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Welcome to WikiProject Requested articles, a WikiProject for Wikipedia:Requested articles.


WikiProject Requested articles was started in January 2013 after a Requests for Comment, which sought to determine a course of action for the tens of thousands of redlinked suggestions at requested articles, many of which go back a number of years. While some editors felt that the whole process was unsalvageable, others expressed interest in a dedicated project to target the backlog. Requested articles is one of Wikipedia's oldest processes (dating back to 2001) and offers individuals the ability to suggest articles that should be created but which they do not wish to write themselves. Suggestions cover a huge diversity of topics and are split into a series of lists on multiple pages.

The project is currently in the initial planning stages, but which will ultimately conclude in a revision to the Requested Articles process, including providing sources.

As of 2019, the WikiProject was inactive as it never properly got off of its feet. In an attempt to revive the WikiProject, Willbb234 and Enivak decided the best course of action was to work to encourage participation in the WikiProject and to finish the work that was started in 2013. On 6 September 2019, it was concluded that there was not enough interest in the WikiProject to revive it. Any more plans to revive are encouraged.


  • Revive the WikiProject
  • Encourage more Wikipedians to help with Requested articles
  • Improve the Requested articles system
  • Support Drives to create articles in the requested articles page, which will clear the requested articles backlog
  • Support Red Link Blitzes, attempts to clear requested articles of articles which have been created
  • Complete the project tasks
  • Simplify the submission of suggestions, as opposed to 'requests for articles,' i.e. "Please include a clear link to the paintings of an artist that is the subject of an article."
  • Create the requested articles

What you can do[edit]

WikiProject Requested articles has something for everyone! You don't have to be a fantastic writer or content contributor to help create requested articles but you do need to know Wikipedia's core policies, particularly WP:Notability, WP:Verifiability.


Page sizes from Wikipedia:Requested articles
shortcut Page Bytes
/Afghanistan 3,126
/Albania 7,564
WP:RA/AA /Applied arts and sciences 51,467
/Applied arts and sciences/Computer science, computing, and Internet 243,986
/Applied arts and sciences/Engineering 60,581
/Applied arts and sciences/Law 105,594
WP:RA/MED /Applied arts and sciences/Medicine 68
/Applied arts and sciences/Pharmacology 81
/Applied arts and sciences/Transport 97,243
WP:RA/AE /Arts and entertainment 323,098
/Arts and entertainment/Fashion 82,805
/Arts and entertainment/Film, radio and television 529,190
/Arts and entertainment/Internet and tech culture 24,355
/Arts and entertainment/Literature 213,181
/Arts and entertainment/Literature/Books 122,210
/Arts and entertainment/Performing arts 160,733
/Arts and entertainment/Print media 112,314
/Arts and entertainment/Speculative fiction 16,740
/Arts and entertainment/Unclassified 39,193
/Arts and entertainment/Visual arts 232,185
/Biographies/Anthropologists 22,506
/Biographies/Jewish figures 23,752
/Biographies/Political figures 137,038
/Biography/Biologists 39,129
/Biography/By nationality 266,022
/Biography/By profession 574,700
/Biography/People in medicine 87
/Business and economics 280,118
WP:RA/CO /Business and economics/Companies 301
/Business and economics/Companies/A-E 287,513
/Business and economics/Companies/F-L 181,540
/Business and economics/Companies/M-S 231,861
/Business and economics/Companies/T-Z 213,456
/Business and economics/Organizations 435,028
/Business and economics/People in business 217,175
WP:RA/D /Deaths 7,348
WP:RA/I /Images 7,005
WP:RA/J /Japan 48,909
/Japan/Anime and Manga 111
/Japan/Anime and Manga/Refused Requests Archive 136
/Japan/Government 8,849
/Japan/Seiyū 11,820
/Lists of basic topics 1,641
WP:RA/M /Mathematics 114,490
/Mathematics/Logic 5,441
/music 124,188
/music/Albums 38,167
/music/Classical composers 69,136
/music/Instruments 16,140
/music/Jazz 19,831
/music/Performers, bands and songwriters 273,398
/music/Performers, bands and songwriters/I–O 185,951
/music/Songs 64,410
WP:RA/NS /Natural sciences 85,950
/Natural sciences/Biology 69,490
/Natural sciences/Chemistry 40,292
/Natural sciences/Environment and geology 58,546
/Natural sciences/Physics 73,178
/Other 47,107
/Philosophy 86,691
/Philosophy/Journals 42,665
/Social sciences 88,341
/Social sciences/Defunct United States military academies 14,161
/Social sciences/History 88,571
/Social sciences/Geography, cities, regions and named places 7,915
/Social sciences/Military and military history 51,111
/Social sciences/Politics and government 234,843
/Social sciences/Psychology 18,970
/Social sciences/Religion 115,822
/Sports 230,120
/Sports/Association football (soccer) 57,348
/Sports/Martial arts 49
/Sports/Motor sports 35,714
Index Page sizes from Wikipedia:Requested articles
shortcut Page Bytes
WP:RA / 11,093
WP:RA/B /Biography 596
/Business and economics/Businesses and organizations 618
/By country 5,200
/Social sciences/Geography, cities, regions and named places/Kosovo* 4,997

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