause; First Apocalypse of James; Fragment on the Arab Conquests; Book of Genesis; Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter; Gospel; Gospel Book Fragment (Durham Cathedral Library, A. II. 10.); Gospel of Barnabas; Gospel of James; Gospel of Mary; Gospel of Matthias; Gospel of Peter; Gospel of Truth; Gospel of the Hebrews; Gregory the Great, Pastoral Care (Troyes, Bibliothèque Municipale, MS 504); Gregory, Moralia in Job (British Library, MS Additional 31031); Hexapla; Homiliarium; Index Librorum Prohibitorum; Infancy Gospel of Thomas; Inscription of Abercius; Jacques Paul Migne; Jesus Sutras; Jewish-Christian Gospels; Josephus's Discourse to the Greeks concerning Hades; Gospel of Judas; Kairos Document; Kitab al-Huda; Lection; Letter to Flora; Libellus; Liberian Catalogue; Libri Carolini; List of Biblical commentaries; List of Gospels; The Liturgical Year; Liturgy of St James; Lutheran Book of Worship; The Lutheran Hymnal; Lutheran Service Book; Lutheran Worship; Maecenas Foundation; Magdeburg Centuries; Magnalia Christi Americana; Malleus Maleficarum; Man of Sorrows; Mar Saba letter; Martyrdom of Polycarp; Martyrs Mirror; Missale Aboense; Morgan Beatus; Muratorian fragment; Non-canonical books referenced in the Bible; Nostra Aetate; Novgorod Codex; Of Exorcisms and Certain Supplications; On Christian Doctrine; On the Detection and Overthrow of the So-Called Gnosis; Oxyrhynchus Gospels; Oxyrhynchus hymn; POxy 658; POxy 1464; POxy 2990; POxy 3035; POxy 3929; Paedagogus; Panarion; Pastoral Care; Pastoral letter; Philokalia; Physiologus; The Pilgrim's Progress; Pistis Sophia; Plenarium; Polycarp's letter to the Philippians; The Praier and Complaynte of the Ploweman unto Christe; Proslogion; Protrepticus; Pseudepigrapha; Q document; Revelations of Divine Love; Roman Catechism; Sanctuary of Sorrow; Second Apocalypse of James; Second Treatise of the Great Seth; Secret Gospel of Mark; Secretum (book); The Shepherd of Hermas; Epistle to Diognetus; Sic et Non; Sister Catherine Treatise; Sources Chrétiennes; Stromata; Summa Theologiae; Summa Theologica; Sunday Services; Syriac literature; Table of books of Judeo-Christian Scripture; Testament of Adam; Testaments; Testamentum Domini; Testimony of Truth; The Four Gospels; The perpetual virginity of Mary; Third Epistle to the Corinthians; Thirty-Nine Articles; Torah; Unknown Berlin Gospel; Verbal inspiration; Verona Orational; Vienna Genesis; Wisdom literature; Wordless Book; You're Special; Zabur;


(9) - Apocalyptic literature; Apocrypha; Banned from the Bible; Banned from the Bible II; Biblical apocrypha; Jewish apocrypha; The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden; Neaniskos; Pseudepigrapha;

New Testament Apocrypha[edit]
Old Testament Apocrypha[edit]

Category:Apostolic Fathers[edit]

(13) - Apostolic Fathers; Didache; Epistle of Barnabas; Epistles of Clement; Ignatius of Antioch; Martyrdom of Polycarp; Papias; Polycarp; Polycarp's letter to the Philippians; Pope Clement I; Quadratus of Athens; The Shepherd of Hermas; Epistle to Diognetus;


Category:Bible Code researchers[edit]

(5) - Bible code; Michael Drosnin; Grant Jeffrey; Lord's Witnesses; Eliyahu Rips;

Category:Biblical manuscripts[edit]

Category:Book of Common Prayer[edit]

(13) - Book of Common Prayer; Book of Alternative Services; Book of Homilies; Common Worship; Compline; Custodian of the Standard Book of Common Prayer; Evening Prayer (Anglican); Morning Prayer; Prayer Book Rebellion; Prayer Book Society of Canada; Sarum Rite; Sunday Services; Thirty-Nine Articles;

