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Things To Do

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Copyedit : Any articles with "attention needed"
  • Infobox : Make Infoboxes for Robotics articles which need robotics standards
  • Stubs : 213 stubs exist of which around 50% could be improved to Start-class
  • Update : Begin tagging and assessing all related robotics articles with project banner, located on the Template page.

Article Inclusion Criteria for WikiProject Robotics[edit]

This WikiProject spans several subjects other WikiProjects overlap, therefore we have restricted our project scope to the following:

Article subjects that are within this WikiProject's scope[edit]

  • Robots and robotics theory
  • Applications
  • Parts, products and services
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Research and development
  • History

Article subjects that may or may not fit this WikiProject's scope[edit]

  • Businesses or corporations which sell robots or do research and development in robotics
  • Notable robotics teams in robotics competitions
  • Biographies of persons who have shown great importance in the robotics community worldwide
  • Notable films, novels, comics or cartoons that have robotics themes
  • Notable fictional robots and themes
  • Other cases will be handled and approved by consensus on a case-by-base basis

It's likely that some of you will create articles on these subjects, and that's great, Wikipedia needs them. But there are already portals for those things (Portal:Business_and_Economics, Portal:University, Portal:Biography), and there are many entertainment portals, and (a sister site to Wikipedia) also has a vast number of pages on films, novels and comics. You'll probably want to look at some of these links to see if what you want to do has been done already.

We'll be happy to mention your articles here if you point out the connections to robotics as well as provide multiple reliable sources to verify notability. Articles on fictional material must satisfy WP:FICT, and major robotics teams must have clear notability as well as satisfy WP:ORG. Biographies of living persons must satisfy WP:BLP as well as providing multiple citations that directly tie into the field of robotics. Generally, corporations in the robotics industry will have separate robotics divisions, and the articles on these divisions should have our WikiProject Robotics tag. Miscellaneous articles will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but generally the subjects need to be notable and related to robotics.

Article subjects that do not fit this WikiProject's scope:[edit]

  • Biographies of living persons with indirect, unclear notability, or insufficiently cited ties to robotics.
  • Fictional works in which robotics is referenced, but not heavily focused on (such as Star Trek (the movies, TV series, novels, etc.)[1], Star Wars[2], and others)
  • Middle or High school articles which feature robotics clubs or teams in a section. These articles are better suited for WP:SCH (and WP:UNI for universities). It is clear that if the section of the team or club could not survive on its own as an article and is forced to piggyback off of the school's article, that it most likely will not satisfy WP:ORG and WP:N. In addition, unless the school itself is primarily focused on robotics, the article does not have a direct enough connection to robotics to be included into this WikiProject's scope.
  • Businesses which use robotics or automation processes in their production process do not satisfy our WikiProject scope requirements, since this is common.

If an article has this Wikiproject's tag on its talk page, and you disagree and believe that the article should not be considered a Wikiproject Robotics article, then remove the tag and leave a message on the talk page explaining why you removed the tag.

Article Coverage Guidelines[edit]

The core nature of this WikiProject is robotics. This is a diverse field in which article standards are partially centralized and partially depend on the specific article type: robot models, research, robotics manufacturers, or even robot-related literary works including fiction, anime, cartoons, comic books, or movies.

With this in mind, the guidelines for robotics-related articles are as follows.

Robotics articles often overlap with those of other WikiProjects, and they should follow the respective guidelines to effectively and concisely cover the article's subject.

For all articles, use proper style: (See WP:MOS). Remember to cite your sources properly: (WP:CITE).


  1. ^ Star Trek mentions Androids, a highly adaptive artificial intelligence "computer", and others, but the theme of Star Trek is focused on space exploration, not robotics.
  2. ^ The Star Wars films mention R2D2 and several other robots, androids, "clones", and others, but they do not relate mainly to robotics.