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This project, Research, is a space for researchers who are studying Wikipedia to interact with the Wikipedia community to discuss ideas, collaborate with each other and ensure that the methods used for gathering data and recruiting subjects account for the needs and norms of the community.

Related pages include m:Research, and m:Statistics. This page and project are still very preliminary and will benefit from your contributions and insight. If you would like to help, please sign the members list below and introduce yourself on the talk page.


Wikipedia:Research is still under development.

Goals (sorted by importance)[edit]

  1. Develop the Wikipedia:Research essay


  • This WikiProject aims primarily to design, implement, discuss, and manage academic research that involves Wikipedia.
  • The project seek to ensure that researchers have access to the required and available data and users without jeopardizing the productivity of the project team within the Wikipedia community.

Ancestor (Wiki)Projects[edit]


This section is for people who are willing and able to contribute some time and play an active role in the Research Project.


This section is for people who are interested and supportive, but who do not have time to take an active role.



  • Examine the perceived quality of Wikipedia as a data source for academic studies
  • Explore the academic utilization of Wikipedia





Mailing Lists[edit]

  • wiki-research-l - a mailing list for the discussion of research in Wikipedia.