Category:Book of Concord[edit]

(14) - Apology of the Augsburg Confession; Apostles' Creed; Athanasian Creed; Augsburg Confession; Body of Doctrine; Book of Concord; Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod; Formula of Concord; Luther's Large Catechism; Luther's Small Catechism; Nicene Creed; Smalcald Articles; Template:Book of Concord; Treatise on the Power and Primacy of the Pope;

Category:Nicene Creed[edit]

(3) - Comparison of Nicene Creeds of 325 and 381; English versions of the Nicene Creed in current use; Source-language versions of the Nicene Creed;


(8) - Catechism; Baltimore Catechism; Catechism of the Catholic Church; Heidelberg Catechism; Luther's Large Catechism; Luther's Small Catechism; Westminster Larger Catechism; Westminster Shorter Catechism;

Category:Christian Science texts[edit]

(6) - Authorized King James Version; Christian Science Hymnal; The Destiny of The Mother Church; Manual of The Mother Church; Prose Works other than Science and Health; Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures;

Category:Christian confessions, creeds and statements of faith[edit]

(41) - 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith; 28 Fundamentals; Apostles' Creed; Articles of Faith; Articles of Faith (Latter Day Saints); Articles of Religion (Methodist); Assemblies of God Statement of Fundamental Truths; Athanasian Creed; Augsburg Confession; Adventist baptismal vow; Baptist Faith and Message; Belgic Confession; Book of Concord; The Cambridge Declaration; Canons of Dort; Chalcedonian Creed; Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy; Confession of faith; Directory for Family Worship; Dordrecht Confession of Faith; Ecumenical creeds; The Family: A Proclamation to the World; Guanabara Confession of Faith; Heidelberg Catechism; Helvetic Confessions; Helvetic Consensus; Lausanne Covenant; A New Creed; Nicene Creed; Old Roman Symbol; Reformed Christian confessions of faith; Savoy Declaration; Schleitheim Confession; Scots Confession; Statement of Faith of the United Church of Christ; Tetrapolitan Confession; Thirty-Nine Articles; Three Forms of Unity; Westminster Confession of Faith; Westminster Larger Catechism; Westminster Shorter Catechism;

Book of Concord[edit]
Nicene Creed[edit]
Category:Works of the Church Fathers[edit]

(8) - Confessions (St. Augustine); First Apology of Justin Martyr; On the Detection and Overthrow of the So-Called Gnosis; Paedagogus; Protrepticus; Stromata; The City of God; The perpetual virginity of Mary;

Category:Christian narrative[edit]

(3) - Biblical storytelling; Christophany; Messiah;

Category:Christian historical writings[edit]


Category:Books of Christian biography[edit]

(4) - Eikon Basilike; Foxe's Book of Martyrs; Through Gates of Splendor; Jeanne de Jussie

=Category:Christian hagiography=[edit]

(46) - Hagiography; Acta Sanctorum; Acta Sanctorum Hiberniae; Acta sanctorum in Selio; Acts of the Martyrs; Adamo Abate; Addai; Doctrine of Addai; Ausgewählte Akten Persischer Märtyrer; Bridle of Constantine; Crucifixion; Golden Legend; Heiligen-Lexicon; Kalendarium Manuale Utriusque Ecclesiae Orientalis et Occidentalis; Katherine Group; Kirchliches Handlexikon; Les Martyrs d'Égypte; Les Petits Bollandistes; Les Vies des Saints de Bretagne; The Lesser Eastern Churches; Lives of the Irish Saints; The Lives of the Irish Saints and Martyrs; Saint Longinus; Martyrdom of the Holy Queen Shushanik; Martyrologium Hieronymianum; Martyrology; Martyrology of Usuard; Menaea Graeca; Menologium der Orthodox-Katholischen Kirche des Morgenlandes; Old English Martyrology; Patericon; Philomena; Rictius Varus; Saint Mari; Samuel of Dabra Wagag; Sequence of Saint Eulalia; South English Legendary; Synaxaire Arabe-Jacobite; Synaxarion, das ist der Heiligen-Kalendar del Koptischen Christen; Synaxarium; Syrian Martyrology of Rabban Silba; Saint Telemachus; The Lives of the Saints (Baring-Gould); The Saints of Georgia; Vita Ansgari; Wetzer und Welte's Kirchenlexicon;

==Category:Christian hagiographers==[edit]

(24) - Ælfric of Eynsham; Ardo Smaragdus; François Baert; Jean Bolland; Bollandist; Alban Butler; Caesar of Heisterbach; John Colgan; Charles De Smedt; Hippolyte Delehaye; Faustinus of Brescia; Godfrey Henschen; Luigi Lippomano; Odo of Glanfeuil; Osbern; Daniel Papebroch; Petrus de Natalibus; Reginald of Durham; Pedro de Ribadeneira; Heribert Rosweyde; Stephen of Liège; Sulpicius Severus; Laurentius Surius; Symeon Metaphrastes;

Category:Modern Christian historical writings[edit]

(2) - Through Gates of Splendor; The Two Babylons;

Category:Patristic historical writings[edit]

(5) - Chronicon (Eusebius); Eusebius of Caesarea; Socrates of Constantinople; Sozomen; Theodoret;

Category:Christian fiction and allegory[edit]

(47) - Agapeland; Angels & Demons; Archives of Anthropos; Barlaam and Josaphat (book); Biblical speculative fiction; Bicycle Hills; The Castle of Perseverance; Chester Mystery Plays; The Children of Men; Christian drama; Christian literature; The Chronicles of Narnia; Cipher in the Snow; Dream of the Rood; Everyman (play); The Faerie Queene; The Great Divorce; Hinds' Feet on High Places; The History of the Fairchild Family; In His Steps; Left Behind: Eternal Forces; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; The Magic Bicycle; Morality play; Mystery play; Noye's Fludde; The Only Game in Town; Out of the Silent Planet; Paradise Lost; Paradise Regained; Perelandra; Piers Plowman; Piers Plowman tradition; The Pilgrim's Progress; The Pilgrim's Regress; The Prince (novel); The Second Shepherds' Play; The Seven Sleepers (series); Shadowmancer; The Shadowmancer Returns: The Curse of Salamander Street; Spirit Flyer Series; That Hideous Strength; The Third Part of the Pilgrim's Progress; The Toy Campaign; The Transmigration of Timothy Archer; Wakefield Cycle; York Mystery Plays;

Category:Christian fiction[edit]

(16) - Babylon Rising; Between Heaven and Hell (novel); Black (novel); Blink (novel); Christ Clone Trilogy; The Ezekiel Option; Heaven's Wager; The Oath (Peretti); Obsessed (novel); Red (novel); Safely Home; The Screwtape Letters; Song of Albion; Thunder of Heaven; When Heaven Weeps; White (novel);

=Category:Christian novels=[edit]

(11) - The Atonement Child; The Christmas Shoes; Christy (novel); The Christy Miller series; The Keys of the Kingdom; The Last Sin Eater; The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37¾; Saint (novel); The Scarlet Thread; The Sierra Jensen Series; This Present Darkness;

The Chronicles of Narnia[edit]
Category:Left Behind[edit]

(36) - Aircraft (Left Behind); Apollyon (Left Behind); Armageddon (Left Behind); Assassins (novel); Attack of Apollyon; Battle of Armageddon (Left Behind); Carpathianism; Desecration (Left Behind); Enigma Babylon One World Faith; Left Behind: Eternal Forces; Facing the Future; Fire from Heaven (Left Behind: The Kids); Global Community; Global Gala; Glorious Appearing; The Indwelling; Kingdom Come (Left Behind); Left Behind (series); New Babylon; Template:Left Behind; Left Behind; Left Behind (TV series); Left Behind: World at War; Left Behind: The Kids; Left Behind: The Movie; The Mark (Left Behind); Nicolae; The Rapture (Left Behind); The Regime (Left Behind); The Remnant; The Rising (Left Behind); Soul Harvest; Tribulation Force; Tribulation Force (group); The Vanishings; World War III (Left Behind);

=Category:Characters in Left Behind=[edit]

(41) - Template:Left Behind Characters; Al B; Bruce Barnes (Left Behind); Tsion Ben-Judah; Marilena Carpathia; Nicolae Carpathia; Floyd Charles; Annie Christopher; T. M. Delanty; Hattie Durham; Gerald Fitzhugh; Leon Fortunato; George Sebastian; Gustaf Zuckermandel, Jr.; David Hassid; Viv Ivins; Peter Mathews; Mac McCullum; Lukas Miklos; Walter Moon; Hannah Palemoon; Steve Plank; Razor (Left Behind); Ken Ritz; Leah Rose; Chaim Rosenzweig; Priscilla Sebastian; Abdullah Smith; Chloe Steele; Rayford Steele; Raymie Steele; Jonathan Stonagal; Joshua Todd-Cothran; Suhail Akbar; Eleazar Tiberias; Naomi Tiberias; Ming Toy; Otto Weser; Amanda White; Cameron "Buck" Williams; Chang Wong;

Category:Christian folklore[edit]
Category:Christmas characters[edit]
=Santa Claus=[edit]
=Category:Santa's helpers=[edit]
Category:Holy Grail[edit]
Category:Christian mythology[edit]
=Category:Angels in Christianity=[edit]
==Category:Classes of angel==[edit]
=Category:Christian cosmology=[edit]
==Classes of angel==[edit]
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===Intelligent design===[edit]
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==Category:Mormon cosmology==[edit]
===Category:Latter Day Saint concepts of the afterlife===[edit]
===Category:Latter Day Saint doctrines regarding deity===[edit]
=Category:Demons in Christianity=[edit]
==Category:Demons in the Apocrypha==[edit]
==Category:Fallen angels==[edit]
=Holy Grail=[edit]
=Category:Christian legendary creatures=[edit]
==Demons in Christianity==[edit]
=Christian narrative=[edit]
=Category:Relics attributed to Jesus=[edit]
==Category:Holy Grail==[edit]
Category:Santa Claus[edit]
=Category:Santa Claus in film and television=[edit]
=Category:Santa's helpers=[edit]
Category:Christian literature[edit]
Category:Christian apocalyptic writings[edit]
Category:Books on Christian missions[edit]
Category:Christian children's books[edit]
=Category:The Chronicles of Narnia=[edit]
==Category:The Chronicles of Narnia books==[edit]
==Category:The Chronicles of Narnia characters==[edit]
==Category:The Chronicles of Narnia creatures==[edit]
==Category:The Chronicles of Narnia films==[edit]
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Category:Christian plays[edit]
Category:Christian fiction and allegory[edit]
=Category:Christian fiction=[edit]
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Category:Christian novelists[edit]
Category:Christian studies books[edit]
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Category:New Testament narrative[edit]
Category:Gospel episodes[edit]
=Category:Christian miracle narrative=[edit]
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Category:Deuterocanonical books[edit]

Category:Latter Day Saint texts[edit]

Category:Book of Mormon[edit]
Category:Book of Mormon artifacts[edit]
Category:Book of Mormon studies[edit]
=Category:Book of Mormon people=[edit]
==Category:Book of Mormon prophets==[edit]
==Book of Mormon studies==[edit]
=Category:Book of Mormon places=[edit]
==Book of Mormon studies==[edit]
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Category:Books of the Book of Mormon[edit]
Category:Book of Mormon people[edit]
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Category:Book of Mormon places[edit]
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Category:Doctrine and Covenants[edit]
Category:Latter Day Saint hymnals[edit]
Category:Pearl of Great Price (Latter Day Saints)[edit]
Category:Latter Day Saint periodicals[edit]
Category:Editors of Latter Day Saint publications[edit]
Category:The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints periodicals[edit]
Category:The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints texts[edit]
Category:Latter Day Saint music[edit]
=Category:Latter Day Saint hymnwriters=[edit]
=Category:Latter Day Saint hymnals=[edit]
=Category:Mormon Tabernacle Choir=[edit]
Category:The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints periodicals[edit]


Category:New Testament Apocrypha[edit]

(24) - New Testament apocrypha; Abdias of Babylon; Acts of Pilate; Apocryphon of James; Apostolic Church-Ordinance; Apostolic Constitutions; Book of Nepos; Canons of the Apostles; Cave of Treasures; Codex Hierosolymitanus; Descent of Mary; Diatessaron; Didache; Gnosticism; Hymn of the Pearl; Judas Testament; G. R. S. Mead; Ogias the Giant; Penitence of Origen; The Shepherd of Hermas; Epistle to Diognetus; Teachings of Silvanus; The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ; Book of Thomas the Contender;

Category:Agrapha of Jesus and Apocryphal Fragments[edit]

(5) - Egerton Gospel; Fayyum Fragment; Naassene Fragment; Oxyrhynchus Gospels; Unknown Berlin Gospel;

Category:Apocryphal Acts[edit]

(14) - Acts of Peter and Andrew; Acts of Peter and Paul; Acts of Andrew; Acts of Barnabas; Acts of John; Passio sanctorum Petri et Pauli; Acts of Paul; Acts of Paul and Thecla; Acts of Peter; Act of Peter; Acts of Peter and the Twelve; Acts of Philip; Acts of Thomas; Acts of Timothy; Acts of Xanthippe, Polyxena, and Rebecca;

Category:Apocryphal Collections of Logia[edit]

(3) - Gospel of Philip; Sentences of Sextus; Gospel of Thomas;

Category:Apocryphal Epistles[edit]

(12) - Apocryphon of James; Epistula Apostolorum; Epistle of Barnabas; Epistle of the Corinthians to Paul; Third Epistle to the Corinthians; Epistle to Seneca the Younger; Epistles of Clement; Epistles of Ignatius; Epistle to the Laodiceans; Letter to the Smyrnaeans; Letter to the Trallians; Letter of Peter to Philip;

Category:Gnostic Apocrypha[edit]

(17) - Gnostic texts; Books of Jeu; Codex Tchacos; Dialogue of the Saviour; Jung Codex; List of Gospels; Maecenas Foundation; On the Origin of the World (Nag Hammadi); Ophite Diagrams; Paraphrase of Shem; Prayer of the Apostle Paul; Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter; Pistis Sophia; The Sophia of Jesus Christ; Testimony of Truth; Trimorphic Protennoia; Tripartite Tractate;

Category:Cainite texts[edit]

(1) - Gospel of Judas;

Category:Gnostic Gospels[edit]

(7) - Gnostic Gospels; Gospel of Judas; Gospel of Marcion; Gospel of Mary; Gospel of Philip; Gospel of Thomas; Gospel of Truth;

Category:Mandaen texts[edit]

(2) - Ginza Rba; Qolusta;

Category:Manichaean texts[edit]

(6) - Arzhang; Fundamental Epistle; Gospel of Mani; Ogias the Giant; Psalms of Thomas; Shabuhragan;

Category:Sethian texts[edit]

(12) - Allogenes; Apocalypse of Adam; Apocryphon of John; Coptic Gospel of the Egyptians; Gospel of Judas; Marsanes; Coptic Apocalypse of Paul; Second Treatise of the Great Seth; Thought of Norea; Three Steles of Seth; Trimorphic Protennoia; Zostrianos;

Category:Apocryphal Gospels[edit]

(7) - Arabic Infancy Gospel; Greek Gospel of the Egyptians; Gospel of Barnabas; Gospel of James; List of Gospels; Gospel of Mani; Gospel of Marcion;

Gnostic Gospels[edit]
Category:Jewish Christian Apocryphal Gospels[edit]
Category:Infancy Gospels[edit]

(7) - Arabic Infancy Gospel; Gospel of James; Life of John the Baptist; History of Joseph the Carpenter; Libellus de Nativitate Sanctae Mariae; Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew; Infancy Gospel of Thomas;

Category:Lost Apocrypha[edit]

(15) - Acts of the Apostles (genre); Epistles; Gospel of Eve; Gospel of the Four Heavenly Realms; Gnostic texts; Gospel of Mani; Gospel of the Hebrews; Jewish-Christian Gospels; List of Gospels; Gospel of Matthias; Memoria Apostolorum; Gospel of Perfection; Secret Gospel of Mark; Gospel of the Seventy; Gospel of the Twelve;

Category:Passion Gospels[edit]

(5) - Gospel of Bartholomew; Questions of Bartholomew; Gospel of Peter; Acts of Pilate; Resurrection of Jesus Christ (by Bartholomew);

Category:Apocryphal Revelations[edit]

(7) - First Apocalypse of James; Second Apocalypse of James; Apocalypse of Paul; Apocalypse of Peter; Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter; Apocalypse of Stephen; Apocalypse of Thomas;

Category:New Testament books[edit]

New Testament Apocrypha[edit]

Category:Old Testament Apocrypha[edit]

(49) - Biblical apocrypha; List of Old Testament Pseudepigrapha; Apocalypse of Abraham; Ahiqar; Apocalypse of Adam; Apocalypse of Ezra; Apocalypse of Sedrach; Apocalypse of Zephaniah; Apocalyptic literature; Apocryphon of Ezekiel; Ascension of Isaiah; Assumption of Moses; 2 Baruch; 3 Baruch; 4 Baruch; Book of Noah; Book of Odes (Bible); Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan; Apocalypse of Elijah; Book of Enoch; 3 Enoch; Second Book of Enoch; 1 Esdras; 2 Esdras; History of the Rechabites; Penitence of Jamnes and Mambres; Joseph and Aseneth; Jubilees; Letter of Aristeas; Life of Adam and Eve; Lives of the Prophets; 4 Maccabees; 5 Maccabees; Prayer of Manasseh; Meqabyan; Odes of Solomon; Psalms of Solomon; Pseudo-Philo; Pseudo-Phocylides; Sibylline oracles; The Sword of Moses; Testament of Abraham; Testament of Adam; Testament of Isaac; Testament of Jacob; Testament of Job; Testament of Solomon; Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs; Vision of Ezra;

Category:Book of Enoch[edit]

(33) - 3 Enoch; Aldebaran (demon); Ananiel; Arakiel; Aristaqis; Armaros; Asael; Azazel; Baraqiel; Batariel; Betryal; Bezaliel; Book of Enoch; Chazaqiel; Daniel (angel); Dudael; Five Satans; Grigori; Kokabiel; Ophan; Penemue; Phanuel (archangel); Pravuil (archangel); Ramiel; Samyaza; Satariel; Seraphiel; Shamsiel; Tamiel; Turiel; Uriel; Yomiel; Zaqiel;

Category:Deuterocanonical books[edit]

(22) - Deuterocanonical books; The Prayer of Azariah and Song of the Three Holy Children; Book of Baruch; 4 Baruch; Bel and the Dragon; Ben Sira; Additions to Daniel; Susanna (Book of Daniel); 1 Esdras; 2 Esdras; 3 Esdras; Book of Esther; Epistle of Jeremy; Book of Judith; 1 Maccabees; 2 Maccabees; 3 Maccabees; 4 Maccabees; Prayer of Manasseh; Psalm 151; Book of Tobit; Book of Wisdom;

Category:Old Testament Apocrypha people[edit]

(3) - Abubus; Holofernes; Judith;

Category:Old Testament Apocrypha places[edit]

(3) - Bethulia; Eleutheris river; Jordan River;

Category:Testament of Solomon[edit]

(6) - Asmodai; Beelzebub; Obizoth; Seal of Solomon; Testament of Solomon; Uriel;

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=Category:Sahih Bukhari=[edit]
=Category:Sahih Muslim=[edit]
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==Category:Battle of Karbala==[edit]
===Category:Persons related to the Battle of Karbala===[edit]
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=Category:Poetry by Muhammad Iqbal=[edit]
=Category:Swahili poetry=[edit]
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=Category:Sufi poets=[edit]
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=Category:Moroccan Sufi writers=[edit]
=Category:Sufi poets=[edit]
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=Category:Sahih Bukhari=[edit]
=Category:Sahih Muslim=[edit]


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=Category:Aggadic Midrashim=[edit]
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=Category:Noah's Ark=[edit]
=Category:Aggadic Midrashim=[edit]
==Category:Midrash Rabba==[edit]
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=Category:Halakhic Midrashim=[edit]
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==Category:Biblical patriarchs==[edit]
=Category:Biblical matriarchs=[edit]
=Category:Torah monarchs=[edit]
==Category:Kings of Edom==[edit]
=Category:Biblical patriarchs=[edit]
=Category:Biblical characters in rabbinic literature=[edit]
=Category:Tribes of Israel=[edit]
==Category:Founders of Biblical tribes==[edit]
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=====Category:Hebrew calligraphy=====[edit]
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======Category:Israeli Eurovision songs======[edit]
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=====Category:Passover songs=====[edit]
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=====Category:Hebrew-Armenian translators=====[edit]
=====Category:Bible translators=====[edit]
======Category:Translators of the King James version of the bible======[edit]
======Category:Martin Luther======[edit]
=======Category:Images of Martin Luther=======[edit]
======Category:Translators of the Bible into Arabic======[edit]
======Category:Translators of the Bible into Chinese======[edit]
======Category:Translators of the Bible into French======[edit]
======Category:Translators of the Bible into Italian======[edit]
======Category:Translators of the Bible into Serbian======[edit]
=====Category:Hebrew-Latin translators=====[edit]
====Category:Translators to Hebrew====[edit]
=====Category:Arabic-Hebrew translators=====[edit]
=====Category:Latin-Hebrew translators=====[edit]
====Category:Hebrew words and phrases====[edit]
=====Category:Hebrew Bible quotations=====[edit]
=====Category:Hebrew Bible places=====[edit]
======Category:Hebrew Bible cities and countries======[edit]
=======Category:Hebrew Bible cities=======[edit]
=========Category:Hebron Governorate=========[edit]
=========Category:Archaeological sites in Jerusalem=========[edit]
==========Category:Temple Mount==========[edit]
===========Category:Images of the Jewish Temples and the Temple Mount===========[edit]
=========Category:Buildings and structures in Jerusalem=========[edit]
==========Category:Archaeological sites in Jerusalem==========[edit]
===========Category:Temple Mount===========[edit]
============Category:Images of the Jewish Temples and the Temple Mount============[edit]
==========Category:Churches in Jerusalem==========[edit]
==========Category:Gates in Jerusalem's Old City Walls==========[edit]
==========Category:Mosques in Jerusalem==========[edit]
==========Category:Museums in Jerusalem==========[edit]
==========Category:Jerusalem shrines==========[edit]
==========Category:Synagogues in Jerusalem==========[edit]
==========Category:Tabernacle and Jerusalem Temples==========[edit]
=============Category:Battles of the Maccabean revolt=============[edit]
============Category:Hanukkah traditions============[edit]
===========Category:High Holy Days===========[edit]
===========Category:High Priests of Israel===========[edit]
============Category:Passover songs============[edit]
===========Category:Jewish sacrificial law===========[edit]
============Category:Four Species============[edit]
===========Category:Synagogue architecture===========[edit]
===========Category:Temple Mount===========[edit]
============Category:Images of the Jewish Temples and the Temple Mount============[edit]
===========Category:Images of the Jewish Temples and the Temple Mount===========[edit]
==========Category:Temple Mount==========[edit]
===========Category:Images of the Jewish Temples and the Temple Mount===========[edit]
=========Category:Jerusalem culture=========[edit]
==========Category:Jews and Judaism in Jerusalem==========[edit]
===========Category:Judaism in Jerusalem===========[edit]
============Category:Orthodox Judaism in Jerusalem============[edit]
=============Category:Orthodox Jewish communities in Jerusalem=============[edit]
=============Category:Edah HaChareidis=============[edit]
=============Category:Hasidic dynasties headquartered in Jerusalem=============[edit]
==============Category:Belz Hasidism==============[edit]
===============Category:Rebbes of Belz===============[edit]
==============Category:Ger Hasidism==============[edit]
===============Category:Rebbes of Ger===============[edit]
===========Category:Orthodox yeshivas in Jerusalem=============[edit]
============Category:Synagogues in Jerusalem============[edit]
============Category:Tabernacle and Jerusalem Temples============[edit]
===============Category:Battles of the Maccabean revolt===============[edit]
==============Category:Hanukkah traditions==============[edit]
=============Category:High Holy Days=============[edit]
=============Category:High Priests of Israel=============[edit]
==============Category:Passover songs==============[edit]
=============Category:Jewish sacrificial law=============[edit]
==============Category:Four Species==============[edit]
=============Category:Synagogue architecture=============[edit]
=============Category:Temple Mount=============[edit]
==============Category:Images of the Jewish Temples and the Temple Mount==============[edit]
=============Category:Images of the Jewish Temples and the Temple Mount=============[edit]
==========Category:Museums in Jerusalem==========[edit]
=========Category:Economy of Jerusalem=========[edit]
=========Category:Education in Jerusalem=========[edit]
==========Category:Museums in Jerusalem==========[edit]
==========Category:Orthodox yeshivas in Jerusalem==========[edit]
=========Category:Geography of Jerusalem=========[edit]
==========Category:Neighbourhoods of Jerusalem==========[edit]
===========Category:Orthodox Jewish communities in Jerusalem===========[edit]
==========Category:Squares in Jerusalem==========[edit]
=========Category:History of Jerusalem=========[edit]
==========Category:Kingdom of Jerusalem==========[edit]
===========Category:Kings of Jerusalem===========[edit]
============Category:Claimant Kings of Jerusalem============[edit]
===========Category:Nobility of the kingdom of Jerusalem===========[edit]
============Category:Noble jurisdictions of the kingdom of Jerusalem============[edit]
=============Category:Principality of Galilee=============[edit]
=============Category:County of Jaffa and Ascalon=============[edit]
==============Category:Counts of Jaffa and Ascalon==============[edit]
=============Category:Lordship of Sidon=============[edit]
============Category:Noble titles of the kingdom of Jerusalem============[edit]
=============Category:Counts of the kingdom of Jerusalem=============[edit]
==============Category:Counts of Jaffa and Ascalon==============[edit]
=============Category:Kings of Jerusalem=============[edit]
==============Category:Claimant Kings of Jerusalem==============[edit]
=============Category:Princes of the kingdom of Jerusalem=============[edit]
=============Category:Queens consort of Jerusalem=============[edit]
=============Category:Regents of Jerusalem=============[edit]
===========Category:Princes of Galilee===========[edit]
==========Category:Maps of Jerusalem==========[edit]
==========Category:Maps of the history of Jerusalem==========[edit]
==========Category:Patriarchs of Jerusalem==========[edit]
==========Category:Tabernacle and Jerusalem Temples==========[edit]
=========Category:Jerusalem Governorate=========[edit]
=========Category:Maps of Jerusalem=========[edit]
=========Category:Mayors of Jerusalem=========[edit]
=========Category:Neighbourhoods of Jerusalem=========[edit]
=========Category:People from Jerusalem=========[edit]
=========Category:Religion in Jerusalem=========[edit]
=========Category:Sport in Jerusalem=========[edit]
=========Category:Transport in Jerusalem=========[edit]
========Category:Cities in Judea========[edit]
========Category:Torah cities========[edit]
=======Category:Hebrew Bible countries=======[edit]
======Category:Torah places======[edit]
=====Category:Jewish prayer and ritual texts=====[edit]
=====Category:Months of the Hebrew calendar=====[edit]
=====Category:Hebrew names=====[edit]
=====Category:Names of God in Judaism=====[edit]
====Category:Hebrew-language writers====[edit]
====Category:Modern Hebrew writers====[edit]
===Category:Phoenician alphabet===[edit]
==Category:Ancient Israel and Judah==[edit]
==Category:Rulers of Ugarit==[edit]
==Category:Sea Peoples==[edit]
==Category:West Semitic deities==[edit]
=Category:Torah cities=[edit]
=Category:Exodus Stations=[edit]
=Category:Hebrew Bible mountains=[edit]
=Category:Hebrew Bible rivers=[edit]
=Category:Hebrew Bible valleys=[edit]
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Category:Hebrew Bible geography[edit]
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